Parish Council Minutes - December 2009

  • Minutes of meeting held 9th December 2009 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.00pm

    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. McKinley (Chairman), Jacob, Norman, Davies; Mrs Gallery-Strong.

    1. Apologies: Mr.Ancell & Mrs Balmer (Family commitments), Mr Gray & Mr Wright ( Holiday)

    2. Declarations of interest . None.

    3. Chairman's opening remarks. The Chairman introduced WPC Fran Hoggarth to give her monthly report. There had been a total of 18 incidents during November. Anti-social behaviour 5 (3 in The Square and 2 on Meadowfield); Crime 4 (2 Thefts, 1 Domestic Assault and 1 Criminal Damage); Road Traffic 4 (1 Collision); Miscellaneous 5 (eg Reports of Lamping etc). The Chairman thanked WPC Hoggarth for coming when she was off-duty and she duly left the meeting.

    The Chairman then introduced Mairi Locke & Andrew Smith from LDNPA, Judith Derbyshire from Cumbria Rural Housing Trust (CRHT) and Laurie Priebe, Strategic Housing Manager from Copeland BC.

    Judith gave a summary of the work done to date and emphasised that her remit was concerned with ‘Affordable’ housing although other valuable data came out of the survey. It was judged that there were 17 people in the parish who qualified under the present needs criteria. This number was split into 3 now; 3 within 12 months; 5 within 3 years; and 6 within 5 years.

    Mairi & Andrew updated the meeting on the changes in policy which the LDNPA were making to improve accessibility to ‘Local’ homes ie. Local homes for local people, as well as recognising the affordability aspect. To this end they wanted to work closely with Parish Councils. Changes to the LDNPA housing policy have been proposed and included  in the LDF Core Strategy and, subject to a successful outcome of the "examination in public" by HM Planning Inspectorate, will take effect only in September 2010.

    Laurie explained the role of Copeland BC who were the Strategic Housing Authority and how they could be of assistance in getting housing schemes up and running in particular through the use of Housing Trusts.

    What was absolutely crucial was for people who wanted housing or to move house eg for downsizing, but stay in the parish, to get their names on the Housing Register. The other crucial factor was to identify suitable housing sites and to this end LDNPA were presently consulting parishes on this matter, including other sites for industry, business and recreation. The Chairman thanked the visitors for their attendance and asked The Clerk to arrange a special meeting of the council to discuss this very important issue.

    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 11th November 2009. These were approved (Proposed Dr Hutson, seconded Mr Jacob). Also approved for inclusion in the minutes was the note for the record of the meeting with DECC officers on MRWS.

    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Generate Risk Assessment procedure. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk Action ongoing.

    2. Provide suggestions for Listed Buildings Register. Action – Mr Norman Action ongoing.

    3. Consult National Trust ref Honesty Box. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – The Clerk now had a contact.

    4. Negotiate with solicitors ref Playing Field Trust. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – discussions continue with Solicitors.

    5. Obtain plans of sewerage system. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    6. Write to interested parties ref Allotments. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    7. Copy LDNPA Charter to all councillors. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing- awaiting final version from LDNPA.

    8. Re-examine and format ‘Business List’. Action – Dr Hutson, Mr Davies, Mrs Balmer Action ongoing.

    9. Prepare Action Plan etc. ref new Play Equipment. Action – Mrs Gallery-Strong Action complete – Action Plan tabled. Discussion would be carried forward to the January meeting.

    10. Discuss possibility of funding for Play Equipment with LDNPA. Action complete – Details given to Mrs Gallery-Strong. Action – Mr McKinley

    11 Assess BT proposal to adopt the Wellington telephone box. Action – Mr Jacob Action complete – The residents of Wellington wished to purchase and if possible retain it as a working telephone. The Clerk was asked to inform BT appropriately.

    12. Raise matter of signs for Boonwood – Wellington road with Mr Dell. Action complete – No response to date. Action – The Clerk

    13. Inform Copeland BC of precept requirements. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    14. Prepare a list of questions on MRWS for Neighbourhood Forum meeting. Action complete. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk

    15. Write to Cumbria CC ref Minerals & Waste consultation. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    16. Discuss note of DECC meeting with Mr Mortimer. Action – The Clerk Action complete – Note copied to all councillors.

