Parish Council Minutes - March 2012

  • Minutes of meeting held 14th March 2012 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.00pm


    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Ancell, Gray, Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Norman, Walton, Wright; Mrs Jackson, Mrs Gallery-Strong.+ 1 member of the public.


    1. Apologies: Mr Rae.

    2. Declarations of interest . None

    3. Chairman's opening remarks. The Chairman said that considerable time had been spent on preparing the response to the MRWS Partnership consultation and all members had received a copy of Above Derwent PC’s response. Several members had been involved with the Jubilee Events, Newsletter production, Parish Plan finalisation and printing, and the Bleng Crossings project.

    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 8th February 2012.

    These were approved (Proposed Mr Wright, seconded Dr Hutson)

    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Check extent of Council insurance ref Jubilee Event. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – a note from the Insurance Co. gave details of public, employer and volunteer liability cover. These were considered adequate.

    2. Follow up costs with Mr Garner for alternative scheme for Carpark lighting. Action ongoing. Action – The Clerk

    3. Speak to Mr Shubrook ref Gosforth Hill footpath. Action – Mr Norman.

    Action ongoing.

    4. Assess interactive mapping service. Action – Mr Wright

    Action complete.

    5. Refer Playing Field insurance issues back to the P’Fields Committee. Action ongoing – Awaiting a reply. Action - Mr Norman.

    6. Return marked street maps to The Clerk for collation. Action – All members

    Action complete – Mr Norman and The Clerk had collated the suggestions and a meeting with Mr Melville was being arranged.

    7. Send out Playing Field letters to neighbours. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – There had been no responses to date.

    8. Return any comments regarding 1 st draft of MRWS Report response to the Chairman and The Clerk. Action – All members

    Action complete – See Item 7a below.

    9. Copy minutes of Calc Executive meeting to all members. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    10. Copy Bleng Crossings meeting report to all members. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    11. Respond to NW air Ambulance letter. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    12. Respond to Bus Infrastructure information request. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    13. Assess FLAG rail timetable. Action – D Hutson Action complete – Better layout than original but not of much use to local train users.

    14. Respond to 1 st Responder Group letter. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    15. Draft response to MRWS questions consultation. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    16. Write to Copeland BC ref transfer of carpark. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – No reply to date.

    17. Put Parish Plan actions on agenda. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete for April meeting.

    18. Report potholes at entrance to carpark. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – A reply said that as the holes were not dangerous they would be dealt with at a later date.

    19. Ask Mr Hobson for an update on Jubilee celebrations. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – See Item 8d below.

    20. Contact the Dog Warden ref dog fouling in the village. Action – The Clerk

    Action ongoing.

    21. Monitor parking on Hardingill. Action – Mr Wright

    Action complete – No major problem identified.


    6. Financial Matters.

    a) Monthly financial report.

    This was approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Mr wright)

    b) Internal auditor donation. A sum of £50 was agreed.

    c) Finance Committee meeting. This had been held on 7 th March to carry out a Risk Assessment of the Parish Council’s financial and operational management. A report would be made available for the next meeting.


    7. Main Business


    a) MRWS Report response. (Approval of final draft). The Chairman thanked all members who had provided comments and contributions to the drafting process.Following a proposal by Mr Wright, seconded by Mrs Gallery-Strong, it was agreed by all present (with the exception of Mr Jacob who abstained), to approve the response with the proviso that any typographical corrections which were forwarded to The Clerk before Friday 16 th March would be included. It was agreed to send copies of the final version to: Above Derwent, Ponsonby, Seascale, Beckermet, Drigg & Carleton, Haile & Wilton, and Ennerdale & Kinniside PC’s, CALC, CORWM, Mr N Clarkson,

    The Clerk confirmed that a copy would be attached to the minutes and would appear on the web-site. He also agreed to provide a separate copy to the Library in a file which included the Consultation document so that any interested party could read the two documents together.

    b) Roadside Advertising (Mr Gray). Mr Gray highlighted the proliferation of advertising attached to road signs and elsewhere throughout the village which he generally considered an eyesore. It was agreed initially to seek guidance on the planning and legal situation from LDNPA (Mr McKinley) and from the Highways Authority (The Clerk), and to discuss further at the next meeting.

    c) Broadband representation (Mr Gray). Having attended a recent meeting of the mid-Copeland co-ordinating group Mr Gray reported that a flyer was being prepared for distribution throughout the parishes which gave further information on what could be achieved and progress to date.


