Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - May 2015

  • Minutes of the Annual meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 19 th May 2015


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, DA Polhill (Clerk)

    Mr T Norman was also in attendance


    37/15 Election of Chairman & Acceptance of Office. Mr Jones proposed, seconded by Mr Rigg that Mr Stewart be elected Chairman. There were no further nominations and Mr Stewart was duly elected and signed his declaration of acceptance of office.

    The Chairman said that it had been necessary to re-arrange this meeting as on the original date (12 TH May) there were insufficient members present to have a quorum. The Chairman’s Annual Report was appended to these minutes.

    Election of Vice-chairman. Mr Rigg, seconded by Mr Stewart proposed Mr Jones and with no other nominations Mr Jones was duly elected Vice-chairman.


    38/15 Co-option of additional councilors . Mr Norman offered to serve as a councillor and was duly co-opted.


    39/15 Apologies & Declarations of Interest. None.


    40/15 Acceptance of the last meeting minutes (15 th April 2015). These were approved.


    41/15 Matters arising from previous meeting .

    Flooding. A copy of an e-mail from County Highways to Mr Clarkson had been received outlining the short term work which would be done to relieve flooding on Ponsonby Lane eg. Altering the camber above Gibb Hill to aid the diversion of water from the lane, clearing and deepening the ditches, and providing a catchpit to prevent water dispersion on to the A595, increasing the frequency of gully cleaning.

    Wind Turbines. The addendum to the environmental documentation had been received. It was agreed that it did not add anything to change the previous view of the Parish Council and that the original objections as expressed on 1 st December 2014 should be recorded. It was questioned that following the elections and with a new planning committee in place whether another site visit was necessary. The Clerk would enquire from Copeland BC.


    42/15 Parish Council Representation.

    Meeting with Sellafield Ltd. (13 th May). This had been dominated by a presentation on the progress of the Site access arrangements and associated travel plan. This work now included arrangements for access to the Moorside site which would have a significant influence at Sellafield. It was also revealed that the numbers needing access to Sellafield were increasing and the intention was to try and stabilise the situation by further dispersal of personnel off-site, increased car sharing and enhancing the use of trains.

    Cold Fell Action Group . Mr Jones reported on the last meeting of the group on 17 th April. The minutes are attached below.

    Site Stakeholder’s Group The Chairman asked about representation on the LLWR group. Mr Jones said that this had been raised with Mr K Hitchen, the Chairman of the SSSG, but he could not attend the following meeting and since had not received any invitation. It was agreed to request representation formally through Ms C Giel.

    Village Hall Committee – Mr Jones said that following the inspection of the Playing Field equipment some repairs had been advised together with a recommendation to get soft-surfacing beneath the swings. The estimated total figure was ~£2000. He questioned whether the Mid-Copeland Group would be willing to provide funding support. The Clerk said he would ask and in the meantime Mr Jones would get proper estimates for the work.


    43/15 Correspondence.

    CALC – Parish Council nominations to LDNPA. The Clerk said that he had referred to this at an earlier meeting but a decision had to be delayed until after the elections. The council agreed to nominate Mr McKinley (from Gosforth PC) as the parish representative, all 4 councillors expressed their support.

    Cumbria Police – The Clerk had received a letter from PC Burges which said that the team now had access to a portable SID which could be used and controlled by the parishes.


    44/15 Finance

    a) Payments requested:

    HMRC for PAYE £15.40 Cheque No 100483

    CALC for Annual Subs £130.00 Cheque No 100485

    Robinsons for PAYE Services £60.00 Cheque No 100488

    Calderbridge Village Hall for Room Hire £34.00 Cheque No 100489

    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (16/4/2015 – 19/5/2015) £84.30

    Cheque No 100486

    Balance of accounts at 20 th April 2015 :- £11984.20


    c) Annual Return. The Clerk distributed copies of summary information of the past year’s transactions. The Annual Return, including the Governance Statement was then completed and approved.

    d) Council Insurance . The Clerk said that he and the Chairman had reviewed the insurance situation and it was agreed that the current offer from Aon (£644.75) should be accepted together with the option to renew for the next 2 years at the same premium.



    45/15 Public participation – Open session for members of the public to ask questions. There were no members of the public present.


    46/15 Questions councillors wish to raise.

    Mr Rigg – Asked when the telephone box was to be painted. The Clerk said that he would ask Ms Clarke to expedite the work. He also noted that the chins opposite the Stanley Arms had not been moved.

    Mr Jones – Referred to the recent elections whereby the boundaries of two District wards within the village left residents confused as to who their representative was. It had always been accepted that any changes to wards could only be done by the Boundaries Commission. His information was that although the Commission actually authorised any change, the request to change and the associated work to define ward boundaries was the responsibility of the District Council. He would seek clarification and report back. It was noted that as there were two wards two sets of personnel were required to man the polling station which was judged a complete waste of money.

    It was also reported that the inside wall of the village bus shelter was in a poor state. Mr Jones and Mr Rigg would examine and report back.


