Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - July 2015

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 14 th July 2015


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr D Birks, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, DA Polhill (Clerk)

    1 member of the public (Mr G Crayston) was also in attendance.


    57/15 Apologies Mr Norman. Declarations of Interest None.


    58/15 Acceptance of the last meeting minutes (9 th June 2015). These were approved.


    59/15 Matters arising from previous meeting .

    a) Co-option of additional councillors . At the invitation of the members Mr Crayston agreed to serve and was duly co-opted. He signed his Declaration of Acceptance of office.

    b) Muncaster Microbus . The Clerk said that Steve Barnes from the microbus organization had addressed Gosforth PC at its meeting on 8 th July. There was a real problem with accessing transport for many people in the area between Calderbridge and Bootle particularly for those requiring health care and attempts were being made to provide solutions using volunteers. It was agreed that The Clerk should contact Steve to arrange a meeting with the Parish Council.

    c) Wind Turbines. Although the decision was with the Planning Inspector Copeland Planning Committee had decided to go ahead with their planning process and ‘were minded to refuse’, which supported the Parish Council’s views. The council had not objected to another application for an Anemometer Mast but did query the relevance and timing.


    60/15 Parish Council Representation

    WCSSG – Mr Jones had distributed a copy of the minutes of the last meeting.

    3-tier meeting – The Clerk said he had attended the last meeting at Waberthwaite. The main business had been a dual presentation from National Grid (NG) and Electricity North West (ENW) on the electricity grid upgrade which was linked to the development of the reactors at Moorside. It was clear that NG were intent on proceeding with an overground upgrade following the existing grid route. This would bring them into conflict with the LDNPA. It was also made clear that neither NG or ENW had any intention of using the opportunity of the Grid upgrade to reinforce the current distribution system south of Seascale to Millom which suffered from present problems and gave no consideration to potential future development and the attraction of investment to the area. This issue would be taken forward via CALC to try and get this policy changed.

    Village Hall – Mr Jones said that the Hall committee had decided on the type of seat to replace the one which was beyond repair. It was agreed that the Parish Council would purchase the seat and donate it to the Hall.


    61/15 Correspondence

    a) CBC Planning Application for new CNC Training facility at Yottenfews. There was no objection but the council would wish to be kept informed of developments.  

    b) CCC Traffic Speed Restrictions . The proposal which had greatest effect on the parish was that to introduce a 40 mph speed limit to a stretch of the A595 between Sally Hill and Ponsonby Lane layby. It was agreed that the proposal should be supported but it was considered that it would be wiser, safer and cheaper to include the whole stretch between Gosforth and Calderbridge.

    c) NUGEN – First phase Consultation. This was being dealt with by the combined (Gosforth & Ponsonby) Nuclear Group. Mr Stewart and Mr Jones were members of the group. The first meeting was on Monday 27 th July.

    d) Police Report There was no Police report available.


    Note: The report was received after the meeting and circulated to all members.

    Significant was that of the 9 incidents reported 8 involved motor vehicles, 7 of which were collisions with other vehicles or property; In addition 1 theft was reported - the good news being that the culprits were apprehended and the property recovered.


    62/15 Finance

    a) Payments were approved for:

    Mrs H Price for Internal Audit £55.00 Cheque No 100495

    Copeland BC for Election Fees £80.00 Cheque No 100494

    Copeland BC for Grass-cutting £512.36 Cheque No 100496

    HMRC for PAYE £20.60 Cheque No 100493

    Calderbridge V’ Hall for Room Hire £34.00 Cheque No 100499


    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (10 th June – 14 th July 2015) £42.60 Cheque No 100497


    Balance of accounts at 20 th June 2015 :- £14230.36 (includes Precept but not CTSG)


    63/15 Public participation – Open session for members of the public to ask questions. There were no members of the public present at this time.


    64/15 Questions councillors wish to raise.

    Mr Rigg – Asked about progress with painting the telephone box. The Clerk said he had arranged this and would follow it up.

    Note: Since the meeting he had spoken to Ms Clarke who had originally promised to do the work. Unfortunately due to family illness she was unable to take on this work at this time. The Clerk would try and arrange for another painter.

     Mr Rigg also asked about the management of the shrubbery and weed-killing in the area by the Church which were getting overgrown. The Clerk said he would contact Mr Davies accordingly.

    Mr Birks – Asked whether it was the responsibility of the County Council to cut back hedges where these formed the road boundary as Ponsonby Lane was overgrown in parts. He also drew attention to an advertising sign parked on the northbound layby which he said was a distraction to motorists and a consequent safety issue. The Clerk said he would clarify both issues with Mr Melville.

    65/15 Date of next meeting . Traditionally there has been no meeting in August. However the 11 th August was set aside in case there was urgent business to discuss. The Clerk would contact members accordingly. The Chairman said that he would be away on this date.

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