Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - February 2014

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 11 th February 2014.


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr G Crayston, Mr P Stanley, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, DA Polhill (Clerk)


    10/14Apologies: Mr D Birks, Mr R Munro, Declarations of Interest. None.


    11/14Minutes of the previous meeting. These were approved.


    12/14 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes. The meeting was joined by Mr K Melville from Cumbria Highways who wished to respond to a series of issues raised by the council:


    Traffic Management report for Calderbridge - Priority had been given to a full engineering safety assessment of the untrunked section of the A595; Calderbridge was included and any traffic management measures would be identified. Results should be available in mid-March.


    Progresss on the emergency bypass – Ponsonby Church lane was to be repaired and upgraded, work starting in the next few days. Physical restrictions would be emplaced to prevent the lane becoming a rat-run. Residents with legal access would be provided with any necessary keys and in the event of the lane being required for emergency purposes it would be marshalled by County Highways staff in conjunction with the Police.


    Access via Ponsonby Church lane for the potential installation of Wind Turbines - No request to use the lane had been received and permission from Cumbria Highways would be necessary.


    Lack of response from Cumbria Highways when reporting problems (The state of the Pelham House road was used as an example) – The Chairman outlined the efforts he had made to try and get the road repaired, including getting an offer of financial support from LLWR. Mr Melville said he knew nothing of this and would ask relevant questions. In general there had been a substantial upheaval of staff as the department tried to reorganise and although there were still staff shortages the reporting system should work as designed and he asked to be kept informed of any failures to respond. (Note – Since the meeting The Clerk has tested the system by e-mailing a problem, received a reply and a log number, and witnessed the repair taking place).


    Measures to deal with flood water from the Fell Road – Flooding from the Fell Road had been a long-standing problem with damage being caused in any period of heavy rainfall to the Garage forecourt, the Church and the Riverside footpath. Although the road as a source of flood water was identified during the investigations following the flooding event of August 2012 there was nothing in the subsequent report which identified any remedial measures. Mr Melville had not been made aware of the flood reports or of the ongoing problems but promised to carry out some investigation into the local drainage.


    Clarification of boundaries – Mr Melville confirmed that Gosforth & Ponsonby came within the same engineering team remit and were not separate as previously believed. He also confirmed that the demarcation between the trunked and untrunked sections of the A595 was at the traffic lights.


    The Chairman thanked Mr Melville for his attendance and a very constructive meeting.


    Church House Farm Wind Turbines . The Chairman gave a review of the situation and a summary of what had been done since the last meeting. Despite numerous attempts to get information from Copeland BC on the current status of the application they have not responded to e-mails, telephone calls or voice messages. It is not known for sure whether an application has actually been lodged, although information provided by the developer would indicate that it has. The developer has also offered to provide the Parish Council with necessary documentation and has confirmed that discussion with ENW have secured a grid connection. The intention was for Copeland BC to meet the Parish Council to explain the scope of the application and the process which would be enacted but since no contact has been made that meeting has not taken place. Until it does a date to hold a public meeting to inform the public cannot be arranged. In the meantime a questionnaire has been drafted and preparations made for subsequent distribution to the parish.


    13/14 Parish Council Representation Reports.


    Mr Jones – said that he had attended a meeting with Sellafield Ltd on the removal of the old bridge. Although there was an access to the beach via a footbridge attached to the pipe-bridge there was no right of way to cross the railway.

    He confirmed that the training session for the Community Plan had been arranged for 26 th February.

    Regarding the Village Hall shrubbery, he and The Clerk had met Mr Strong from Copeland BC on site and discussed various options, for which Mr Strong would provide quotations.


    14/14 Correspondence.


    Police report – For period 7/12/13 – 7/2/14. There were no incidents reported.


    WH News – The paper was planning to give more prominence to local parish news. In response to a request from the reporters The Clerk had directed them to the web-site with his own contact for any further information.



    15/14 Finance. Payments to:


    Calderbridge Village Hall (Room Hire) £68.00 Cheque No 100431


    DA Polhill (Frame for Parish Map) £9.00 Cheque No 100430


    HMRC (PAYE) £22.80 Cheque No 100433


    b) Clerk’s salary and expenses. (15/1/2014 – 11/2/2014) £136.23 Cheque No 100432

    were approved.


    c) 2014-15 Budget & Precept (Paper sent with agenda). After discussion this was approved, a precept of £3882 being agreed.



    Balance of accounts at 20 th January 2014 :- £13934.85



    16/14 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present.



    17/14 Questions councillors may wish to raise.


    The Chairman – reported that there had been significant damage to trees around Pelham House during the recent storms which had resulted in some losses. LLWR had arranged a meeting with resident neighbours to explain plans for renewal.



    18/14 Date of next meeting . Tuesday, 11 th March 2014

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