Parish Council Minutes - November 2011

  • Minutes of meeting held 9th November 2011 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.00pm


    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Gray, Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Rae, Walton; Mrs Jackson, Mrs Gallery-Strong.


    1. Apologies: Ancell, Wright (Work commitments); Norman ( Holiday).


    2. Declarations of interest . None


    3. Chairman's opening remarks. None


    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 12th October 2011. These were approved (Proposed Mr Gray, seconded Mr Walton).


    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Check extent of Council insurance ref Jubilee Event. Action – The Clerk

    Action ongoing.


    2. Follow up costs with Mr Garner for alternative scheme for Carpark lighting. Action ongoing. Action – The Clerk

    3. Speak to Mr Shubrook ref Gosforth Hill footpath. Action – Mr Norman.

    Action ongoing.


    4. Assess interactive mapping service. Action – Mr Wright

    Action ongoing


    5. Respond to Boundary Commission consultation. Action – The Clerk

    See item 7d below.


    6. Refer Playing Field insurance issues back to the P’Fields Committee.Action ongoing. MrNorman


    7. Get copy of TRO map from Mr Melville. Action – The Clerk

    Action ongoing.


    8. Check with Community Police ref Neighbourhood Watch. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – Information to be passed on to councillors.


    9. Deal with Solicitor ref P’Field . Action – Mr Norman, The Clerk

    Action complete.


    10. Obtain correct information ref Allocation of Land. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – See Item 7b below.


    11. Ask Mr Melville to assess road signing at Herman’s Hill. Action – The Clerk Action complete.


     6. Financial matters


    a) Monthly Financial Report. This was approved (Proposed Dr Hutson,

    seconded Mr Gray)



    b) 2012-13 budget. The Clerk said he had put this on the agenda to remind members that when Mr Norman returned from holiday a meeting of the Finance Committee would be convened to consider and draft a budget for 2012-13. He asked that any members who had ideas or requirements for inclusion in the budget should forward them in advance of the said meeting. Matters such as The Cycleway, Publication of the Parish Plan, The Bleng Forest project had already been identified.


    7. Main Business

    a) Access to Bleng Forest. The Chairman and Clerk reported on a meeting with residents on the Bleng Forest access lane (T&I Ostle and L&M Bush) to discuss their reaction to the proposal, as part of the Bleng Crossings project, to upgrade the status of the lane (Wellington – The Forest carpark) from a footpath to a bridleway. The proposal was met with disapproval by both parties, though less so by the Bushes who felt that proper enforcement of the Bridleway status would be a necessary requirement. The Ostles claimed ownership of the majority of the lane (as far as the small bridge) and both parties had concerns over any potential increase in traffic, in particular motor vehicles and horse-riders. The Chairman said that legally, ownership of the road did not prevent re-classification but it was agreed that advice should be sought from LDNPA for clarification. Mr Walton said that there had been another meeting of the project group at which a substantial reduction in project costs for the bridges had been identified although these still required finalising. The group was anxious to set up a public meeting to inform and seek views of the public and this would be arranged at a convenient date in the near future, probably the 1 st week in December.

    b) LDNPA Allocation of Land. It was noted on the revised map that 3 areas remained for consideration - X151 on Hardingill Hill; X455 behind Spout House; and X1005 infill between Ellerslie Park and Walkmill Gardens. LDNPA had previously been informed of the council’s opposition to any development at X151, it remained neutral to X455 as the council was unsure of the acceptance by the landowner, and considered X1005 to fit in with the ‘infill’ concept for future development of the village. In all cases its comments made previously regarding adequate sewerage, flood protection and other infrastructure having to be in place before any development still prevailed. The council was somewhat concerned that an anonymous person had copied the associated map and distributed it in the Ellerslie Park area together with an attached notice, asking residents to object to all the proposals, without ever bothering to contact anyone from the council or to find out what the real purpose of the consultation was.

    c) Potential Closure of Frizington Tip. The Clerk said that Mr Wright had asked him to raise this matter as he considered thatthe alternative waste disposal sites at Millom and Workington were extremely inconvenient to residents of our area. With the large distances to travel to these facilities (and in the case of Millom via an appalling road) it was inevitable that there would be an increase in local fly-tipping. It was believed that the County Council were considering the provision of a new waste disposal site at Lillyhall which would serve the Whitehaven/Workington area. It was agreed to write to the County Council requesting them not to close down the Frizington site until an alternative site was in operation.

    d) Boundary Commission issues (Parliamentary & County Council). At the request of the Chairman Mr Gray was asked to outline the various Parliamentary boundary options which had been suggested. It was commonly agreed that creating a new Copeland constituency which linked Whitehaven with Windermere (proposed by the Boundaries Commission) was ridiculous, with the attendant differences between the 2 areas in culture and environment, and the lack of any linking communication route. Suggestions had been put forward by the local political parties which encompassed the majority of the West Cumbria coastal area. It was envisaged that a constituency which amalgamated Whitehaven and Workington districts, and another constituency based on Barrow, Furness and the rural areas to the north, with the boundary between the 2 constituencies being the River Calder, would serve the interests of those in rural areas better, or at least no worse, than in the past. Another possible benefit was that if the boundary between the 2 constituencies was maintained at the River Calder, 2 MP’s would, by definition, have a concerned interest in Sellafield and any associated development.


