Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - May 2013

  • Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 14 th May 2013.


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr D Birks, Mr P Stanley, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, Mr R Munro, Mr G Crayston,

    DA Polhill (Clerk)


    The meeting was preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting at which the Chairman presented his annual report which is appended to these minutes.


    28/13Apologies: None. Declarations of Interest. None.


    29/13 Election of Chairman . Mr Stanley proposed that Mr Stewart be re-elected. There were no other nominations and Mr Stewart was duly elected unanimously.


    Election of Vice-chairman . Mr Stewart proposed that Mr Jones be re-elected. There were no other nominations and Mr Jones was duly elected.


    30/13Minutes of the previous meeting. (9 th April 2013) These were approved.


    31/13 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.


    Flooding – The Clerk said that following the public meeting on flooding at Gosforth he had spoken to County Council officers about Ponsonby. It became clear that there is a misunderstanding of parish boundaries and the necessity to involve Parish Councils in discussions. Accordingly it was agreed to write to Mr Clarkson to arrange a meeting between the County officers and the Parish Council to address, record and resolve the flooding issues within the parish.


    Note: Since the meeting Mr Clarkson has responded and asked the County Council officers to contact The Clerk directly.


    Highways Matters. – The Clerk said he had spoken to Mr Cosgrove who, having analysed the results of the traffic survey, was suggesting the use of a speed indicating sign as part of a process to reduce speeds through the village. It was thought that it would be useful to meet him face to face to address the issues which had been highlighted at previous meetings and The Clerk was asked to make arrangements.


    32/13 Parish Council Representation Reports


    WCSSG – Mr Jones provided the following update:





    33/13 Correspondence.


    DECC – Call for Evidence on MRWS. The Nuclear Group would respond .


    Letter (Mrs Mallett) – Damage to the Riverside path. The Clerk had written back explaining that the root cause was water flooding from the Cold Fell Road and that the Parish Council was encouraging the County Council to effect some improvements.


    Planning Application New replacement and additional buildings at Calderbridge Sawmill.


    This was discussed and although generally in support of the development the council wished to see the design and construction reviewed to:


    a) Reduce the impact of the security fencing.


    b) Minimise the impact of the new buildings on the immediate landscape.


    c) Address concerns relating to traffic leaving the site.


    d) Take into account the needs of migratory birds including delaying demolition until after the current nesting season.



    34/13 Finance



    Calderbridge Village Hall £17.00 (Room Hire) Cheque No 100398

    HMRC £5.60 (PAYE) Cheque No 100397


    Calderbridge Village Hall £34.00 (Room Hire) Cheque No 100399


    Robinsons &Co £30.00(PAYE Services) Cheque No 100400


    DA Polhill £93.83 (Clerk’s Services) Cheque No 100401


    CALC £59.00 (Annual Subs) Cheque No 100402


    HMRC £16.60 (PAYE) Cheque No 100403


    A-on £668.28 (Insurance) Cheque No 100404



    Balance of accounts at 31st March 2013 (End of financial year) :- £12329.88


    b) Annual Return 2012-13 . The Clerk had tabled relevant documents including Bank Reconciliation, Summary Income/Expenditure, Detailed Receipts and Payments, and Spending v Budget. Having considered these the council approved the Annual Return and also completed the Annual Governance Statement.


    35/13 Public Participation. The question was raised referring to the recent decision by Copeland BC to move waste collection to the nearest main road. The Chairman replied that the Parish Council had not been consulted directly, merely informed that discussion would take place with affected residents. It was agreed to raise the issue with Mrs Clarkson.


    36/13 Questions councillors may wish to raise. Mr Jones said that he could not attend the next meeting of the Cold Fell Action Group. Mr Stewart offered to substitute.


    37/13 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 11 th June 2013.





    Ponsonby Parish Council


    Annual Parish Meeting 14 th May 2013– Chairman’s report.


    Since the very positive and first time attendance of members of the public at the last Annual Parish Meeting the Parish Council is encouraged both by full attendance at Council meetings and the perceived desire of residents to contribute to a forward partnered community.


    With very few exceptions Council meetings have been fully attended and tribute to Jonathan Stanley has been recorded for his involvement and contribution over many years. His resignation due to ill health is understood and the best wishes of the council go to Jonathan who will always be welcome at future meetings if he is able to attend.


    The boundary changes incorporating Calderbridge and its surroundings into the parish of Ponsonby have it is believed engendered a strong community feel which the Parish Council wishes to build upon and canvas the aspirations of all residents. To this end discussions have already taken place to pursue grant aid and assistance in developing a parish/community plan. The Council is indebted to Bob Jones in volunteering to lead a programme to achieve an acceptable plan evolved through participation of all local interested parties, groups, societies and individuals. With the changes in local government and resultant austerity cuts it is felt that the assistance previously offered will become limited, being reduced to only internet and telephone access. This will require assistance to Bob of secretarial help in minuting the resolutions of community meetings and the necessary reporting to appropriate authorities. The time and effort involved in the primary requirements of establishing a local plan cannot be underestimated and all help would be most welcome.


    The Parish Council has been granted £300 through the mid-Copeland Community Partnership towards the expense of bringing the plan to fruition, and additional funds have been budgeted for in 2013-14 via the financial precept.


    The proposed scheme to improve Broadband reception throughout the County as reported in last year’s statement was delayed by a combination of HM Government and EC slow approval of the funding, and also the complex competitive tendering exercise for the supply of the services by the County Council, but it is now about to get underway. Also reported in the statement, reference was made to a Cumbria Highways proposal to investigate a A595 bypass of Calderbridge suitable as an emergency route in the event of the main road being closed due to an accident. A response has been awaited for over a year, but it is not forgotten and is on the agenda of the Emergency Planning meeting to be held by the next mid-Copeland Partnership.


    The Parish Council’s response to the MRWS Partnership’s final report on the proposals for the location of a Geological Disposal Facility were effectively endorsed by the County Council in its decision to cease the process. As well as the obvious uncertainties about the quality of the geology and hydrogeology of West Cumbria, key objections were made around the principles of Voluntarism and Partnership Working which at the local (Parish) level were being sidelined or ignored, and deviated substantially from the requirements of the White Paper of 2008


    At last year’s APM and subsequent open public meetings major issues were raised regarding widespread flooding, including the state of the side-roads serving Ponsonby, the Cold Fell Road and the road beyond the Abbey to Priorscales. Additionally there was strong vocal feeling regarding the speed of vehicles driving through Calderbridge on the A595. I would like to record a vote of thanks to County Councillor Norman Clarkson in obtaining a prompt response from Cumbria Highways and Services in dealing with the flooding and the road problems. In regard to the speeding two surveys have been carried out and a report on the findings and possible recommendations are awaited.


    During the year the Chairman resigned from the WCSSG and Bob Jones now represents the PC on this group.


    The 2012-13 Financial Year-end accounts show a surplus of income/expenditure of £751 for the year, the nett balance of funds available being £12329.88.



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