Gosforth Village Website
Gosforth Village Website
This site will introduce you to an exceptionally beautiful village in the Lake District. If you have ever wanted to visit the most breathtaking and untouched scenery in England, this is the place for you. We can't of course forget to mention that the region boasts the highest mountain, the deepest lake, and one of the smallest churches in England. To find out more, keep reading!

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Update on Gosforth Library:
Gosforth Parish Council has welcomed the volunteer support for a potential link library. Their enthusiasm is  appreciated and we are grateful for their input. 
Like any other potential project, any decision on a link library needs to be taken on the basis of a sound business plan, which will stand the test of time.  We are currently at the stage of bottoming out costs and liabilities which will allow the Parish Council to take a balanced decision on the basis of demand and cost. This make take some further time, as the Council is dependent on third parties for some of that information. We will keep you posted


THE hidden parts of Cumbria will be revealed in a new series of Secret Britain on BBC2 on Wednesday, March 30.
Presenter Ellie Harrison will seek out the lessser known beauty spots in the Lake District and beyond with the help of Whitehaven writer Alan Cleaver and Whitehaven photographer Nick Landells.
Alan, 56, of Church Street, Whitehaven, shows Ellie and Secret Britain viewers some of West Cumbria's idyllic lonnings - in particular Low Lonning, near Gosforth.
Alan said: "These country lanes are hidden gems. While most tourists head off to Scafell Pike, Coniston or Ashness Bridge, the likes of Wine Lonning at Kirkbride,
Fat Lonning at Maryport and Billy Watson's Lonning at Harrington remain untouched. This makes them the perfect escape for those seeking a short, quiet walk in some of Cumbria's most beautiful countryside."
Alan has been researching the county's historic lonnings for the last two years and compiled them on a Google map (just Google 'lonnings').
"Ellie and her team absolutely loved Low Lonnning," Alan added. "The wonderful stone bridge over the River Bleng, the lonning itself and the dramatic views across
to the Wastwater Screes will hopefully show off this part of the world at its best to the BBC2 viewers."

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