Parish Council Minutes - January 2010

  • Minutes of meeting held 14th January 2010 in St Mary’s Church Hall - 7.00pm

    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Ancell, Gray, Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Norman; Mrs Balmer.

    1. Apologies: Mr Davies (Business),Mr Bailey (Prior engagement), Mr Wright ( Holiday), Mrs Gallery-Strong (Domestic).

    2. Declarations of interest . None

    3. Chairman's opening remarks. The Chairmanreferred to the recent appalling weather and its consequences for rural communities who were effectively left to fend for themselves, no road gritting being provided. A supply of salt/grit had now been acquired from the County Council and placed on the carpark, and residents were invited to help themselves. He also reported on the Nursery where substantial progress was being made; the plans had now been approved by LDNPA, though Buildings Regs approval from Copeland BC was still awaited. The Nursery Group were extremely grateful to Sellafield Ltd who were providing invaluable assistance both directly and via contract staff. It was agreed that the Parish Council would pay for the hire of rooms for the associated meetings.

    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 9th December 2009. These were approved (Proposed Dr Hutson, seconded Mr Jacob). Also approved, following 2 agreed amendments (suggested by Mr Gray), were the minutes of the special meeting of 29 th December 2009, held to discuss the potential sites for future village development, part of the LDNPA Local Development Forum (LDF); (Proposed Mr Norman, seconded Dr Hutson).

    Matters arising from the meeting of 29 th December.

    Dr Hutson said that since the meeting of 29 th December he had concluded that another potential site was that area of land running from behind the old (Riggs) garage to the carpark, which if developed could provide a footpath from the centre of the village to Denton Park and beyond, by-passing the main road. The landowner would need to be consulted.

    Mr Norman said that he had discussed the potential use of the land to the south of Lanthwaite and the landowner was not keen to see this developed. However the landowner of the area behind Spout House had agreed to give this site some consideration.

    A public meeting to inform and seek views from residents had been arranged for Wednesday, 20 th January at 7.00pm in the Public Hall.

    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Generate Risk Assessment procedure. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk Action ongoing.

    2. Provide suggestions for Listed Buildings Register. Action – Mr Norman Action ongoing.

    3. Consult National Trust ref Honesty Box. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – The Clerk now had a contact.

    4. Negotiate with solicitors ref Playing Field Trust. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – discussions to continue with Solicitors.

    5. Copy LDNPA Charter to all councillors. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing- awaiting final version from LDNPA.

    6. Re-examine and format ‘Business List’. Action – Dr Hutson, Mr Davies, Mrs Balmer Action ongoing.

    7. Prepare Action Plan etc. ref new Play Equipment. Action – Mrs Gallery-Strong Action ongoing.

    8. Write to BT ref adoption of the Wellington telephone box. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    9. Discuss with Copeland BC possible floodlighting on carpark. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing.

    10. Arrange special meeting for 30 th December. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    11. Draft suitable letter of protest to Sellafield Ltd ref travel policy. Action – Dr Hutson, Mr Davies Action complete – Although no reply had been received it was known that Sellafield Ltd. were in liaison with local businesses.

    12. Copy Neighbourhood Forum minutes, Partnership Work Programme and Peel Place Liaison minutes to all councillors. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    13. Take up Fell View licensing issues with LDNPA and Copeland BC. Action ongoing. Action – Mr McKinley (LDNPA), Mr Jacob ( Copeland BC)

    14. Put Parish Plan on January agenda. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    15. Copy WCSSG H&S sub committee press release to all councillors. Action complete. Action – The Clerk

    6. Financial Matters.

    a) The monthly statement was approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Dr Hutson).

    b) Mr Jacob, as Chairman of the Public Hall Committee, raised the matter of a 4-year maintenance contract for the stairlift (Cost £545) and asked if the Parish Council would arrange this as it would save money in the longer term and give a guaranteed service. This was agreed.

    7. Main Business

    a) Future Liaison with Gosforth School. It was agreed that closer liaison would be of value to both the School and the Parish Council and The Clerk was asked to write to the Chairman of the Governors to invite him and the Headmaster to discuss the matter further, including the appointment of a member to the Governors’ Board.

    b) Request for Donations to Air Ambulance & Flood Fund. After some discussion it was agreed that a donation of £50 (Proposed Mr Norman, seconded Mr Jacob) should be sent to the Air Ambulance Fund, in addition offering them some space for advertising appeals in What’s On and also the web-site if possible. An appropriate article would be included in What’s On publicising the charity and highlighting the contribution by the Parish Council.

