Parish Council Minutes - July 2014

  • Minutes of meeting held 9th July 2014 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.30pm




    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Ancell, Gray, Jacob, McKinley, Norman (Chairman), Parker, Walton; Mrs Gallery-Strong.


    3 members of the public also attended.


    1. Apologies: Mr Rae, Mr Wright


    2. Declarations of interest . None


    3. Chairman's opening remarks. On behalf of the council the Chairman congratulated Mr McKinley on his appointment as Chairman of the LDNPA. He also said that an analysis had been made of attendance at meetings. The situation was that average attendance was 7- 8 members. There were particular problems when special/additional meetings were called and on two occasions the meeting was only just quorate. He reminded members that they should inform The Clerk well in advance if they could not attend.

    As the members of the public present wished to comment on road safety issues the Chairman said that he would include them in the discussion under Action 5.5 which was relevant.


    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 11th June 2014. These were approved – (Proposed Mr Gray, seconded Mr McKInley).


    5. Actions arising from the minutes.


    1. Check with LDNPA if PC’s are informed about planning appeals. Action – Mr McKinley.

    Action ongoing – Mr McKinley was pursuing clarification on the process.

    2. Discuss carpark land ownership issues with Copeland solicitor. Action – The Clerk.Action ongoing – The Clerk had responded to Mr Boyce and had received a reply which appeared to satisfy the council’s concerns regarding the terms of the Transfer Agreement and the Lease and also the uncertainty of the Land Registry documentation. Mr McKinley suggested that the council should now consult its solicitor for advice on the acceptabilityof the existing documents and whether it should proceed with the purchase of the carpark. This was agreed.

    3. Assess financial risks to PC should management involvement with the Pavilion become necessary.

    Action ongoing - to be dealt with at the next FC meeting. Action – The Finance Committee.

    4. Ascertain status of Guide Book distribution. Action – Mr Wright.

    Action complete – Mr Wright had written to The Clerk outlining the publishing/distribution system and where copies of the guidebook were currently available. It was felt that wider distribution was desirable and The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Jones accordingly. Further publicity for the guidebook would be included in What’s On and the web-site.

    5. Enquire from Mr Melville ref reinstatement of white/yellow lines. Action – The Clerk.

    Action ongoing. The Chairman asked the members of the public for their comments. In addition to the points raised in Mrs Campbell’s letters of 11 th June and 3 rd July particular reference was made to problems caused by farm traffic, wood lorries, the poor street lighting at the east end of the village, the placement of the 20mph speed limits, and the associated enforcement. The Chairman said that he had discussed this matter and other road safety issues with Mr Stewart (Chairman of Ponsonby PC) as both parishes had common issues. As a result a joint meeting had been held with County Highways engineers on 7 th July. The council had been promised a reply (by the end of July) of the status of the previously agreed Traffic Plan, including the associated road marking, and also a commitment to carry out a traffic survey(s) (by end of August) to check the effectiveness of the 20 mph limit.

     Specifially regarding wood lorries which were servicing felled woodlands in Wasdale, The Clerk had contacted the land agent who had agreed to request the contractor to try and avoid in- and out-muster School times.

     Street and/or footway lighting was a real problem area as responsibility was split between the County and District councils – Copeland District Council had already taken a decision that it would not maintain any lighting in future for which it was responsible. Some lighting had been removed as property owners did not wish to have it on their premises. The cost of provision of additional lighting columns was far outside the resources of the Parish Council but the council agreed to review the whole gamut of lighting ownership, access to electrical supplies, and the attendant road safety issues in the area between Ellerslie entrance and the Wellington junction.

     Regarding enforcement of speed limits, inconsiderate parking etc., responsibility was split between the Police – for speeding, obstruction of the highway, and immediate safety issues, and Allerdale District Council - for general parking offences, adherence to traffic restrictions etc. One of the outcomes of the joint meeting with Ponsonby PC (mentioned above) was that a meeting should be convened with the Police to discuss ways of trying to improve the present situation. Because of holiday commitments this had yet to take place but it was expected that arrangements would be made for some time in the first 2 weeks of August. Specifically in relation to farm traffic it was considered that the Community Police Support Officer could be approached to target this area of concern.

     Clerk’s Note: Also at the above mentioned joint PC meeting it was agreed that NDA would be contacted to provide answers to common issues which both PC’s had regarding the relationship between NDA and the adjoining parishes.

     6. Put Newsletter on July agenda Action – The Clerk

    Obtain details from PCC regarding production, editing, costs etc of its newsletter

    Action complete – See Item 7c below. Action – Dr Hutson

      7. Put ‘Toilets’ on July agenda Action – The Clerk

    Obtain information on toilets management, costs etc from St Bees and Seascale PC’s.

    Action complete – See Item 7b below. Action – The Clerk

      8. Respond to letter from Mrs Campbell. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – See Action 5.5 above.

      9. Approach Mr Hobson ref cleaning War Memorial. Action – Mr Gray

    Action complete – Mr Hobson had agreed to carry out the work.

     10. Consider provision of notice for carpark ref large vehicles etc. Action – Mr Norman

    Action complete - It was agreed to leave the existing notice in position and review the situation when the carpark transfer was completed.