    17. Inform LDNPA of planning application decisions. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    18. Refer ‘Social Care’ consultation to Bradbury House. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    19. Put Air Ambulance donation on January agenda. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    20. Inform Cumbria Highways ref Ellerslie hedge. Action – The Clerk Action complete. No longer necessary – hedge has been cut back.

    21. Discuss with Mr Norman & Mr Jacob possible floodlighting on carpark. Action – The Clerk Action complete. Decided that any lighting positioned on the toilet block would be more of a nuisance than being effective but discussions have been arranged with Copeland BC.

    22. Report blocked carpark drains to Copeland BC. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    23. Report out-of date bus time-table to Cumbria CC. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    24. Put ‘Liaison with School’ on future agenda. Action – The Clerk Action complete - on January agenda.

    25. Contact Mr Thomas ref Mid-Boonwood Farm footpath. Action – The Clerk Action complete – matter taken up with LDNPA via Mr Thomas.

    26. Deal with Public Hall lease. Action – The Clerk Action complete – Solicitors were drawing up the lease.

    6. Financial Matters.

    Monthly Financial Statement. (Mr Norman declared an interest). The statement was approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Mrs Gallery-Strong).

    7. Main Business.

    a) LDNPA consultation on sites for Housing, Business, Recreation etc. It was considered that a special meeting was necessary to discuss this which would be arranged by The Clerk.

    b) HMG consultation on Nuclear Policy. (Mrs Gallery-Strong declared an interest). The Chairman said that he and The Clerk would draft a response after details had been forwarded to all members.

    c) Sellafield Travel Policy (Effect on local Business). Mr Davies (who declared an interest), at the request of the Chairman, outlined the knock-on effects and difficulties that the policy had brought on local businesses of all types. It was decided that a suitable letter should be sent to Sellafield Ltd. Dr Hutson would provide The Clerk with a draft response.

    8. Planning Matters

    a) New building to replace Gosforth Nursery

    b) New septic tank system – Thistleton

     No objections were raised for either application.

    The Clerk reported that: A new agricultural building at Bengarth, Refurbishment of the Warden’s bungalow at 7-Acres, The extension at 2 Bleng View and Installation of Photo-voltaic cells on the School roof, had all been approved by LDNPA, and The installation of security fencing at Newton Manor, had been approved by Copeland BC.

    9. Correspondence.

    Neighbourhood Forum minutes. To be copied to all members.

    MRWS Partnership Work program – Feb 2010. To be copied to all members

     Peel Place Liaison meeting minutes. To be copied to all members

     Sewerage plans. Passed to Mr Norman for the Working Group

     LDNPA Planning decisions. Recorded in Item 8 above

     CALC – Advice ref charity contributions. To be discussed at the January meeting

     Cumbria Flood Bulletin. Sent to all members

     J Reed MP –Reply ref Freeview. Noted that Mr Reed was attempting to get increased Freeview coverage for Copeland/Cumbria

     3 rd Sector census. Noted that this information was already available from the Charity Commission and no further action would be taken

     A595 alternative route – Reply from C/M Area Committee. Noted

     Fell View site. The Chairman had received a letter from a resident of Fell View asking for information regarding the suggestion that more chalets could be placed on the existing green spaces. He would take this matter up with the LDNPA. Mr Jacob was asked as District Councillor to find out from Copeland BC why, and on what basis, the number of units approved on the licence had been increased from 78 to 85.

    10. Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.

    11. Questions Councillors wish to raise. None

    12. Representatives Reports. Mrs Gallery-Strong gave an update on the Parish Plan and highlighted some areas where further input and discussion was required. The Chairman said that this would be a main agenda item for January.

    Dr Hutson tabled the minutes of the WCSSG Health & Safety sub committee. The Clerk was asked to circulate these.

    13. In Camera. None

    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.25pm.


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