Parish Council Minutes - October 2014

  • Minutes of meeting held 8th October 2014 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.30pm


    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Gray, Jacob, Norman (Chairman), Walton, Ancell, Rae


    1. Apologies: Messrs., McKinley, Wright, Mrs Gallery-Strong,


    2. Declarations of interest .



    3. Chairman's opening remarks.



    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 9th July 2014. Mr Gray asked that the minute concerning the Bus Service, item 8a, be amended to read Service 6, not X6 as recorded. With that amendment the minutes were approved (Proposed Mr Walton, seconded Mr Gray)


    5. Actions arising from the minutes.


    1. Arrange meeting with council solicitor ref Carpark transfer. Action – The Clerk.

    Action ongoing.

    2. Assess financial risks to PC should management involvement with the Pavilion become necessary.

    Action ongoing – Next Finance Committee meeting. Action – The Finance Committee.

    3. Obtain ownership details ref Wheatsheaf etc. Action – Mr Ancell

    Action complete. The Wheatsheaf is now owned by a local Contracting Firm

    4. Arrange purchase of seat for carpark. Action – The Clerk.

    Action ongoing.

    5. Check insurance details ref painting of toilets and place order if satisfactory.

    Action ongoing. Action – The Clerk.

    6. Inform Nursery of decision ref fireworks. Action – The Clerk.

    Action complete – via Mr Walton.

     7. Put information on Vodaphone 3G on web-site. Action – The Clerk.

    Action complete

    8. Write letter of support ref Parish Council trading. Action – The Clerk.

    Action complete

    9. Put ‘Planning information’ letter on next agenda. Action – The Clerk.

    Action complete

    10. Put Supergrid consultation on next agenda. Action – The Clerk.

    Action complete

    11. Provide newsletter article on bus services. Action – Mr Gray.

    Action complete

    12. Request information on traffic counts from Mr Reeves. Action – The Clerk.

    Information passed on to Mr Rae & Mrs Gallery-Strong, Clerk to provide copies to all Members

    13. Provide newsletter article on parish news. Action – Mr Walton.

    Action complete


    6. Financial matters.


    a) Monthly Financial Report . Mr Norman expressed an interest. Additional spends incurred, which would be reflected on the next report, were £616.18 for grass cutting, and £8.40 to Tynedale. In addition the Chairman had purchased a Mop and two light bulbs at a cost of £7.98, for which he was reimbursed.

    The report was approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Mr Gray).


    7. Main Business.


    a) Supergrid Response . After discussion it was agreed that the Parish Council did not wish to respond, but that individual members were welcome to do so.


    b) Closure of HSBC Bank. The Bank would close for business on 12th December 2014. In discussion the following points were raised

    It was agreed that the Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman, would draft a strong latter with the salient points for the Chairman to send, and that a copy be placed on the Noticeboards.


    c) Planning Information Letter After discussion minor amendments were agreed to the letter, for the Clerk to amend in consultation with the Chairman The amendment would read something like "you are invited to attend the meeting and if you have any views on the application you will be given an opportunity to speak by the Chairman."

    The amended letter was adopted by a majority vote of the Council


    Dr Hutson left the meeting at this point.


    8. Representative's reports.


    a) Enforcement of 20mph speed limit. Mr Rae reported on the traffic count and his analysis of the data. The analysis demonstrated that a significant number of motorists are exceeeding the 20 mph speed limit through the village. Mr Rae believed that the data would underpin a sound business case for a traffic improvement scheme, and had arranged to meet with Kevin Cosgrove to discuss the options. Mr Rae also undertook to further explore the data to identify an appropriate time window when police action would be most effective.


    b) Broadband Progress Meeting. Mr Jacob had attended a meeting with BT and Mr Kennish to understand the progress made by BT. The Holmrook Exchange was now Fibre Enabled. Three Mini boxes would be installed in Gosforth, near Riggs Garage (serving upto 350 properties), on Meadowfield ( serving upto 136 properties) and at Petton Place (serving upto 100 properties). Rollout was scheduled between now and mid 2015. Maximum speed would be 24 Mbyte/ second.


    9. Planning Matters.



    10 Correspondence.



    11 Police Report. 4 Suspicious Incidents, 1 Concern for Welfare, 1 Road Traffic Collision, 1 Burglary, 2 Domestic Incidents, 1 Road Related Offence. The Chairman hoped that the presentation of the next report would be improved and provide more information, if not the Council would raise the matter again with Inspector Wear.


    12 Public Participation. None


    13 Questions Councillors wish to raise.


    Mr Walton – asked for pemission for the Nursery to attach a banner to the legs of the Council Noticeboard to advertise the Fireworks Display. This was agreed.

    Mr Jacob - reported that a local farmer in accessing a field above Wellington had damaged a field drain, which was causing muddy water to flow down the road into Wellington. The Chairman advised that this should be reported to the County Council.

    Mr Gray - asked whether our District Councillor could find out which street lights are at risk following Copeland Council's decision to withdraw maintenance services for crtain street lights. Mr Jacob undertook to find out.



    14 In Camera. None.


    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 8.41 pm.



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