    Regarding the Divisional boundaries for the County Council there was a suggestion that the present Gosforth division should be altered by (essentially) the removal of Ennerdale Parish and replacing it with Seascale Parish. The division would then consist of the parishes of Seascale, Ponsonby, Beckermet, Lowside Quarter, Netherwasdale, Gosforth, and Haile. It was considered in general that this arrangement was more logical and could serve the local area better than that at present in place. However several members felt that they would like more time to consider the options for both Parliamentary and County Council boundaries and The Chairman said that he and The Clerk would assemble a suitable paper for comment and would generate a response based on the comments received. Any conclusions would have to be submitted before the next council meeting due to the closure date of the consultation period.


     8. Representative's reports.


    Mrs Jackson – Reported on progress with the Newsletter, the draft of which was virtually complete, and she would e-mail copies to members for final comment. The plan was to have copies printed and ready for distribution by ?? December. The Clerk said he would provide the members distribution lists which had been used previously and as agreed earlier copies to the outlying areas would be posted. The Chairman asked that that thanks to Mrs Jackson for her efforts should be recorded in the minutes.


    Dr Hutson – Reported on the meeting with LDNPA concerning the application for a development of 3 houses in the garden of Roundstones. The LDNPA members were on a fact-finding mission, the application would be dealt with by the Development & Control Committee. Significant issues were the potential for flooding and the existing covenant. The application was for outline permission only. Many of the comments made by the Parish Council to the original application were not relevant to outline planning but would be taken into account when detailed planning consent was sought.


    Mr Gray – Said that the last group meeting had been postponed due to illness of the Sustrans officer. It was now scheduled for 28 th November. Mr Rae said that although the County Council had expressed support for the scheme there was no evidence that it was included in any budget and a decision on funding was essential by 12 th February 2012.


    Mr Gray – Referring to the Parish Plan said that he was in the process of producing a forward plan based on the returns from the consultation and the recent ranking exercise. Mr Rae offered his assistance.


    Mrs Gallery-Strong – Said that the School Governors were still considering how to deal with the parking issues. In discussion from the meeting it was said that since the vast majority of problems were caused by the parents themselves it might be opportune to initiate some form of education programme, eg by encouraging walking to School to reduce the large number of vehicles who park (sometimes illegally) at or adjacent to the School.



    9. Planning Matters


    a) Harecroft Hall – Conversion to dwelling. There were no objections but The Clerk was asked to comment to LDNPA that there should be no relaxation from the ‘Single Accommodation’ status.


    b) 68 Meadowfield – Single storey extension. No objection.


    c) Bank Garage. The Chairman and Clerk reported on a meeting held earlier in the day with Cumbria County Council and United Utilities officers to resolve concerns regarding the discharge of sewage and surface water from the Bank Garage development. Initial proposals would have resulted in total closure of the Main Street for an indeterminate period for the sewage connection, and although wayleave had been agreed for installation of surface water discharge pipework across the Public Hall rear carpark there were concerns that any addition to the present discharge would create further problems in the Meadowfield Grove/Hallbeck Place area. Suitable discharge routes (via the Hall carpark) were identified which negated the necessity to close Main Street and also diverted the surface water directly into Hall Beck, therefore not adding to the present problems. This solution would result in some loss of use of the Hall carpark while the pipework was being installed, and the developer agreed to liaise with the Chairman of the Public Hall Committee to minimise disruption. The Clerk said he had written to Ms Schofield to inform her of the outcome as she had raised the matter as part of the Lands Allocation consultation and written to the council accordingly.



    10 Correspondence.

    CALC – MRWS conference 7 th January 2012. Noted.

     CCC – Minerals & Waste consultation. The Clerk explained that the results of the consultation had been submitted by the County Council to Government where they were subject to a legal challenge which was upheld. The net result was that the consultation had to be repeated. It was agreed that the comments made previously should still stand and the County Council would be informed accordingly.

     Ruth Schofield – Letter on sewerage issues. See Item 9c above.

     CBC – Invitation to conference. Noted.

     Cumbria Community Foundation – Annual review. Noted.

     CCC Highways – New team in place. Noted.

    CBC – Request for details of empty housing. Members were asked to send any details to The Clerk for onward transmission.

     Neighbourhood Watch. The Clerk said he had received details on the scheme from the Community Police. He would copy this to all members.



    11 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.



    12 Questions Councillors wish to raise.


    Mr Walton – Said that he had received reports ofcars being driven across the Playing Field. It was known that Mr Millard had recently installed suitably placed large stones which should have prevented said behaviour. This may have been after the reported offences. It was agreed to monitor the situation before considering additional measures.


    Mr Jacob – Reported that part of the ceiling in the Library had collapsed necessitating the closure of the children’s area until repairs could be effected.



    13 In Camera. None.



    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.20pm.

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