Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - April 2014

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 8 th April 2014.


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr D Birks, Mr G Crayston, Mr P Stanley, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, Mr R Munro, DA Polhill (Clerk)



    28/14Apologies: Declarations of Interest. None.


    29/14Minutes of the previous meeting. These were approved.


    30/14 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.


    a) Flood reports. The Clerk reported that updates had been received which contained further information in relation to New Mill. It was agreed that a progress report should be sought for September/October. Regarding the Fell Road,The Clerk said he had informed Mr Clarkson that the drains appeared to be blocked on his land, who said in response that he would investigate.


    b) Wind Turbines Planning Application. The Chairman outlined the situation. He, together with Mr Jones and The Clerk had met with Copeland BC planning officers on 18 th March and clarified that the planning application was now registered. Information was also gathered on Copeland BC strategy ref wind turbines and the process which would be followed for the planners to reach a decision. Further information regarding the stance of the Sellafield Site and the Regulators to the development had also been sought. A questionnaire had been distributed to all households to sound out opinion of the residents. There had been a >50% response, the subsequent analysis of which indicated that a significant majority were opposed to the development. The Chairman thanked Mr Jones and The Clerk for arranging a well-attended public meeting which had been held on 2 nd April and at which the information obtained from the Copeland BC meeting was described and questions answered. It was agreed that The Chairman, Mr Jones and The Clerk would generate a response on behalf of the Parish Council which took into account all the information obtained and reflected the views of the residents.


    Note: The response was completed on 27 th April and made available on the Gosforth Village web-site as well as a copy being put in the Village Hall.


    31/14 Parish Council Representation Reports



    Note: These are attached to the end of these minutes.



    32/14 Correspondence.






    33/14 Finance. Payments approved:


    HMRC £26.00 for PAYE Cheque No 100444

    Copeland BC £340.81 for Shrub clearing etc. by Church Cheque No 100442

    CALC £61.00 for Annual Subs Cheque No 100443

    Calderbridge Village Hall 45.00 for Room Hire Cheque No 100446

    Clerk’s salary and expenses. (12/3/2014 – 8/4/2014) £125.78 Cheque No 100445



    Balance of accounts at 31st March 2014 :- £13179.52


    Balance of accounts at 20th April 2014 :- £12997.74


    The Clerk said that he would bring the Parish Council Annual Return to the May meeting for approval.





    34/14 Public Participation. None present.


    35/14 Questions councillors may wish to raise.


    Mr Jones – said it had been reported to him that a manhole at the entrance to the farm at Low Godderthwaite (Where a waste metal skip is situated) had been displaced and was potentially dangerous. It had been reported to Cumbria Highways although technically it was on private land. As this is not strictly within Ponsonby parish The Clerk was asked to inform Beckermet PC accordingly.


    Mr Birks – said that regarding Broadband there was little to report. Until BT released the detailed maps it was impossible to determine whether the coverage would extend to all the parish.


    36/14 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 13 th May 2014












    The Cold Fell Communities Action Group

    Minutes of the meeting held on

    Friday 28th March 2014

    Present: Muir Lachlan (Ennerdale & Kinniside), Cath Mullarky ( Cumbria Police), Charlotte Crayston ( Cumbria Police), David Smith (Ennerdale & Kinniside PC), Stephen Elkin (CNC), Louise Tyson (Sellafield Ltd.), Ian Topping (Ennerdale & Kinniside PC) & Joyce Reed (Fell Graziers).

    Apologies: Bob Jones (Ponsonby PC), Paul Price (Lamplugh PC), Alan Willison ( Cumbria Police), Kevin Cosgrove ( Cumbria Highways), & Howard Rooms (Sellafield Ltd.)


    1.14: Minutes of the last meeting:

    The minutes of the meeting held on Friday 29th November 2013 were accepted as a true and accurate record by those present.


    2.14: Actions since the last meeting:

    ACTION: DS to contact Alan Willison to ask him to chase this up.

    ACTION: Other Parishes to provide feedback on this issue.

    Action: DS to ask KC to re-check on this.

    3.14: Report from Cumbria Highways:

    See above.


    4.14: Feedback from the Cold Fell Communities:

    Joyce from the Fell Graziers reported that two sheep had been killed on the Fell Road since the last meeting. Muir informed the meeting that there had been an incident in which a car had been damaged by an animal which had resulted in an insurance claim being made against a local farmer. The person who had made the claim worked at Sellafield, was driving a Sellafiled vehicle and appeared to be unaware of both the Highway Code and the Cold Fell Code.

    Ian reported from the Ennerdale & Kinniside Parish that vehicles were ignoring the Road Closed signs at Kirkland and driving through the road-works.

    ACTION: CM & CC to look into this issue.


    Ian also questioned whether all contractors were given a copy of the Cold Fell Code.

    ACTION: LT to look into this.

    5.14: Report from the Police:

    Cath and Charlotte reported that during the two weeks before the lambs are turned out onto the fell they will be spending time on the Fell Road at peak traffic times with a speed gun checking on the speed of drivers. They will also be randomly pulling over vehicles and talking to drivers about driving safely on the Fell Road. Joyce stated that it would probably be the third week in May before the new lambs were put out.

    Stephen confirmed that the CNC would support this action where possible though his officers would not be able to get out of their vehicles. However, just the presence of additional police vehicles would have an effect on driver behaviour.

    It was agreed that another article in The Whitehaven News about driving with additional care of fell roads with lambs on them would be a good idea.

    ACTION: ML to send DS article and JR to send picture of lambs for the article. Ds to send to Whitehaven News in May.

    6.14: AOB:

    Muir informed the meeting that this would be his last meeting as he had recently resigned as a Parish Councillor from Ennerdale & Kinniside Parish Council. All those present thanked Muir for his work on the Cold Fell issue and it was agreed by all that his experience would be sorely missed. It was further agreed that a decision regarding the new Chair of the group could be dealt with at the next meeting.


    7.14: Date of next meeting:

    Friday 20 th June 2014 at 2.00pm in Yottenfews Farmhouse.


    David Smith


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