Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - October 2015

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 20 th October 2015

    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr G Crayston, Mr P Stanley, Mr A Rigg, DA Polhill (Clerk)


    75/15Apologies: Mr Norman. Declarations of Interest. None


    76/15 Acceptance of Minutes of the previous meeting. These were approved.


    77/15 Matters arising from previous meeting .

    Ponsonby Wind Turbines. Confirmation had been received from Copeland BC that the project was no longer being progressed.

    New Seat for Village Hall. This had been received and installed.

    Meeting with Steve Barnes (Muncaster Microbus Group). The Clerk said that he had contacted Mr Barnes who had passed on the request to colleagues as he was unable to attend. Despite reminders no further contact had originated. The Clerk said he would try again with Mr Barnes.


    78/15 Parish Council Representation

    Meeting with NDA. This had taken place on 24 th September. NDA was continuing to review its strategy. Enabling groups had now been set up to provide some input. Mr Hough said that the publication of the strategy would be later than originally planned as HMG decisions on future funding (Autumn Spending Review) would need to be taken into account.

    Meeting with Drigg PC ref National Grid. The Cle rk reported on a meeting hosted by Drigg & Carleton PC which highlighted the forthcoming application for development consent by National Grid (NG) for upgrading of the Grid to accommodate the Moorside Power Station. As NG had more or less determined that only an overground (pylon) route would be considered it was felt that the environmental impact on the rural areas of West Cumbria south of the Moorside site, including part of the National Park, would be huge. The parishes of Drigg & Carleton specifically would be greatly affected and sought support from other adjacent and local PC’s, as the size of the new pylons were such that they would be visible from almost every parish in the mid- and south Copeland area. A draft letter to the Planning Inspectorate asking that various environmental impacts should be taken into account had been generated, and it was agreed that Ponsonby PC would send in an appropriate letter based on the draft.

    Meeting with Sellafield Ltd. This had been rescheduled for November 5 th.

    Impending resignation of The Clerk. The Clerk explained that he would be moving out of the area in the near future and formally tended his resignation. He would arrange with CALC for a suitable vacancy notice to be generated and also advertise for The Clerk’s post locally via the web-site, notice boards and the Whitehaven News. It was agreed that any advertising would be shared with Gosforth PC. He said that he could not give an actual date for leaving but was contracted to 1 month’s notice and would continue to serve as long as possible, or until a new Clerk had been appointed.

    79/15 Correspondence

    Police report. There have been 6 incidents reported in the period, all associated with roads or traffic – 2 involved potential drink driving, 2 RTA’s (neither serious), 1 concerning failure of the temporary traffic controls at Calderbridge and 1 where a calf was loose on the A595.

    CALC circular - Sent on to all members.


    80/15 Finance a) Payments requested:

    DMMP for New Seat £453.41 Cheque No 100505

    Copeland BC for Grass-cutting £512.36 Cheque No 100506

    HMRC for PAYE £12.00 Cheque No 100504

    Calderbridge V’Hall £85.00 Cheque No 100509


    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (9 th Sept – 20 th Oct 2015) £80.49 Cheque No 100507


    c) 2016-17 Budget.


    Balance of accounts at 20 th September 2015 :- £ 13786.41



    81/15 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present.


    82/15 Questions councillors may wish to raise.

    Mr Jones – in a note to The Clerk said that he considered that the control of the road works carried out recently between Black beck roundabout and the traffic lights had been done well with a minimum of disruption to local residents and road traffic. (CCC had recently asked for comments and The Clerk would respond appropriately).


    83/15 Date of next meeting . Provisionally Tuesday 10 th November 2015. The meeting would be cancelled if there was no further business to report. Members would be informed accordingly.



    The following note was received after the meeting and is included for general information









    Dear Mr Polhill,

    As we head into the winter months I thought it a good time to update you and the Parish Council on the works carried out to date to try and alleviate the flooding issues in and around the Calderbridge & Ponsonby areas.


    As you may be aware, earlier this year I engaged the services of our drainage contractors to carry out a full cleaning and jetting of the drainage system on the Ponsonby Road, and from the junction of Ponsonby Road down to Calderbridge Square. In addition to this the existing system on the A595 was CCTV surveyed to ascertain its current condition.


    Following this work we have uncovered numerous gullies and manholes which had become buried and blocked. A full inventory and survey has been passed on to me which I am currently assessing and will inform the PC via yourself of the findings in due course.


    I have also been speaking to Mr Philip Stanley of Ponsonby Old Hall who was pleased to report that, during the first significant rainfall since this work was carried out (approx. 3-5 weeks ago) there were no issues of flooding at the Ponsonby junction. I have also issued a works instruction to our in-house maintenance teams to carry out investigatory works in the wooded area adjacent to Ponsonby junction to see if there is a culvert in that area (I have received permissions kindly from Mr Stanley who owns that land).


    Andrew Harrison our Drainage and Surface Water Officer has also identified some additional measures which we hope to be able to carry out in the near future.


    I have instructed our area highways team to monitor the gullies on the A595 and to remove any detritus as leaf fall continues over the coming weeks.


    Hopefully these measures will all help reduce the likelihood of any significant flooding issues over the coming winter and we are continuing to look at other measures to improve the existing drainage system in that area.


    If you have any questions or issues then please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Kind Regards



    Craig McCarron

    Senior Highway Network Technician

    Highways, Transport & Fleet

    Environment & Community Services Directorate, Cumbria County Council

    Joseph Noble Road , Lillyhall

    Workington , Cumbria , CA14 4JH

    m: 07825 226703

    t: 01946 506567

    f: 01946 506503

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