Parish Council Minutes - January 2016

  • Minutes of a meeting of Gosforth Parish Council held on Wednesday, 20 th January 2016 at 7.30pm in St Mary’s Church Hall, Gosforth

    Present: Cllrs C Walton (Vice Chair, In the Chair); D Gray; D Hobson; G Hutson; P Turner

    Apologies: Cllrs T Norman (Chair); D Ancell; I Rae; M McKinley A Jacob; G Parker


    Also present: J Murray (Clerk)


    01/16 Chair’s Opening Remarks

      With respect to the practice of proposing and seconding:

    Resolved –


    02/16 Declarations of Interest

    Minute No 07/16: J Murray in her terms and conditions.


    03/16 Minutes and Matters Arising

     Resolved –