Ponsonby Parish Council Minutes - June 2014

  • Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held at 7.00pm in Calderbridge Village Hall on 10 th June 2014.

    Present: Mr R Stewart, Mr D Birks, Mr G Crayston, Mr A Rigg, Mr R Jones, DA Polhill (Clerk)


    47/14 Apologies : Mr Munro Declarations of Interest None.


    48/14 Acceptance of the last meeting minutes (13 th May 2014). These were approved with 2 text amendments. Under ’Questions’ Mr Jones said that the drain was on Mr Clarkson’s land (not garden), and Mr Birks said that he words ‘on line’ should be added for clarification regarding the keeping of records.


    49/14 Matters arising from previous meeting .




    50/14 Parish Council Representation




    51/14 Correspondence





     52/14 Finance a) Payments requested:


    Clerk’s salary and expenses. (14/5/2014 – 10/6/2014) £95.21 Cheque No 100451.


    Solway Recycling £300.00 for a new seat Cheque no 100450


    HMRC for PAYE £19.20 Cheque No 100452


    b) Annual Audit. The Clerk said that the Auditor had posed 2 questions regarding the Annual Return to which he had responded following discussion with Mr Stewart. The first concerned the increase in staff costs which were mainly caused by an increased number of meetings on Flooding and Wind Turbines and the second question again drew attention to the high level of reserves. These had deliberately been retained as the downstream costs for the Parish Plan were unknown. The council had also benefited from the lower than anticipated costs of repairing/maintaining the council assets.



    Balance of accounts at 20 th May 2014 :- £16443.67



    53/14 Public participation – Open session for members of the public to ask questions. There were no members of the public present.



    54/14 Questions councillors wish to raise.


    Mr Rigg – Asked if any progress had been made regarding painting the telephone box. The Clerk said that to date he could not find anyone in BT to respond to his request; he would try again.


    Mr Jones – Said that work on the shrubbery around the Village Hall, which had been contracted to Copeland BC, could not be done until the bird nesting season was over. He would contact them at the appropriate time.



    55/14 Date of next meeting. 8 th July 2014

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