Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - September 2015

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 8 th September 2015


    Present: Mr R Stewart, , Mr G Crayston, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, Mr T Norman, DA Polhill (Clerk)

    Mr P Stanley was present as a member of the public.


    66/15Apologies: Mr D Birks

    Declarations of Interest. None.

    67/15Minutes of the previous meeting. These were approved.


    At the invitation of the council Mr P Stanley offered to serve as a councillor and was duly co-opted. The Clerk said he would make the Declaration of Acceptance of Office available after the meeting.


    68/15 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.

     Wind Turbines. The last confirmed information received was that Copeland BC planning committee were ‘minded to refuse’ the application, but as the applicant had already appealed to the Planning Inspectorate about the delay in the process, the committee were seeking legal advice on how to proceed. As there was unconfirmed information circulating that the application had been withdrawn The Clerk said he would clarify matters with Copeland Planning Dept. and circulate the reply.

    Village Hall Seat . The Clerk said that had been ordered and was due later this month.

    Police Training Facilty - Yottenfews . The Clerk said that he had attended the site meeting on behalf of the council. The Beckermet ward councillor was opposed to the development on grounds that it was greenfield, on good agricultural land and that it constituted an enormous expansion of the Sellafield site. He had raised issues regarding noise and amenity of residents in the Sella Park area and also the road connection which entered a 2-way stretch with limited visibility of traffic leaving site from the North Gate. The planning officer said that she was awaiting further information as the developer had said that changes were to be made to the plans which had been presented. She promised to keep the Parish Council informed when the new information became available.

    NUGEN – A response to the consultation had been sent.

    Shrubbery by the Church . The Clerk said he had raised this with Mr Davies who had promised to take action. (Usually shrubbery and tree work is carried out during the autumn/winter months).


    69/15 Parish Council Representation Reports

    Sellafield Site Stakeholders Group – SSSG. Mr Jones said that he had attended 3 meetings of the Enabling sub-group which was immediately concerned with development of the current NDA Strategy. He gave an example where the existing transport strategy was only concerned with the transport of nuclear fuel and ignored the enormous problems surrounding transport involved in getting people and materials on and off the Sellafield site.

    3-Tiers To be held later in the month.

    Meeting with NDA . This had been due on ??? August but due to a diary error by Mr Hough had been postponed until 22 nd September.


    70/15 Correspondence

     National Grid (NG) . Information had been received from NG that a series of 27 open community information events were to take place aimed at refining the actual corridor for the new Grid upgrade and extension. The most local were Egremont (15 th September); Ravenglass (23 rd September); Beckermet (24 th September); Seascale (10 th October); Drigg (21 st October).

    CALC Circular – Had been sent to all councillors.

    Police Report . No report was available.

    Note: Report received after the meeting. A total of 11 events were reported, 7 of which involved vehicles, including 2 RTA’s. Of the other 4 events, all of which were alcohol related, 2 concerned criminal damage to property and 2 were assaults to persons.


     71/15 Finance


    72/15 Public Participation . There were no members of the public present.


    73/15 Questions councillors may wish to raise.

     Mr Stewart – Asked about progress on getting Mr Barnes to speak about local transport issues. The Clerk said he was still trying to make arrangements. He also said that the footpath from Pelham Drive to Ponsonby Church was overgrown. The Clerk said he would contact the County Council Ranger.

    Mr Jones – Reported that a response on behalf of the council to the consultation on ‘Communities’ had been sent to DECC.

    He also reported that the footpath near the entrance to Pelham House was covered in debris deposited during the last period of heavy rain. It was agreed to contact County Highways to remove the debris.

    Mr Norman - Drew attention to the poor condition of the wall opposite the Stanley Arms which was the responsibility of the local Fishing Club. Mr Rigg replied that the club was aware of the damage but the cost of repairs was beyond the present capability of the Club. It was agreed that The Clerk would write to the Secretary, Mr Burns and advise him of available funding streams to explore.

    He also reported that a lady had slipped on the first section of footpath from the A595 junction on the Sellafield access road. The path was slippery and covered in debris. The Clerk would try and ascertain ownership.


    74/15 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 13 th October 2015

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