West Lakes U3A

Ancestors, art science- what on earth might all these have in common? The answer lies in U3A or the University of the Third Age.

The third age is the "age" after retirement - the first being the age of full time education and the second the age of work. It's a time to continue our personal learning and development and maybe even pass on some of the skills and knowledge that we have gathered over the years.

The West Lakes U3A is based around Gosforth and Seascale. We have about 200 members living mainly between Egremont in the north and Bootle in the south.

There are a number of topic groups - history, science & technology, art appreciation, photography, topical discussion, as well as mah-jong, easy waking, social singing and reading groups.

There is also a general meeting with a speaker each month,

As well as keeping the mind active, U3A also provides many opportunities for social interaction, which is very important when you reach retirement, especially in rural communities.

There is also a quarterly newsletter, and a website "West Lakes U3A" to keep everyone informed of what's happening.

It is a joy to meet up and we have many laughs. And, of course, we learn a great deal along the way.


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