Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - September 2013

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 10 th September 2013


    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr D Birks, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Munro, Mr G Crayston, DA Polhill (Clerk)


    56/13Apologies: Mr R Jones Declarations of Interest. None


    57/12Minutes of the previous meeting. (9th July 2013) . These were approved.


    58/12 Actions and Matters arisingfrom the Minutes.


    a) Flood report. The Clerk said he had discussed this matter with Mr Clarkson in parallel with flooding issues in Gosforth. The end result was that there was complete dissatisfaction by Gosforth PC with the report as issued as it did not even cover the village, let alone the parish, and a report for Ponsonby/ Calderbridge had not been made available at all. Mr Clarkson had asked for a response to the report which he would then use as a framework for discussion with officers at Carlisle, with a view to getting the County and Parish Councils more closely involved. (A copy of the response to Mr Clarkson would be forwarded to members). Feedback was awaited from Mr Clarkson.


    b) Asset Maintenance . The Clerk said he had put this on the agenda as he thought it useful to review the situation:


    Both bus shelters had been repaired and new guttering fitted. The shelter in the village had been repainted and feedback from residents was appreciative of the effort.


    Painting and redecoration of the shelter at Ponsonby Lane-End had been postponed until the resident swallows had finished breeding and departed on their Autumn migration. This was expected to be by the first week of October when painting of the shelter would be completed.


    The three seats adjacent to the churchyard had been repainted and the one at the northbound side lay-by repaired and repainted. The other seat at the southbound lay-by was beyond repair and had been removed as it was unsafe to use.


    A decision was then taken after discussion, to replace the seat on the southbound lay-by. The Clerk was given authority to order a suitable seat which should be in recycled materials to avoid future maintenance.


    c) Wind Turbines. There had been no further information from Copeland BC. The Chairman and Clerk had exchanged comments with Mr McKinley (NPA Deputy Chairman) who had advised writing to the Planning Dept to advise them of the forthcoming scheme. The Clerk would do this.


    59/12 Parish Council Representation Reports.


    a) Meeting with Sellafield Ltd ref Ponsonby Lonning. The Clerk had already circulated a report of the meeting which confined itself to a minor civil engineering project to resurface part of the lonning but did not address the issue of real concern which was the use of the lane as an emergency bypass. A response from Sellafield Ltd was awaited.


    b) Broadband progress . There were worrying signs that the roll-out process was not going well, and there was difficulty in getting information on what was included within BT’s intentions. CALC had recently issued a note following information received from the County Council which had then had to be rescinded as the message had been misinterpreted. The Clerk said that his understanding of the situation, having read the communication from the County Council, was that in order to gain access to the BT mapping data, it was necessary for each parish or group top register on the BT system. There appears to be some doubt about that necessity. Mr Birks was asked to liaise with Mr Kennish (BB Hub Co-ordinator) to clarify the situation. It was also considered prudent to include Broadband provision as an item within the village plan.


    c) CALC (Copeland) Executive meeting. This took place on 4th September.

    The main items discussed were the agenda for the forthcoming 3-tier meeting at which the Police Commissioner was due to speak; noting that the Sellafield Sustainable Movement and Access Framework process (part of which included plans for drastically reducing the number of vehicles on site) had ground to a halt; and the difficulties associated with accessing the new Copeland BC Web-site.


    60/12 Correspondence





    61/12 Finance.


    The Clerk drew attention to a new national agreement on Civil Service rates of pay. He suggested that he discuss this with the Chairman and make this an agenda matter for the next meeting.


    Payments of:





    were approved.


    62/12 Public Participation. None present.


    63/12 Questions councillors may wish to raise.


    The Chairman - asked about a response from Mr Cosgrove ref traffic management. The Clerk was asked to remind him.


    Mr Rigg – Noted the repairs to the streetlighting and asked about repainting the telephone box. The Clerk would contact BT.


    64/12 Date of next meeting . Tuesday 8 th October 2013


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