    6. Financial Matters.

     a) Monthly Financial Report. This was approved - ( Proposed Dr Hutson, seconded Mr Walton).

     b) Feedback from the District Auditor. The Clerk reported that the audit had been completed satisfactorily and with no reservations or comments.


    7. Main Business.

     a) Grass-cutting. The Clerk tabled a map which showed the present areas which Copeland BC cut under contract; additional areas which were not marked were the Play Area on the Playing Field plus the Pavilion curtilage, and Harecroft Layby.

    b) Toilets. This matter had essentially been dealt with under Item 5.2 above.The Clerk said he had obtained information on running costs from St Bees PC but had not received anything from Seascale PC.

    c) Newsletter. Dr Hutson had obtained details (previously circulated to all members) regarding the PCC newsletter which was substantially produced in-house. Distribution was mainly to subscribers by volunteers .

      MrGray had put forward the following motion:

    That the council accept the offer of Trevor Preece to produce a joint magazine for Gosforth and Seascale including Drigg, if Drigg are prepared to join. The council will pay Trevor Preece the sum of £80 for each of three issues over a twelve month period. The magazine will be edited by an editor nominated by Trevor Preece and will have the names of all parishes involved on the front cover. This decision to be reviewed after 12 months.

     It was agreed after a vote (6 for, 3 abstentions) to support the motion. Funding would be from the reserves as no budget provision had been made. In response to a question Mr Gray said that 2 articles were available for the next issue in October. The Clerk was asked to inform Mr Preece accordingly.


    8. Representatives Reports.

     3-Tier meeting The Clerk reported that the main items discussed were:

    The Copeland Local Plan, which appeared to be confined to housing development only and ignored any parish which was linked with the National Park.

    The CCC Area Plan, which was a 5 priority plan (more a wish list) with no details on how it was going to be delivered.

    Footway lighting, maintenance of which remains at real risk from both tiers of local government, who seem to be waiting for Electricity NorthWest to agree some form of funding.

     The Sellafield Travel Plan, which appears to have hit the buffers with the exception of the links with Albion Square development.

    Broadband. Brian Kennish (Hub co-ordinator for mid-Copeland parishes) said that some 50% of properties were now enabled but there was only an 8% take-up. It was thought that the lack of advertising/promotion and the lack of clarity of which areas were actually serviced were relevant factors.


    9. Planning Matters. The Clerk reported that the following decisions had been made by LDNPA:

    a) 7/2014/4033 The Beeches – APPROVED

     b) 7/2014/4016 70 Meadowfield – APPROVED

     c) 7/2014/4038 75/76 Meadowfield - REFUSED

    d)Gosforth – Seascale Cycleway (CH/4/14/2265/0F1) . The Clerk tabled plans for the cycleway (Now called Viking Way). Following use of the checklist as a guide It was agreed that full support should be given and no objections raised. Mr Gray agreed to hold on to the plans.


     10. Correspondence.

     Site Stakeholders Group (EHS Committee) Press release; CALC Circular; CRUG Minutes; Radon report - Had All been circulated to members. Dr Hutson who was the council representative to this group volunteered to attend the main WCSSG meetings. The Clerk would inform the group secretary.

    Copeland BC Elections Office – Review of polling stations. The Clerk had responded accordingly. The Public Hall was deemed to be eminently suitable.


    11. Police Report. There had been 7 incidents reported in the period – 2 concerns for welfare; 1 criminal damage; 1 RTA; 2 anti-social behaviour incidents; and 1 ‘road related offence’. The lack of detail had already been noted and would be discussed with the Police at the forthcoming meeting (ref Item 5.5 above). Suggestions were made for trend information to be included, Location of RTA’s, feedback on Police policies or campaigns, and the commitment of the Police to community policing. The Chairman asked for any further suggestions to be passed on to The Clerk in readiness for the meeting.


     12. Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.


    13. Questions Councillors wish to raise.

     Dr Hutson – Asked whether the purchase and use of Speed-guns could be considered as a preventative measure in improving driver behaviour. The Clerk said that it was his understanding that this could only be arranged with the consent of the Police who would recommend the type of equipment needed and would only approve after specific training had been given. He would find out more details and this issue could be included in the discussions with the Police. It was noted that when this matter was raised before there were no volunteers, however Dr Hutson and Mr Jacob agreed to volunteer.

    Mr Ancell – a) Referred to the uncared for appearance of the Wheatsheaf Inn, the old Hairdressers and Copeland House. It was considered necessary to establish ownership of these premises before any action could be taken.

    b) Drew attention to the overgrown hedge on Whitecroft. The Clerk would write to Mr Ledgard who had arranged to cut it previously.

    c) Noted that there were no facilities for parking bicycles on the carpark and questioned whether they should be provided. This was an issue for the Carpark group to discuss.

    Mr Gray – a) Queried the status of the Jubilee Accounts. Mrs Gallery-Strong said that she had provided a summary of accounts to the council in May 2013. The Clerk confirmed that they had been received.

    b) Asked about progress on purchase of new seats. The Clerk said this was in hand and he would consult Mr Ancell regarding some details.


     14. In Camera. None.




    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.25 pm.



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