Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - January 2016

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 12 th January 2016


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr B Jones, Mr A Rigg, Mr G Crayston, Mr S Meteer (Copeland Councillor representing Beckermet Ward), RL Jones (Clerk)


    1/16 Apologies: Mr Norman Declarations of Interest: None


    2/16 Acceptance of the last meeting minutes (8 th December 2015)


    3/16 Matters arising from previous meeting


    Mr Jones said he liked the ‘Actions to be Completed’ list added to the end of the minutes. All agreed they would like it to continue.


    River Calder Flooding & Safety Issue RL Jones said she spoke to Shannon at Copeland Public Rights of Way (and followed up with email), who said to leave it with them for now. They will look into it and get back to her. As they have not yet, she will chase it up. Action RL Jones


    Meeting with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) RL Jones said she has available dates from Mr Hough, Mr Stewart, Mr Jones (18, 19, 21 Jan) & Mr Tyson (not available), and is waiting for dates from Mr Walton but he has only had 1 day to check his availability. It was agreed RL Jones will set up the meeting as soon as Mr Walton has responded. Action RL Jones

    Meeting with Karl Melville re Traffic Safety & Flooding Mr Jones & Mr Stewart met Mr Melville on 8 th Jan. Flooding: Mr Melville had expressed frustrations that Copeland Borough Council (CBC) have not made more progress, especially with a culvert just above the bridge. Mr Melville has contacted CBC about this. A manhole & blocked drains at the Stanley Arms and debris covering drains were also discussed and Mr Melville is working on this. The debris blocking drains on Abbey Road were discussed. It was said CBC now only clean drains on request and then with nylon brushes rather than steel so they are not removing as much as they could. Mr Jones requested we set up a prompt from September to start requesting regular CBC drain clearing. Action RL Jones Traffic Safety: Mr Melville is progressing work to introduce a roundabout to slow traffic but it will need consultation. A pedestrian crossing near to where children cross from the school bus will also be looked into.


    Councillor Correspondence Circulation Mr Stewart explained, due to the high volume of correspondence received by the clerk, she has begun to send correspondence to him first and he advises whether to further circulate to all other Councillors. Other Councillors agreed to this.


    Budget Mr Stewart explained delays caused by Business Money Manager account statements only being sent quarterly. He said himself & RL Jones will have this completed for the next meeting and this will still meet the CBC deadline. Mr Jones suggested setting up read only internet banking as this gives 24 / 7 access to accounts information and works well for the village hall. Action Mr Stewart & RL Jones


    Landscape Service Delivery for 2016 Acceptance of quotation has been sent. Mr Rigg passed questionnaire to Mr Jones today for completion. RL Jones to email address to post questionnaire to Mr Jones, then he will post when completed. Action Mr Jones & RL Jones


    Superfast Broadband Feedback Mr Jones explained a notice will be placed in the next church newsletter. Due to deadline timings the last newsletter was missed.


    4/16 Parish Council Representation

    5/16 Correspondence


    Police Report The monthly report had been circulated to members and was accepted by the council.


    NALC Report re Auditors Mr Stewart briefed on original proposal for all councils to be automatically opted into a pre-selected auditor but new correspondence delaying this while the legislation is clarified for councils with an annual turnover of less than £25,000. Ponsonby Parish Council (PPC) is to await further communication before acting.


    Bank Mandate RL Jones explained all signatories (all Councillors and Clerk) need to sign the new mandate then, after RL Jones has taken the completed mandate, along with these minutes to HSBC Whitehaven, show proof of ID (passport or driving license) and address (utility bill issued within last 3 months or council tax bill) to HSBC Whitehaven, preferably show to Val Motum as she is fully aware of PPC accounts. It was agreed RL Jones will email all Councillors when they need to take their documentation (reminding of details) to Val Motum at HSBC Whitehaven. Action RL Jones


    Notification of Planning Approval 4/15/9008 This was shown to all Councilors. It was agreed this is an application requiring any comments by 7 th January but PPC have no issues with it. It was agreed RL Jones will circulate all future planning correspondence at her earliest convenience. Action RL Jones


