Parish Council Minutes - November 2013

  • Minutes of meeting held 27th November 2013 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.30pm


    Present : Messrs. Norman, Rae, Walton, Wright, DA Polhill (Clerk).

    Apologies: Dr Hutson; Mr McKinley; Mrs Gallery-Strong.


    In the absence of Mr McKinley who was recovering from an operation, Mr Norman took the Chair. Mrs Gallery-Strong, who could not attend due to illness, had sent her comments via Mr Walton.


    The meeting, which had been arranged at the previous council meeting held on 13 th November, had been set up to finalise the council’s response to the DECC ‘Review of the Siting Process for a GDF’ consultation. At that meeting a draft response had been considered which it was felt required some amendments. In the meantime Mr Wright and The Clerk had reworked the response and added an introduction, and submitted the new draft for consideration. The Chairman said that in order to make progress the meeting should take the new draft and concentrate on those areas where there were either differences of opinion or emphasis. Each section was addressed in turn, amendments being agreed as progress was made, or individuals invited to send their exact wording by e-mail to The Clerk for incorporation. By this means the document was agreed and approved.

    Following receipt of the e-mails (referred to above) agreement on the contents of the response was confirmed and the finalised document was subsequently submitted, together with a covering letter, to DECC on 1 st December. (Receipt has since been acknowledged).



    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.00pm.


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