    8. Representative's reports:

    a) Bleng Forest project (Mr Walton). Mr Walton’s report from the last meeting of the Project Group had been made available. Funding streams were actively being pursued. LDNPA have been tendering for bridge construction and are confident that the two new bridges will be in place before the end of July. A copy of the report would be appended to the minutes.

    b) Sellafield Ltd Enhanced Security report (Dr Hutson). Dr Hutson said that the meeting at Sella Park with Sellafield Ltd and the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) described the future enhancement of security arrangements for the site. This involved some visible measures such as double fencing, a reduction in on-site personnel by transfer to off-site premises, an increase in the number of security personnel, and a range of other measures to reduce to a minimum the number of vehicles entering the site. The Parish Council representatives made clear that they did not want to see a return to local carparks being clogged up by Sellafield traffic as a consequence. Further meetings were planned to keep Parish Council abreast of progress.

    c) Sellafield Ltd Wastwater pipeline project. (Mr McKinley, Mr Norman). Mr Norman had raised this matter at the February meeting when work had started at Low Bridge Petton and local roads had been closed. There had been no attempt by Sellafield Ltd to inform Parish Councils of the upheavals consequential to the starting of work and as a result of contact from The Clerk the Parish Council had been invited to meet the Sellafield PR people and the project manager. Sellafield Ltd apologised for not making contact with the Parish Council at an earlier stage and provided contact details for conveying any future issues. The project manager described the scope and details of the work, which was for replacement of various water lines and associated electrical supplies between the Wastwater Pumphouse and the Sellafield site. It was confirmed that there was no intention to abstract more water. Most of the work was not actually within Gosforth parish but access to the various construction areas would have to be via the village. The Company agreed to instruct contractors driving HGV’s to avoid in- and out-muster times of the School and Nursery.

    During discussion on the above topic it was reported that contractors were possibly using Boonwood Lane to access the village as vehicles had been seen trying to negotiate the Wasdale Road-Santon Bridge Road junction. The Clerk was asked to contact Sellafield Ltd appropriately, and also to ask that the Parish Council was given advanced warning of any future road closures which became necessary for completion of the project.

    d) Jubilee Matters. Mr Norman outlined the present problems with the Jubilee Group which had been highlighted at a recent group meeting. Many people were involved and there were numerous ideas for events but the Group lacked an organisational structure, in particular a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. The lack of a dedicated Bank Account meant that any monies received could not be properly accounted for.(The Parish Council had set aside an initial grant of £400 to enable the Group to get up and running but until a Bank Account was available this money was frozen). Mr Jacob said that Home Housing had arranged for grant funding of £500 for each parish and he would make a claim on behalf of the Parish Council. It was agreed that the Group should be reformed as a Parish Council Advisory Committee with Mr Gray, Mr Ancell, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Gallery-Strong offering to support the group. Mr Gray’s offer to produce an appropriate constitution/terms of reference for the Group was gratefully accepted. Mr Ancell said he would copy the notes of the meeting to all members.

    e) Parish Newsletter. Mrs Jackson said that the second edition of the newsletter was now ready for printing and it was agreed to adopt the same distribution process as previously. Due to an increase in advertising revenue she estimated the costs to the Parish Council at £175.

    f) Playing Fields Committee. Mrs Gallery-Strong and Mr Norman reported on the last meeting. It was highlighted that the available funds were very low and the committee were considering ways of generating more income.

    g) Cycleway. Mr Gray said that there had been a further meeting of the group and it was hoped that a local contractor could mark out the new route. Time was tight as this had to be done before the lambing season started.


    9. Planning Matters. None.


    10 Correspondence.

     Aon Insurance. See Item 5.1 above.

     Above Derwent response to MRWS. Copied to all members.

    CALC circular. Copied to all members.

    BDO Audit info.Mr McKinley to assess.

    CCC Local News.Noted.

     CCF Rivers Ride.Noted.

     Note from Drigg PC. The Clerk read out a note drawing attention to a planning application for a wind turbine in Drigg parish. The turbine was 80m high and would not only be visible from within Gosforth Parish but would impair views from the National Park. Copeland BC would be informed accordingly.


    11 Public Participation.

    Mr Hosfield - asked about progress on the footpath to Boonwood. The Chairman explained the current delay in that there was difficulty in contacting one of the landowners but the Parish Council were keen to pursue this project particularly as specific funding for such a venture had recently become available. He also asked about a redundant fridge which had been deposited on School land near the Nursery footpath. Mrs Jackson said that she thought that the School were dealing with the matter.


    12 Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Mrs Gallery-Strong – a) Commented on the abundance of moss on the roof of the toilet block which gave the appearance of lack of care and maintenance. Mr Norman said that he agreed it was unsightly and although it had no effect on the permeability of the roof it did need removing.

    b) Asked about the official opening/closing times as they did not appear to be consistent. Mr Norman said he would check with Mrs Holmes.

    c) Commented that the small circular garden by the Wheatsheaf was well kept and attractive. It was agreed to write a letter of thanks to Mr Sharp who had volunteered to look after the garden which actually belongs to Copeland BC.

    Dr Hutson – Said that there had been complaints about flooding on the carpark. County Highways had recently cleared out a blocked drain in the main road which it was thought had caused the carpark drains to back up. The Clerk said that if members could monitor the situation and let him know if the problem persisted he would arrange for the carpark drains to be cleared.

    Mrs Jackson – Asked about the provision of assistance to those unfamiliar with the use of computers and the internet. Dr Hutson said that U3A were considering this and were initially looking at running a drop-in session at Seascale School as the relevant equipment was there. He would report on progress. Mr Jacob said that if required the Public Hall could be made available at favourable rates to support the venture.

    Mr Norman – Asked about progress on the Honesty Box. The Clerk said that it had been intended to make a start now that the base plinth was installed, however the stonemason was ill at present.


    13 In Camera. None.

    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.45pm.

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