    6/16 Finance Payments approved:

    a) HMRC for PAYE £8.60 Cheque No 100513

    b) Village Hall Room Hire £51 Cheque No 100514

    c) Clerk’s salary and expenses £169.42 Cheque No 100515

    (3/12/2015 – 21/12/2015)

    d) Chairman’s Expenses £45 Cheque No 100516

    e) Grass Cutting £512.36 Cheque No 100517


    Balance of accounts at 20 th December 2015 :- £12,446.44


    7/16 Public participation


    Mr Meteer introduced himself as one of two Copeland Borough Councillors representing Beckermet Ward and offered his help whenever PPC felt it was needed.

    He encouraged PPC to respond to the budget consultation for CBC, saying CBC are becoming more commercialised and noting rental of brown composting bins for a nominal fee.

    He brought up the number 6 bus service from Seascale ceasing from 19 th February. Mr Stewart said PPC views are put forward by Mid Copeland Parish Council Partnership. Mr Jones said he had been in touch with Rural Wheels and Caroline Watson is getting back to him. They organise taxis to take people from their home to the nearest transport hub for 35p per mile but customers need to book up to two days in advance. Mr Meteer said, with David Moore and Keith Hitchin, he had today attended a meeting looking at alternatives to the service. He will email PPC with updates.

    He also mentioned local library loss threats.


    8/16 Questions Councillors wish to raise


    Mr Stewart said Nugen are hosting a meeting re problems with the Moorside new build on Tuesday 26 th January at 9.30 – 11.30 in Beckermet Reading Rooms.

    Highlighted the potholes bordering Abbey Road near Mill Road Garage and the Village Hall entrance. Mr Meteer suggested PPC phone 0845 6096609 to report the faults on the highway. Action RL Jones


    Mr Jones will meet with Sandy, Yvonne and Janice Carol re recycling bins in the Village Hall car park not being emptied frequently enough and the bins being blown open on windy days leading to mess being created. He will request more frequent collections or, if not possible, for the bins to be removed.


    RL Jones asked for any nominations for guests to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party on 19 th May. None were received.

    Read Tyson Norman’s email re Flooding at Church. Mr Jones suggested RL Jones forward the email to him tonight, then he will pass it to Yvonne tomorrow, who can pass it on to Norman Clarkson. Action RL Jones & Mr Jones

    Discussed the key for Mr D Birks as DA Polhill had said Mr Birks had offered to use this to place approved minutes in the notice board by the Ponsonby Bus Stop. Mr Stewart offered to pass the key on to Mr Birks. Action Mr Stewart



    9/16 Date of next meeting Tuesday 9 th February, 7pm, Calderbridge Village Hall




    Actions to be Completed


    Person(s) Responsible


    RL Jones

    Chase up River Calder Flooding & Safety issue with Copeland Public Rights of Way.

    RL Jones

    Finalise meeting with NDA as soon as possible.

    RL Jones

    Set up prompt for September onwards to request regular road drain debris clearing.

    Mr Stewart & RL Jones

    Complete budget.

    RL Jones

    Organise completion of bank Mandate. When handing in completed mandate, ask Val Motum about read only internet banking.

    Email all Councilors when everyone has signed the mandate, asking them to take their documentation (reminding of details) to Val Motum at HSBC Whitehaven.

    RL Jones & Mr Jones

    RL Jones email landscape delivery postal address to Mr Jones for him to post.

    RL Jones

    Circulate all future planning correspondence as soon as possible from receipt. – Ongoing

    RL Jones

    Phone 0845 6096609 to report the potholes on Abbey Road as faults on the highway.

    RL Jones & Mr Jones

    Forward Tyson Norman’s email to Mr Jones tonight, then he will pass it to Yvonne tomorrow, who can pass it on to Norman Clarkson

    Mr Stewart

    Pass bus stop notice board key to Mr Birks so he is able to display approved minutes there.



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