    47/15 Date of next meeting. 9th June. (Mr Rigg gave his advance apologies)




    Ponsonby Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting 12 th May 2015

     Chairman’s Annual Report 2014-15


    Last year’s annual report dwelt on the issues of Flooding, Highway matters, MRWS, and Wind Turbines at Church House Farm, which had taken up much of the Parish Council’s time throughout the year. These issues have continued to dominate the agenda for the past year.

    Flooding. Whilst the remedial measures taken to resolve the problems experienced in Calderbridge Square seemed to have solved the problem, there has been a recent case of the drains becoming clogged up with stones and debris emanating from an area near to Gibb Hill on Ponsonby Lane. Thanks to two householders in the village the drains in the Square were lifted and cleared of the offending material thus avoiding another major incident. The matter was reported to Cumbria Highways and a meeting was quickly arranged to record the event. The Highways Area Engineer is proposing a planned programme to eliminate any recurring incidence and is looking to finance the expense. It is estimated that the remedial work will cost ~£300,000 and such a sum is not available under the current austerity climate; hence a proposal to phase the work over a period of three years.

    Highways Matters. It is now over two years since the Parish Council requested action to address the traffic problems experienced in Calderbridge. Whilst the problems are understood and a draft proposal has been accepted funding is not presently forthcoming. It is felt that the problem is being put on the back-burner while the traffic plans are approved covering the Copeland Plan, the Sellafield Site Access via Seascale Plan, and the access for Moorside new reactors. In the meantime funding is not available for Calderbridge.

    MRWS. DECC is now holding seminars nationally to educate authorities and individuals on the process of consultation on the siting of a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF).

    Wind Turbines at Church House Farm. The Chairman and Vice-chair attended the Copeland Planning Committee site visit and had the opportunity to express the Parish Council’s concerns and report the findings of the poll carried out in the parish. Since then the Parish Counmcil has had no further contact apart from an addendum to Chapter 15 – Safety and Potential effects. The Parish Council responded and outlined its objections, requesting these should be attached to its initial letter of objection.


    Other Matters. After proposals from BT the red paint required for the telephone kiosk in the Square was received and it will be painted soon.

    Due to commitments Mr Jones has been limited in being able to progress the Community Plan but it is hoped that a start can be made in the new financial year.



    The Parish Council is short of members and anyone interested in becoming a councillor is requested to contact the Parish Clerk (019467 24327).









    Cold Fell Communities: Cold Fell Road Action Group


    Meeting held on Friday 17 th April 2015



    In attendance: Bob Jones (Ponsonby PC), Cath McMullen (Ennerdale & Kinniside PC), Charlotte Crayston (Cumbria Police), Howard Rooms (Sellafield Ltd.), Kevin Cosgrove (Cumbria Highways)


    Apologies: Dave Smith (Ennerdale & Kinniside PC), Paul Price (Lamplugh PC), Joyce Reed ( Cumbria Farmer Network). Alan Willison (Cumbria Police), Cath Mullarky (Cumbria Police) has now changed roles and will no longer be attending these meetings.




    The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record by those present.





    BJ confirmed that those who did not attend the previous meeting had been informed of the discussion on the scheduling of future meetings, and agreed with the conclusions.


    KC confirmed that DS had contacted him for the latest traffic monitoring results (discussed under point 4 of this meeting).


    DS to provide JR with CM contact details. As DS not in attendance, CM will confirm with DS whether this has been done.


    Checking of the roundels on the Cold Fell Road by AW – this action can be closed out (see point 4 of these minutes).




    K Cosgrove gave a summary report.


    The traffic counts carried out in July 2014 showed a decrease in volume and speed – possibly due to the school holiday period. The most recent count on 23 rd February 2015 showed the volume of traffic north bound slightly higher but a lower volume south bound. Speed was consistent with the majority (80%) within the 40mph limit. The remaining 20% were only just above the limit.


    Collision data shows 4 damage only incidents recorded since July 2014 and

    1 collision with a minor injury.


    KC confirmed that a number of roundels have been ordered and re-instated.


    KC will collect and collate further information prior to the next meeting.




    Mr Bradley has reported to JR that he has had some horses with legs badly grazed by traffic. JR responded that it can be a problem when some of the horses will not move off the road and that there have been a few instances where people have to get out of their cars to try and move them on.



    Nothing to report. Patrols continue and will ensure a presence in May when the Lambs are on the fell (from 2 nd week of May).




    Communications to be issued to Sellafield personnel and contractors reminding them to take extra care during the lambing season.


    Action: HR to organise communications bulletin via Sellafield Intranet.

    Action: BJ to contact DS to place an article in the local press.


    CM informed that Ennerdale and Kinniside PC have now purchased a SID and this will be installed in the near future. Any information gathered will be presented at the next meeting.



    8. Date and Venue of Next Meeting Friday 9 th October 2015 at 2.00pm in Yottenfews Farmhouse.

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