Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - March 2016

  • Minutes of the meeting of Ponsonby Parish Council (PPC) held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on Tuesday 8 th March 2016


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr A Rigg, Mr P Stanley, Mr D Birks, RL Jones (Clerk)


    19/16 Apologies: Mr B Jones, Mr T Norman, Mr G Crayston Declarations of Interest: None


    20/16 Acceptance of the last meeting minutes (9 th February 2016)


    21/16 Matters arising from previous meeting


    River Calder Flooding & Safety Issue RL Jones said she has emailed but again has had no response. Mr Stewart asked RL Jones to ask Copeland Borough Council (CBC) for the officer responsible for Parish Councils and to discuss with them. Action RL Jones


    Flat Brow Debris Scraping RL Jones said she has emailed Karl Melville but has not yet had a response. R Stewart explained Karl is probably inundated with flood issues etc at the moment but asked RL Jones to follow it up. Action RL Jones


    Land Ownership Opposite Stanley Arms Mr Stanley is pretty sure the land belongs to Cumbria County Council (CCC). Mr Stewart asked RL Jones to enquire with Mr Alistair Mason. Action RL Jones


    Bank Mandate RL Jones has delivered the mandate to Whitehaven HSBC so all Councillors can now take their ID in. RL Jones will email all Councillors so those not present know to take in their documents. Action RL Jones


    Read Only Internet Banking RL Jones has delivered the application form to HSBC Whitehaven where Val Motum explained it will be processed once the mandate has been set up.


    Potholes bordering Abbey Road & Mill Garage, Village Hall & Mr Norman’s Flooding Issues Mr Stewart has contacted Mr Norman Clarkson who passed the matter on to Mr Alistair Mason, Solicitor for Environment & Community at CCC. He has now referred the matter to the Property Department and Highways Team to determine who is responsible for maintaining the road and defining the boundaries.


    Rural Wheels Details for the temporary bus service have been publicized on the Gosforth Village website and through leaflets distributed in people’s newspapers and displayed in Calderbridge Village Shop. Mr Stewart will attend a meeting this Friday 11 th March where close estimates and a proposed timetable for the long term service will be presented. The service may include Muncaster, Drigg and Carleton.


    Police Report Format RL Jones said PCSO Dawn Lowerson explained the format is set by her Sergeant but she would add more detail. Councillors were generally happy with the detail this month although Mr Birks pointed out it is minimal.


    Annual Audit & Opt Out RL Jones has emailed to opt out and is awaiting a response. Mr Stewart has contacted Mrs Helen Price who has completed Ponsonby Parish Council’s (PPC) audit for the last few years and is awaiting a response. If she is unable to audit this year, Mr Norman’s daughter, Jennifer will complete it.


    Budget The budget adopted last month was circulated.


    Transparency Fund Application RL Jones explained she phoned Cumbria Association of Local Councils (CALC) who advised, as PPC uses the Clerk’s computer and printer, and Gosforth Parish Council (GPC) allow PPC to publish the agenda and minutes on the Gosforth Village Website (GVW), PPC have no need for the fund so, on agreement with Mr Jones and Mr Stewart, did not apply. Since the fund application deadline Mr Norman has advised a problem with GVW has occurred and invited PPC to look into setting up their own website. CALC have advised RL Jones setting up a website takes significant time but Mr Jones thinks the Copeland Website could be used if needed and RL Jones also suggested the possibility of setting up a PPC Facebook Page. Councillors felt we should continue using the GVW for as long as GPC are happy for us to do this and if it becomes a problem, look into the other ideas.


    Online Publication of Agendas & Pre-Approved Minutes as per Transparency Code RL Jones suggested, in order to meet code requirements, after emailing pre-approved minutes to all Councillors, she could wait 1 week for any responses before publishing online. Councillors felt publishing approved minutes after the following meeting is standard practice and asked RL Jones to bring up this issue at her Clerk’s Induction Course next month. Action RL Jones. If forced to publish pre-approved minutes, RL Jones idea was thought sensible.


    Untidy Land Act Mr Norman had emailed this attachment suggesting it may be a way to help improve the condition of Stangs Cottage at Calder Farm, Newton Manor and Calder Abbey House. Mr Stewart explained Stangs Cottage is in a bad way, including the track leading to it. Mr Birks thinks it would be a lot of work to pursue. R Stewart will raise the matter with Brian Hough at the next NDA meeting on 22 nd March. Action Mr Stewart


    22/16 Parish Council Representation


    NU-GEN update Mr Stewart explained, himself and Mr Jones attended a meeting at Braystones; there will be an official consultation on the location of a new road, which will begin in May. Mr Rigg said some concerned residents have received letters explaining they may receive compulsory purchase orders for their properites.


    23/16 Correspondence


    Police Report The monthly report had been circulated to Councillors and was accepted by the council.


    24/16 Finance

    Payments Approved:


    Clerk’s salary and expenses (21/1/16 – 20/2/16)




    Village Hall Invoice to Financial Year End




    Balance of accounts at 20 th February 2016 :- £11,446.97


    25/16 Public participation No members of the public were present.


    26/16 Questions Councillors Wish to Raise


    Mr Birks noted the new 40mph road signs on the A595 in New Mill. He asked if we could query why the whole road to Gosforth is not 40mph, commenting that the worst areas for cyclists remain at 60mph. Mr Stewart asked RL Jones to look up the previous response from CCC Highways, explaining the changes. Action RL Jones. Mr Birk also asked how others are finding the new broadband as he has found he receives a much faster speed from 4G so has cancelled BT. Mr Stewart and Mr Stanley said their speed is up and down. No members of the public had responded to the notice about broadband in the Church Newsletter.


    Mr Stewart presented an email about reviewing Councillor numbers. He asked RL Jones to place the item on next month’s agenda and forward the email to all Councillors. Action RL Jones


    27/16 Date of next meeting Tuesday 12 th April, 7pm, Calderbridge Village Hall



    Actions to be Completed



    Person(s) Responsible



    RL Jones

    Discuss River Calder Flooding & Safety Issue with CBC officer responsible for Parish Councils.


    RL Jones

    Follow up Flat Brow debris scraping with Karl Melville.



    RL Jones

    Enquire land ownership opposite Stanley Arms with Alistair Mason.



    RL Jones

    Email Parish Councillors to inform they can now take their ID into HSBC.



    RL Jones

    Ask why pre-approved minutes must be published rather than approved after the following meeting, at Clerk’s Induction Course.


    Mr Stewart

    Discuss condition of Stangs Cottage at Calder with Brian Hough at next NDA meeting.


    RL Jones

    Look up previous response re speed limits on A595.



    RL Jones

    Forward to all Councillors email reviewing Councillor numbers. Place on next month’s agenda.




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