Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - March 2014

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 11 th March 2014.


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr G Crayston, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, Mr R Munro, DA Polhill (Clerk)



    19/14Apologies: Mr D Birks Declarations of Interest. None


    20/14Minutes of the previous meeting. These were approved.


    21/14 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.

    Meeting with Flooding Control Team. The Chairman and The Clerk reported on a meeting which had been arranged by Mr Clarkson. There were separate reports for Calderbridge and New Mill. Concerning New Mill, there were uncertainties whether the capacity of the culvert under the A595 could be enhanced but the real problem was some 30 metres downstream where a cast concrete collar (of smaller cross-section than the road culvert) had been used to provide an access to adjacent fields. As well as the water from the culvert this collar has to accept additional flow from a drain and a small stream. It was this pinch point which caused the flooding to Orchard View. A member of the Flood Team intended to visit the landowner concerned. It was also thought that some attenuation measures further upstream of the road culvert could be of value in reducing future flow rates and these would be investigated.

    Regarding flooding in Calderbridge, substantial work had been carried out by the Highways Dept to alleviate the amount of water collecting on the A5695 and being channeled into the Square and to get it dispersed into the River.Results to date indicated that the work had been effective as there had been no repetition of flooding.

    Another area of concern was the water gathering from the Fell Road which was identified as a contributory source to the problems in the Square but appeared to have no follow-up. This matter had already been raised in a previous meeting with Mr Melville and some preliminary investigation had taken place. The Team promised to liaise with Mr Melville’s team. Other work to deal with problems of the lane stability as a result of the past flooding events had been instigated on the lane past the Abbey.

    A significant contribution to the amount of water collecting on the A595 stemmed from drainage issues from Ponsonby Lane. The highways Dept. had cleared out the drains and ditches which had improved matters but the Team had been unable to identify and hence clear the outlet route for water gathering at the Lane end. This problem was being pursued.


      Wind Turbines – Progress. This was a sorry tale. Despite numerous attempts by both the Chairman and The Clerk, Copeland BC had not provided information requested. Eventually an official complaint was registered which triggered a response and a meeting with the Planning Team had been arranged for 18 th March. At the present time the application has been lodged by the developer with Copeland BC who have not yet registered it ie. It has not been issued as a current application.


    Note. Since the meeting on 18 th March with the Planning Dept. they have confirmed that the application was registered as from 17 th March.


    Because of the failure of Copeland BC to respond and hence having no knowledge of what the time-scales were for responses to consultation the Parish Council felt it had no option but to send out a questionnaire to residents to get some general appreciation of their opinions on the proposal. A questionnaire was developed and hand distributed to all residents. The Garage was used as a convenient return point thanks to the generosity of Mr Norman. Some 50% of the questionnaires were returned, of which 80% were not in favour, and 20% were in favour, of supporting the application.


    c) Clearing of shrubbery and area by the Church. Mr Rigg said that the work undertaken by Copeland BC to tidy up the area by the Church had been very effective and had made a great difference to the overall appearance of that part of the village. It was agreed that The Clerk should pass on the appreciation to Mr Davies.


    d) Pelham Drive. The Chairman said that following the meeting with Mr Melville when this issue was raised, action has been swift, and effective repairs have been made. He drew attention to the helpful attitude of the repair crew, and staff from LLWR who ensured that residents were not unduly inconvenienced. In a similar vein he said that following the recent storms much work had been done around Pelham House to deal with fallen trees etc. LLWR staff had done their best to minimise the effect on residents and he asked The Clerk to pass on the appreciation of the council to both parties.


    22/14 Parish Council Representation Reports. Mr Jones reported on the training session on development of Community plans, held on 26 th February. The Session had been useful and had been attended by representatives from other parishes as well as Ponsonby. Emphasis was placed on the involvement of as wide a part of the community as possible if a plan was to succeed. The next stage was to initiate some consultation with potentially interested groups.



    23/14 Correspondence



    24/14 Finance


    DA Polhill for Envelopes, Paper etc (Questionnaire) Cheque No 100434

    Robinson’s & Co for PAYE Service Cheque No 100436

    Barney’s Print (£21.00) for Questionnaires Cheque No 100435

    Playdale Ltd (£234.00) for Play Equipment Inspection Cheque No 100437

    HMRC (£22.80) for PAYE Cheque No 100433


    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (12/2/2014 – 11/3/2014) £130.46 Cheque No 100438


    Balance of accounts at 20 th February 2014 :- £13692.02



    25/14 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present.


    26/14 Questions councillors may wish to raise.


    Mr Rigg – Said that a steel drain cover on the south side of the A595 bridge was loose (not the same one as previously reported) and causing a noise nuisance particularly at night. The Clerk said he would report this through the Highways system.


    27/14 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 8 th April 2014

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