Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - April 2015

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 15 th April 2015.


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, DA Polhill (Clerk)


    28/15 Apologies Mr Munro. Declarations of Interest None


    29/15 Acceptance of the last meeting minutes (10 th March 2015) These were approved


    30/15 Matters arising from previous meeting .

    a) Wind Turbine update. No further progress. The Clerk was asked towrite to Mr Groves requesting an update (Copy to Mrs Clarkson)

    b) LLWR Dog-fouling No further progress

    c) NDA Woodlands plan The Clerk said he had not received any feedback from Mr Birks and would progress this. It was noted that the plan did not cover Pelham House area


    31/15 Parish Council Representation

    a) Meeting with Cumbria Highways (10 th April) ref flooding. The Chairman said that it had been a very constructive meeting. County Highways agreed that the situation at Ponsonby Lane was basically caused by water being diverted along the lane rather than being dispersed into adjacent fields. They agreed to speak to the relevant landowners and also widen and deepen the ditch at the lane end to shunt more water off the road surface. Regarding the flooding in the Square they proposed a long-term solution of a new road drain for the full length of the road from Ponsonby Lane to the Bridge. This would cost ~ £300,000 and could be financed over a 3 year period. Shorter term measures to drop the pavement kerbs opposite the Stanley Arms to allow water which came down the A595to be diverted directly into the river were also to be investigated. Additionally the periodicity of gully cleaning in the area of the Square would be increased to once per month pending other improvements. The Clerk would make Mr Clarkson aware of the meeting outcome.

    b) The Chairman also commented on the open meeting organized by the agent acting for Sellafield Ltd. which had taken place earlier in the day at which the proposals for a new Police Training Facility at Yottenfews had been described. The plans displayed were excellent and there were plenty of people to answer any queries. It was generally agreed that the facility would cause little effect on the parish and since there would be a reduction in training activities at Pelham House the outcome was beneficial.


    32/15 Correspondence

    a) CCC Recycling Scheme Mr Jones asked for this to be resent.

    b) Lowick PC – Wind Turbines Noted and decided not to support the proposals.

    c) Cumbria CC – Planning application No 4/15/9005 for an extension to the existing Silos Direct Encapsulation Plant (SDP ). There were no objections.


    33/15 Finance a) Payments requested:

    HMRC for PAYE £15.40 Cheque No 100483

    Copeland BC £512.36 for Grass-cutting Cheque No 100484

    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (11/3/2015 – 15/4/2015) £79.21 Cheque No 100482

    were all approved.


    Balance of accounts at 20 th March 2015 :- £12060.74


    34/14 Public Participation. No members of the public were present.


    35/14 Questions councillors may wish to raise.

    Mr Rigg – Raised a question regarding the access arrangements for the proposed Police training facility. The Clerk said that with one exception which in his opinion was too close to the North Gate entrance they were all feasible but County Highways would have the ultimate decision. He also reported that the low chain fence opposite the Stanley Arms had been damaged during the recent flooding by motor vehicles. Mr Stanley said he would remove the fencing as it served no purpose.

    Mr Jones – Said that the seat outside the Village Hall was beyond repair and the Parish Council would be asked by the Hall committee if it would fund a replacement. This was agreed in principle.


    36/14 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 12 th May 2015.

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