Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - September 2014

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 9 th September 2014.


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr G Crayston, Mr P Stanley, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, DA Polhill (Clerk)


    65/14Apologies: Mr D Birks, Mr R Munro. Declarations of Interest. None.


    The Chairman then introduced PC Stuart Burgess and PC Helen Whelan who were part of the Sellafield-based Cumbria Police Unit. Their attendance had been arranged as a result of a joint (with Gosforth PC) meeting on 3 rd September with Insp. M Wear (Cumbria Police responsible for the Copeland Area). That meeting had been convened primarily to discuss the Police Reports but also to raise other issues such as enforcement, speeding and information on activities of Sellafield–based police. The two PC’s explained their role on the Sellafield site and its environs and indicated where they could be of assistance. Specifically on the information provided on Police Reports PC Burgess said that more information was available consistent with the limitations the Police had on providing certain information.


    66/14Minutes of the previous meeting. These were approved.


    67/14 A ctions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.

      Traffic matters – As a result of there being no feedback from previous meetings with Highways, including that chaired by the County Councillor Mr Clarkson on 6 th August a meeting with Mr Melville was convened on 19 th August.Further promises were made to provide updated information on white-lining, the status of the Gosforth and Calderbridge traffic plans, and the A595 safety assessment report. To date no information has been received. It was agreed that Mr Clarkson should be informed and requested to hasten a reply.

    Note : Since the meeting The Chairman and The Clerk met Mr Clarkson on 16 th September and asked for his assistance. An e-mail from Mr Melville has also been received.

      Meeting (Joint with Gosforth PC on 3 rd September) with Cumbria Police. The Chairman said that this had been extremely useful, one of the direct consequences being the attendance of the Police (ref Item 65/14 above). The Inspector (Mark Wear) had been sympathetic to the issues raised by the Parish Councils and offered to work with them where possible. However he did warn that with an impending reduction of some 300+ in county-wide police numbers the future service provided would undoubtedly be reduced.

    Meeting with NDA. After sending two letters to Mr Clarke and several phone calls to NDA offices The Clerk eventually received an agreement to hold a relevant meeting to discuss the issues the joint parishes wanted to raise. A suitable date and venue was left with NDA to arrange. To date there has been no progress. The Clerk was asked to get in touch with Mr Hough to hasten matters.


    68/14 Parish Council Representation Reports. The Clerk

    CALC Copeland Committee . The Clerk reported on the last meeting of the Executive. The main issues raised were ;

    Bus Services – Some success in retaining the main part of the X6 service

    Planning – The Copeland BC web-site will still not allow downloading of plans

    The CCC Area Plan – Still appears to be a pipedream; more information awaited.

    Footway/Street Lighting – Pressure being applied to CCC and CBC to provide information for each parish on which poles are going to be removed

    Broadband – BT had offered to talk to West Cumbria parishes. Arrangements were being made.

    Sellafield Traffic Plan – The overall plan appears to have been sidelined. Efforts are concentrating on that part relevant to Albion Square. Problems persist.

    MRWS – Ref the new White Paper. As the intention of DECC was to set up a high-level group to decide how to define communities and how to deal with them NALC have been requested to ensure that someone who has real knowledge of Parish Councils is given representation on the group.


    69/14 Correspondence

    Letter from Local Works ref PC’s trading – Agreed to support this proposal which requires a change in Law.

    New White Paper on GDF – Noted. The joint Nuclear Group was generating a response.

    National Grid consultation. To be put on the next meeting agenda.

    GDA – ABWR assessment. Circulated to all members.

    Muncaster Microbus. The Chairman referred to a letter from Mrs Clegg which drew attention to the service and the present shortage of drivers. It had been clarified that Calderbridge residents were eligible to use the bus if they wished – they would need to book in advance . It was agreed that effort would be made to advertise the service within the village.

    Note: It has been clarified since the meeting that the present X6 bus service will continue but will effectively operate between Egremont and Seascale. The nett effect is that for Calderbridge residents the service will be no worse than before and probably better as the Egremont – Whitehaven service is more frequent.

    Copeland BC. A letter had been received stating that it had received funding from Electricity North West (ENW) which would allow a grant of £420 per pole where street/footway lighting columns were being removed (by ENW) due to poles having shared services (usually Telephone or Overhead Power). Parish Councils, if they wished to maintain this lighting, would be responsible for any additional costs above the grant including purchase of columns, installation, and ongoing maintenance and running costs. It is unlikely that Parish Councils will be able to afford to replace existing lighting.


    70/14 Finance

     a) Payments:

    HMRC for PAYE £9.20 Cheque No 100459

    Calderbridge V Hall (Room Hire) £34.00 Cheque No 100461


    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (2/8/2014 – 9/9/2014) £72.52 Cheque No 100460

    were approved.


    c) The Clerk reported that the Annual Return had come back from the District Auditor with a clean audit and no follow-up requirements.


    Balance of accounts at 20 th August 2014 :- £15121.16

    71. Planning.

    Brow Top - Building to cover existing valve chamber. There were no objections.


    72/14 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present.


    73/14 Questions councillors may wish to raise.

    Mr Rigg – Said that he had been contacted from a representative from Impact Housing asking if he knew anyone wishing to take up a vacancy. He thought this odd since it was many years since there had been any contact. The Clerk said that some 12 months previously he and the Chairman had met with managers from Impact Housing and established a formal means of contact (via The Clerk). He would contact them accordingly. (Since the meeting he has also arranged for the vacancy to be advertised on the Gosforth Village web-site).

    73/14 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 14 th October 2014

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