Parish Council Minutes - December 2015

  • Minutes of a meeting of Gosforth Parish Council held on Wednesday, 2 December 2015 at 7.30 pm in the Supper Room of Gosforth Public Hall


    Present: Cllrs Tyson Norman (Chair); David Ancell; David Gray; Graham Hutson; Alan Jacobs; Mike McKinley; Paul Turner; Chris Walton

    Apologies: Cllrs Ian Rae; Des Hobson; Graham Parker

    Also present: Jane Murray, Parish Clerk


    1. Declarations of Interest

    Minute No 5: Cllrs G Hutson and D Gray

    re: payment to photographer and did not participate in the decision

    Minute No 7: Cllr D Ancell

    re: a business interest with respect to some general car parking discussions (no decision required).


    2. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

    The Chairman took the opportunity to thank David Polhill, the outgoing Clerk, for his hard work and effort over many years. He paid tribute to the wealth of experience that David had brought to the role and wished him well in his house move. The remarks were supported by all those present.

    The Chairman introduced the new Clerk, Jane Murray.


    3. Minutes

    Resolved – that the minutes of the meeting held on 11 November 2015 be approved and signed as a correct record.

    (Proposed: Cllr A Jacob; Seconded: Cllr D Ancell)


    4. Actions Arising

    Facilitate contact between Mr Millard and Copeland Borough Council

    The Clerk




    LDNPA planning meeting (for Feb)

    The Clerk





    Rugby Club/Pavilion Matters

    (Financial Information had been received and maintenance costs were being pursued).

    G Parker; T Norman





    Library Lease (dates from 1962)

    C Walton; G Hutson



    5. Financial Matters

    Resolved –

    It was noted that, owing to the change-over of Clerks, that payment to the cleaner had been made in advance to the end of December and provision made for January.


    6. 2016-2017 Budget

    Resolved – that a finance committee meeting be convened for Wednesday 6 th January 2016 at 7.30pm, venue to be confirmed.

    Finance Committee membership was confirmed as:

    Cllrs T Norman; D Ancell; A Jacobs; G Hutson; P Turner and C Walton.

    The budget required to be submitted by the end of February 2015.


    7. Disabled Toilet


    Cllr D Ancell raised an issue over a fault with the disabled toilet, where a user had tipped over owing to the pan being unstable. Councillors were concerned to hear of the accident.

    Resolved – that immediate repairs to make safe the toilet be carried out

    . (Action: Cllr T Norman)

    For future discussion, it was requested that costs to potentially upgrade the disabled toilets be researched. (Action: Cllr P Turner)

    It was also requested, for future discussion, that some investigations be carried out into how the Lake District National Park Authority finance their toilets and car parks. (Action:Cllr M McKinley)


    Consideration of what improvements or maintenance might be required for the coming year should be included in the budget discussions of 6 January 2016.

    (Action since to inform future discussions: 48 Spaces (of which 2 disabled and 6 limited to 10 minutes).


    8. Future of the Library


    Cllrs C Walton and G Hutson had attended a meeting with Cumbria County Council (CCC) and local residents with respect to the future of the library in Gosforth. It was clear CCC wanted to reduce costs by the end of this financial year and alternative options were being proposed/considered.

    The cost of the lease currently amounts to £1,530 which is income for Gosforth Public Hall.

    Suggestions from local residents had been made about a volunteer service to carry on the library as a charity, making it a more attractive space, which might provide coffee facilities/machine etc. CCC was suggesting a replacement mobile service.

    CCC would not be leaving any computer equipment and it was noted that the broadband connection was not reliable. Useage figures were tabled which showed a range of 2-25 for a session.

    An offer had been received to circulate a leaflet in the Parish with Egremont Today, free of charge, should the Parish Council wish to arrange a wider meeting with local residents.

    During discussions, it was noted that there were two issues (albeit interconnecting):

    It was felt that a meeting would be helpful to gain the wider perspective of the Parish, and in particular the extent to which they would want to financially support the two above options as part of the Parish precept. This could potentially add between £3.50-5 per head.

    It was also noted that if the Parish Council were to support a local initiative, it would be dependent on local support and effort under an appropriate, volunteer project manager.

    Some initial discussion had been had with the neighbouring Parishes of Muncaster and Wasdale, who seemed amenable to discussing adjusting their own precepts to contribute to securing the service.

    Resolved –


    8. Representatives’ Reports

    Cllr G Hutson had attended the Environmental, Health and Safety Stakeholder Group meeting, and felt that the meeting had concluded that there was little of concern currently;

    Cllr P Turner had attended the Mayor of Copeland’s meeting, where the hospital, transport infrastructure and library issues were discussed, and the sheltered housing project at Bradbury House mentioned. There was little mention of rural issues. The Mayor did, however, say that business rates would go direct to Copeland Borough Council in 2020 under any devolution deal and that this would include Sellafield and Moorside. He expressed an interest in being invited to attend Parish Council Meetings;

    Cllr T Norman and the Clerk had attended a 3-tier meeting (County; Copeland and Parish). Copeland Borough Council had failed to attend. A final plan for future health services was thought to be near completion. Sellafield site transport infrastructure mapping had really been limited to site, with little progress being made to the local surrounding area thus far;

    As previously mentioned, Cllr T Norman had attended a meeting with the Playing Fields Committee in respect of the Pavilion and there was a need to keep a watching brief.

    Resolved – that the Mayor of Copeland be invited to attend a meeting of the Parish Council in June, July or September. (Action:Clerk – invite issued)


    9. Planning Applications

    CH/4/15/2456 addition to existing portal building at Hallsenna.

    Concerns were raised about any future development on the site owing to access, however were content with this particular application providing that the views of the local residents were taken into account by Copeland Borough Council.

    Wheatsheaf: the planning application had gone to appeal. It was agreed that there was little new to add, but that there was merit in writing to the Highways Authority, including photographs that had been taken, as it was felt that they didn’t recognise the problems envisaged with access on and off a bad bend.

    (Proposed by D Gray, Seconded by A Jacobs; Action: D Polhill)

    It was noted that approval had been given for a small porch on Fellview and that an appeal in respect of 76 Meadowfield had been rejected.


    10. Correspondence

    It was noted that a letter had been received from Copeland Borough Council’s Parks Department to confirm that there would be no increase in cost of their landscape delivery service in the coming year (currently £2,333.90 + VAT).


    11. Questions/Issues from Councillors

    Is it our job to inform County of a blown down tree on Meadowfield? In the interests of co-operation, yes, but it was felt that it was probably easier to report on the faults’ line.

    It was confirmed that the Parish Council could not charge rental for the space occupied by recycling bins on the car park,

    It was noted that there had not been any electricity outages during the recent storm;

    Another incident had taken place at the crossroads of the A595 with the B5344. It was suggested that evidence of such incidents be retained with a view to supporting improvements to the junction.

    It was noted that the possibility of underground cabling for the National Grid along the west coast would be at least considered, which it was felt was a step forward.


    12. In camera

    No items received.


    The meeting closed at 2130h


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