    It was decided not to contribute to the Flood Fund.

    c) Parish Plan. Mr Gray said that he had had to cancel the last meeting due to the adverse weather and there still remained a considerable amount of analysis to be done before the plan could be finalised. He estimated several months work remained.

    d) Nuclear ‘New-build’. The Chairman said that he, The Clerk, and 2 other members (Dr Hutson and Mrs Gallery-Strong) had attended the public meeting at the Sellafield Centre on the previous evening. This had been arranged by DECC to obtain views regarding the use of the land (referred to as the Sellafield site) adjacent to the present Sellafield complex, for the siting of a nuclear power station. In general there was no opposition from the floor to the proposal in principle, but it was made very clear that this support was conditional on substantial improvements being made to the transport infrastructure (particularly the roads but also including the rail links) before any construction work started. The other main issue was the one of transmission infrastructure where concerns were raised regarding the use of supergrid pylons in close proximity to, or even through, the National Park. There was considerable agreement from the floor that underground and/or undersea transmission should be given priority, although it was recognised that this would incur substantial cost implications. Note: The LDNPA has already made clear to DECC that pylons are unacceptable within the National Park.

    Despite the meeting being about the Sellafield site, comments were made concerning the other 2 potential sites in the area – Braystones and Kirksanton. There was total opposition from the floor for use of the Braystones site. There was a mixed response regarding the Kirksanton site where the residents of the area were totally opposed but Millom Town Council supported the venture, because of the jobs which it would attract and create.

    The Chairman then asked for views from members. There was agreement that use of the Sellafield site should be supported with the conditions outlined at the public meeting in reference to the infrastructure being paramount. Emphasis was also placed on ensuring that, if a decision was made to develop more than 1 site, construction must be phased so that development of more than 1 site did not take place in parallel. This was to minimise the impact of construction on the infrastructure and the local communities. Also maximum use of the rail network should be made for the movement of materials and personnel both during any construction and eventual operation.

    Regarding the other 2 sites the council opposed the use of that site for nuclear new-build and fully supported the Braystones residents in their opposition to it. With regard to the Kirksanton site, the council was somewhat split between the advantages that development of a nuclear site would bring much-needed jobs to the area and the loss of amenity to the local residents, proximity to the National Park and the impossibility of any meaningful mitigation. As it was known that there was some difference of opinion within the potential site area regarding the siting of a power station, any final decision should rest with that community.

    The Chairman said that he and The Clerk would produce a draft response to the consultation which would be forwarded to members for comment. He also stressed that any individual could make comments if they wished.

    8. Planning Matters. None.

    9. Correspondence.

    Friends of Lake District – O/H Lines news. Noted.

     R Wright – MRWS meeting report. To be copied to all councillors.

    Clerk’s Magazine. Mr McKinley.

    St Mary’s Churchyard – Site meeting (17-11-2009) report. To be copied to all councillors. Dr Hutson said that it had been disclosed that the Glebe Field was not owned by the PCC but by the Diocesan Board. There was also a covenant on the land which favoured Bradbury House and restricted any development.

     CCC – Minerals & Waste policy. Noted.

    Marfax – Catalogue. Noted.

    RWE – Letter. Noted.

    FLAG – Newsletter. Dr Hutson, Mr McKinley.

    e-mails – Forwarded to all councillors.

    MRWS newsletter. South Copeland Tourism info.

    Road closure – Birker Fell. Nuclear New-build circular.

    Being a good neighbour. Copy J Reed letter ref Freeview.

    WC Hospital – New web-site. CRUG Minutes 18/11/09.

    5 Rivers group meeting notes. Dispatches magazine.

    Flood Recovery info. MRWS Work Programme.

    Peel Place Liaison minutes. CALC circular Dec/Jan.


    10 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.

    11 Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Mrs Balmer – Referred to problems with getting street lights repaired.???????

    She also raised the issue of the provision of salt bins. The Clerk said that when he discussed this previously with the County Council they said that if sufficient space was provided they would provide and supply a salt bin. They would not generally tip salt without a bin due to complaints about the damage it did to grass/ hedges etc. It was agreed to see if some accommodation for bins could be provided for eg. Denton Park and Meadowfield estates.

    Mr Ancell – Asked whether individual members of the council could be held responsible if say, someone was injured by slipping on the carpark and they alleged that it had not been gritted satisfactorily. The Clerk advised that it was the council and not individuals who would be responsible.

    Mr Norman – Reported that it had been necessary to close the toilets due to frozen pipes but he would get them reinstated as soon as the weather improved.

    Dr Hutson - Reported that he had received complaints from residents that the footpath from Bigrigg to Whitehaven had been gritted when no gritting whatever had been done in Gosforth village. The Clerk said that he thought that it would be the Highways Agency who had done this as they are responsible for the trunk roads but it was decided to raise this with the MP.

    12 Representatives Reports. Dr Hutson summarised and provided some words of explanation in relation to the WC Stakeholders Group Press Release. It is possible to distinguish between discharges of radioactive materials from different sources, and at different times, by analysing the profile of the various isotopic components. Hence the substantial discharges of Uranium made in the past from the old Marchon Works can be differentiated from any Sellafield discharges.

    13 In Camera. None

    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 8.45pm.


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