Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - January 2015

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 13 th January 2015


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr D Birks, Mr G Crayston, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, DA Polhill (Clerk)



    01/15Apologies: Mr R Munro.


    Declarations of Interest. None.


    02/15Minutes of the previous meeting (9th December 2014). These were approved.


    03/15 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.


    a) Telephone Box. The Clerk said that he had received the painting kit from BT and would arrange for the painting to be done when the weather was suitable.

    b) Wind Turbine update. The Parish Council had written to ONR asking for clarification on their assessment on the risks associated with the Sellafield site. Mr Stewart said that the response from ONR was disappointing in particular that they refused to meet the Parish Council to discuss its concerns. Accordingly the Parish Council had written again. In the meantime an e-mail had been received from ONR’s Senior Communications Advisor trying to justify why ONR would not meet with the Parish Council. The intention was for the issue to be raised again at the next WCSSG meeting.

    c) Meeting with NDA. The long awaited meeting with NDA took place on 18 th December. The meeting was amicable and NDA agreed that it should do more to engage with the Parish Council. To that end NDA agreed to provide points of contact and arrange for meetings to take place on a 3-6 monthly basis, the first suggested would be mid-January. It was noted that the recent announcement regarding the Sellafield site contract arrangements could have a bearing on the proposed meeting and The Clerk said he would clarify the situation with Mr Hough.

    d) LLWR – Dog fouling . Mr Stewart said there had been no response from LLWR.


    04/15 Parish Council Representation Reports.

    Mr Birks – Reported on the latest situation regarding Broadband. The general position was that BT were on track to deliver within 2015 though it was still uncertain which specific areas would not be covered.


    05/15 Correspondence.

    a) Consultation on Parish Polls. The Clerk outlined the general tenor of the proposed changes which were primarily aimed at raising the bar for calling a parish poll, with the main advantages of avoiding malicious or trivial reasons for doing so and thus not holding Parish Councils hostage to substantial consequential costs, while still preserving the democratic right of the electorate to call a poll if sufficient number felt it was necessary. It was generally agreed that the proposals were sensible and that The Clerk would respond on behalf of the council accordingly.

    b) Police Report. Of the 11 incidents reported 7 were road traffic related, 2 thefts reported, 1 case of criminal damage to a property, and an abandoned 999 call (thought to be accidental).


    06/15 Finance

    a) Payments requested: HMRC for PAYE £19.40 Cheque No 100471

    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (10/12/2014 – 13/1/2015) £173.61 Cheque No 100473

    c) Calderbridge Village Hall for Room Hire £51.00 Cheque No 100475


    d) 2015-16 Budget . The Clerk said that the information from Copeland BC in regard to Council Tax Rebate Grants was unintelligible but was likely to be reduced substantially from last year. He would be attending a relevant seminar on 22 nd January and would find out more details, after which he, together with The Chairman would produce a draft budget for discussion and approval at the February meeting.



    Balance of accounts at 20 th December 2014 :- £12478.54 (Includes £2555.21 cheques paid but not processed).



    07/15 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present.


    08/15 Questions councillors may wish to raise.

    Mr Stewart - Said that the question raised at the last meeting regarding the provision of a flower tub on the land opposite the Stanley Arms, had not been resolved. It was important that someone was identified who would took care of the flowers during the season.

    Mr Jones – Referred to the Rural Wheels service which basically provided people with access to public transport. He was awaiting more information from Caroline Watson (CCC). He asked The Clerk if he could provide a copy of the new bus service timetable which was starting in February.



    09/15 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 10 th February 2015

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