Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - July 2013

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 9 th July 2013


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr D Birks, Mr P Stanley, Mr A Rigg, DA Polhill (Clerk)


    2 members of the public also attended.


    47/13Apologies: Mr R Jones, Mr R Munro, Mr G Crayston.

    Declarations of Interest. Mr P Stanley declared an interest in Item 51/13 a) below.


    The Chairman said that as the members of the public had attended to gain more information about Item 51/13 a) he would take that item first. He explained that the first time the Parish Council knew anything about this proposal was on 27 th June when the Clerk received a letter (dated 13 th June) with an attached CD from Copeland BC planning dept. The CD contained a scoping report for an Environmental Impact Assessment for the installation of two Wind Turbines (up to 110 metres high) on land near to Church House Farm. The letter requested a response by 15 th July. He emphasised that this was not a planning application but felt annoyed on behalf of all Ponsonby parish residents that discussions had been going on for some 12 months without the Parish Council being made aware of the proposal or being brought in to any consultation. Following a discussion on the report as published it was agreed that The Chairman and The Clerk would write to Copeland BC expressing the disappointment and displeasure at the failure to involve the Parish Council and pointing out some of the shortcomings in the report conclusions. They would also request copies of all reports produced to date and that Copeland BC in conjunction with the developer should arrange a public meeting to explain the proposal. A copy of the letter is appended to the end of these minutes.


    48/13Minutes of the previous meeting. These were approved.


    49/13 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.


    Flooding. The Clerk said that thanks to Mr Clarkson’s intervention he had now made contact with the relevant County Council officer. It became clear that when assessing the consequences of the flooding the County Council team had not done this on a parish basis but by the areas affected. This accounted for why no report for Ponsonby parish had been produced. The Clerk said that he had been promised copies of all the individual reports and when these were available a decision could be made on what to do next.


    Traffic Management. The Chairman said that he and The Clerk had met with Mr Clarkson and Mr Cosgrove who was of the opinion that the effect of using a speed indicating device should be measured before embarking on any alternative.


    50/13 Parish Council Representation Reports.


    a) 3-tier meeting. The Clerk reported that there were three main items of discussion :




    b) Cold Fell Action Group (Note from last meeting) . The Chairman had attended in place of Mr Jones. Figures were presented



    51/13 Correspondence




    52/13 Finance


    DA Polhill (Paint for seats) £37.98 Cheque No 100409

    Calderbridge Village Hall (Room Hire) £34.00 Cheque No 100410

    HMRC (PAYE) £9.00 Cheque No 100412


    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses (12/6/13 – 9/7/2013) £41.64 Cheque No 100411

    were approved.


    Note: Since the meeting payments of £36.00 to Robinsons & Co for PAYE service (Cheque NO 100413)

    and £175.00 to Mr G Hayes for bus shelter repairs (Cheque No 100414) have been made.

    £45.00 was also paid via BACS to Ms S Clarke for painting the 3 seats by the Church


    The balance of the accounts at 20 th June 2013:- £16162.57



    53/13 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this time.



    54/13 Questions councillors may wish to raise.



    Mr Rigg - asked about maintenance of the Telephone Box and who was responsible as it was looking in need of attention. The Clerk said that as it was still a working facility responsibility was that of BT. He would contact them to try and get some action.



    55/13 Date of next meeting . It was decided to try and dispense with a meeting in August so unless urgent business required a change a meeting would be called on Tuesday 10 th September 2013


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