Parish Council Minutes - July 2015

  • Minutes of meeting held 8th July 2015 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.30pm


    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Gray (After Item 5), Jacob, McKinley, Norman (Chairman), Walton,


     1. Apologies : MrRae, Mr Parker


    2. Declarations of interest . None


    3. Chairman's opening remarks. The Chairman introduced Steve Barnes from the Muncaster Microbus organisation. Steve outlined the transport problems within the Copeland area between Calderbridge and Bootle and the knock-on effects for an increasing number of residents, in particular in accessing health care. Within the area there were several volunteer service groups but there was a declining number of drivers and volunteers eg. co-ordinators. The purpose of his presentation was to increase awareness of the situation and hopefully attract more volunteers. The council agreed to put an appropriate message on its web-site and in What’s On and suggested that Steve provide a suitable piece for inclusion in the next edition of the combined parishes magazine.


    The Chairman, on behalf of the council, congratulated Mr McKinley on his re-election to LDNPA and his subsequently retaining the Chairman’s office.


    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 10th June 2015.

    These were approved (Proposed Mr Walton, seconded Dr Hutson).


    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Assess financial risks to PC should management involvement with the Pavilion become necessary. Action – The Finance Committee.

    Action ongoing – Next Finance Committee meeting.

    2. Respond to LDNPA ref planning applications for The Wheatsheaf and 1 Ellerslie Terrace. Action complete. Action – The Clerk

    3. Respond to Mr Haggin (LDNPA) ref The Beeches . Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    4. Raise election issues with the Returning Officer. Action – Mr Jacob

    Action complete.

    5. Follow up Police Report with PCSO Kane. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – See Note below Item 11.

    6. Put EA consultation on LLWR on next agenda. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – See Item 7a


    6. Financial matters

    a) Monthly Financial Statement. This was approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Mr McKinley)

    b) Annual Return – response from Auditor. The Clerk reported that the Auditors had given a clean report with no queries or comments.


    7. Main Business

     a) Environment Agency Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) consultation – Mr Walton said that he had reviewed the Environment Agency’s (EA’s) consultation paper and explained that i n 2013 LLWR Ltd submitted an application to vary its environmental permit to allow continued disposal of radioactive waste at the site. The LLWR currently has no permitted disposal capacity and all new waste received is being stored pending any further permission for disposal. The Environment Agency (EA) has previously consulted on the application which was supported by an environmental safety case (ESC) submitted in May 2011. Since then the EA has requested further work from LLWR to resolve a number of issues in the ESC, all of which are now closed out to the EA’s satisfaction. The EA are proposing to grant this application, which will also include other changes to allow LLWR to better manage the site, e.g. removing annual limits on the amount of radioactivity which can be disposed of. The EA are now consulting on their decision. The council noted that there was now an emphasis on the term ‘disposal’ rather than storage but agreed generally with the EA proposals and The Clerk was asked to respond accordingly.

     b) DECC Call for Evidence ref Communities. It was agreed that the council would generate a response via the Nuclear Group. The Clerk would make arrangements for a relevant meeting.

    8. Representative's reports.

     a) 3-Tier meeting. The Clerk said that he had attended and been surprised by presentations from National Grid and Electricity Northwest which indicated that currently their plans had no intention of strengthening the electricity supply infrastructure south of Seascale. It was known that Ravenglass, Bootle and Millom currently all experienced problems. This issue would be taken forward by CALC.


    9. Planning Matters

    a) 7/2014/4102, Wheatsheaf (re-submission). There was no objection to the changes to the structure but the parking arrangements which had been criticised by the Parish Council in the previous submission were considered worse and totally unacceptable, as even more reliance would be placed on using local carparks.

     b) 7/2015/4060, 90A Meadowfield, Extension. No objection.

     c) 7/2015/4054, Old Hallsteads, Greenhouse. No objection.

    d) 7/2015/4019, 76 Meadowfield. The Clerk said he had received notification that an appeal against the refusal by LDNPA had been lodged which would be dealt with via correspondence.

    The Clerk reported that the application (7/2015/4048) to develop an old garage into a dwelling at No1 Ellerslie Terrace had been withdrawn and that LDNPA planning approval had been given to:

    Erection of Implement store at Low Boonwood farm, 7/2015/4044

    Extension to 4 Gosforth Gate, 7/2015/4021

    Non-material amendment to remove sandstone lintels at The Beeches, 7/2015/4051

     Confirmation of compliance with planning condition ref colour of cladding material at Holme Lea, 7/2015/4031.


     10 Correspondence.

     Letter – from Mr Hordon. The Clerk said that the letter complained about damage and disturbance being caused by people when retrieving footballs which had been kicked into his garden. The matter had been raised with Mr Millard who had spoken to Mr Hordon. It was thought that the miscreants were not members of the Football Club. Short term the goal posts would be resited and the situation monitored.

    CCC – Consultation on Copeland Speed limits. The proposal within the parish was to restrict traffic speed on the A595 between Sally Hill and the north-bound lay-by at Ponsonby Lane End to 40 mph. The council agreed that it would support the changes as proposed as there wasn’t full agreement on whether the limit should be extended to be 40 mph all the way between Gosforth and Calderbridge.


    11 Police Report. There was no Police report available.


    Note: The report was received the following day and circulated to all members.

    Significant was that of the 9 incidents reported 8 involved motor vehicles, 7 of which were collisions with other vehicles or property; In addition 1 theft was reported - the good news being that the culprits were apprehended and the property recovered.


    12 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.


    13 Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Dr Hutson – Asked what the position was regarding parking at the Public Hall. The Chairman said that the notices remained in force but the situation concerning one local resident who had health problems had been resolved. It was noted that the Village Hall committee meeting was to be held on the following night and the parking issue was an agenda item. Dr Hutson said he could not attend: mr Jacob was unsure.

      He also drew attention to the footpath from the sub-station to Denton Park which was overgrown. The Clerk would raise this with Mr Davies.


    14 In Camera. None.


    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.00pm.


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