Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - December 2015

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 8 th December 2015


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr R Jones, Mr D Birks, Mr A Rigg, DA Polhill (outgoing Clerk), RL Jones (incoming Clerk)



    84/15 Apologies: Mr T Norman Declarations of Interest: None


    85/15 Acceptance of the last meeting minutes These were approved.


    86/15 Matters arising from previous meeting .


    Appointment of new Clerk RL Jones was introduced and warmly welcomed. Mr Stewart said himself and the Clerk will meet to organise various necessary details. Action Mr Stewart & RL Jones


    Meeting with Steve Barnes DA Polhill said he contacted Mr Barnes again directly. Mr Barnes apologized that no one had been in touch. DA Polhill thinks they have other priorities.


    Letter re Calderbridge and Ponsonby Flooding Issues The flood prevention work completed so far is working well and Ponsonby Parish Council (PPC) will continue to take an interest in ongoing work. A larger drain over the following 3 years was mentioned.


    Mr Stewart said John Gainford had asked about fallen leaves being removed. Mr Stewart subsequently contacted Copeland Borough Council (CBC) and saw them being cleared the next day.

    Water cutting in to the wall near the church, quite badly during high river levels was highlighted. Mr Rigg said this has not yet been solved. Mr Jones asked who is responsible for safety as this poses a danger to people walking along the footpath. The National Park (NP) and Cumbria County Council (CCC) will be written to – Action RL Jones


    Meeting with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) The NDA draft strategy report has been completed and will be available in January. It was agreed to request a meeting with Mr Hough for an update on matters that affect PPC Action RL Jones Mr Jones said he would give Mr Hough RL Jones contact details. Action Mr Jones.


    87/15 Parish Council Representation


    Meeting with Sellafield Ltd Mr Stewart and DA Polhill were present at a CCC presentation to discuss the enlargelment of the Emergency Planning Zone for the Sellafield site. The main change was within the rules and regulations. This could be a problem, especially for Bradbury House in Gosforth.

    The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) then gave an update on the zone extension and the wish to communicate better with locals re concerns and police exercises. Concerns re terrorism and police training were raised and a response was given within 36 hours of a proposed training exercise.


    3-tier – report sent to members It was stated they effectively haven’t moved forwards, transport problems have not been addressed. DA Polhill said the Blackbeck Roundabout to Main Gate Entrance will be lost when Moorside fences cover the larger area. Mr Birks thinks they will work this out and Mr Stewart added Nugen are working with them on this. It was agreed very little has changed in 12 months apart from senior management having acknowledged the traffic problem. Mr Birks added this has become worse to the point Emergency Services can’t get through at peak times. Mr Stewart said he would contact Karl Melville through Councillor Clarkson about traffic. Action Mr Stewart He has recently seen high levels of danger to secondary school children needing to cross the road from where the school bus drops them off as the speed of traffic is excessive.


    88/15 Correspondence


    It was requested and agreed that RL Jones create a PPC email group then circulate correspondence among the group as she receives it. It was noted Mr Rigg does not have access to email so Mr Stewart will print and deliver relevant correspondence to him. Action RL Jones & Mr Stewart.


    Police Report There have been 11 incidents from 2 nd October to 6 th December: 2 RTA’s (no serious injuries); 2 suspicious activities (handed to CNC officers); 1 report of lamping; 6 reports to Mountain Rescue.


    Planning Permission has been granted to Ponsonby Old Hall Farm for installation of 8 Finrone farrowing cabins. Lake District National Park Reference No: 7/2015/4015.


    89/15 Finance Payments were approved for:

    a) HMRC for PAYE £10.20 Cheque No 100511

    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (21/10/2015 – 10/11/2015) £112.46

    Cheque No 100510.


    c) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (11/11/2015 – 8/12/2015) £40.08 Cheque No 100512.


    RL Jones is to wait for Robinsons to confirm the PAYE cheque amount, then deposit the cheque. If Robinsons haven’t made contact within a few days she will contact them in case of confusion due to change of Clerks. Action RL Jones

    Budget Mr Stewart and RL Jones will meet to complete. DA Polhill said there is just the grass cutting cost to be added (cost as budgeted). Action Mr Stewart & RL Jones


    Landscape Service Delivery for 2016 The cost for CBC to cut the grass next year is frozen at last year’s price (£1,707.95). It was agreed they do a good job so RL Jones is to accept this. Action RL Jones







    Balance of accounts at 20 th November 2015 :- £12729.58


    90/15 Public participation No members of the public were present.



    91/15 Questions councillors wish to raise


    Mr Birks would like to find out how the community are finding the new superfast broadband. He thinks homes over 1km away will be no better off and homes over 2km away will not receive superfast broadband but should still receive the original service. BT will be the only superfast provider for around 6 months, then competitors should be available. Mr Jones will contact Ben Ingle to ask him to place a notice in the church newsletter, giving Mr Birks email as the contact to whom comments should be addressed. This should reach the whole community. Action Mr Jones


    Mr Jones attended the West Cumbria stakeholder group currently pulling together NDA strategy 3. He said there is no transport of people strategy, just nuclear. A draft will be issued in January. Stakeholder groups comments are required by 2 nd February.



    92/15 Date of next meeting Tuesday 12 th January, 7pm, Calderbridge Village Hall


    Mr Stewart on behalf of PPC, thanked DA Polhill for his time and dedication in his role as Clerk and wished him the best for his future with his family. He will be missed.


    Actions to be Completed

    Person(s) Responsible


    Mr Stewart & RL Jones

    Meet to organise various necessary details.

    RL Jones

    Write to NP and CCC re the river safety issue.

    Mr Jones

    Contact Mr Hough (NDA) to inform him of new clerk and provide her email.

    RL Jones

    Contact Mr Hough (NDA) to introduce herself and request an update on matters that affect PPC.

    Mr Stewart

    Contact Carl Melville and the council about the traffic endangering secondary school children and blocking emergency services at peak times.

    RL Jones

    Create a PPC email group then circulate current and future correspondence among the group as it is received. - Ongoing

    Mr Stewart

    Print and deliver relevant correspondence to Mr Rigg. - Ongoing

    RL Jones

    Deposit PAYE cheque.

    Mr Stewart and RL Jones

    Meet to complete budget.

    RL Jones

    Accept landscape Service Delivery for 2016.

    Mr Jones

    Contact Ben Ingle to ask him to place a notice in the church newsletter re superfast broadband feedback, giving Mr Birks email as the contact to whom comments should be addressed.


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