Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - November 2013

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 12 th November 2013

    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr D Birks, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Munro, Mr Crayston, DA Polhill (Clerk)


    One member of the public also attended (for Item 77/13a).



    75/13Apologies: Mr R Jones, Declarations of Interest. None.


    76/13Minutes of the previous meeting. These were approved.


    77/13 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.





    78/13 Parish Council Representation.


    MRWS. The Clerk had sent out to all members a copy of the draft response to the consultation on a Review of the Siting Process for a GDF (prepared by the Nuclear Group) for comment. Mr Birks said he had not responded due to domestic difficulties (the arrival of a new-born). He outlined his comments to the meeting and it was agreed that if he could e-mail these to Mr Jones they would be incorporated. With this amendment it was agreed that this could be considered the final version and on receipt of the final update The Clerk would format it and send it to DECC accordingly.


    79/13 Correspondence.



    80/13 Finance Payments requested:


    were approved.



    Balance of accounts at 20 th October 2013 :- £15074.08



    81/13 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present.


    82/13 Questions councillors may wish to raise.


    The Clerk said that the second bus shelter had now been painted, inside and out. The Chairman and The Clerk would arrange payment via BACS.


    The Chairman said that the condition of the road to Pelham House was now very poor. This would be reported to Highways.


    83/13 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 10 th December 2013

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