Parish Council Minutes - January 2009

  • Minutes of meeting held 14th January 2009 in the St Mary’s Church Hall - 7.00pm

    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Bailey, Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Norman; Mrs Balmer.

    1. Apologies: Messrs. Gray (GADS production), Newbold (Domestic), Wright ( Holiday).

    2. Declarations of interest . None.

    3. Chairman's opening remarks. The Chairman expressed his good wishes to everyone for the New Year and introduced Mr John Dell (Cumbria CC Area Engineer). Members raised various questions with Mr Dell regarding road safety for pedestrians and general highways matters. Specific items were: the lack of progress in improving the lighting levels between the carpark and the Santon Bridge junction; flooding at Coachman’s Cottage in The Square; water flooding down Leagate due to a blocked run-off; ‘missing’ street lighting east of Ellerslie Park; flooding on the A595 at Blackbeck (near Greengarth); proposed study into the provision of an alternative route should the A595 be blocked between Gosforth and Calderbridge: better public information (other than just Road Numbers) regarding road closures. Mr Dell promised to follow these issues up but cautioned that while he may be able to deal with maintenance problems there was little funding available for additional projects. Mr Dell also said that the expected date for the 40 mph limit on the A595 was Spring 2009.

    Regarding the alternative route study he said that specific funding was not yet available but several options would be considered. Dr Hutson thought that some of the money from the Community Fund should be used for this purpose.

    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 10th December 2009. These were approved (Proposed Dr Hutson, seconded Mr Jacob).

    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    Check with Charity Commission ref P/Hall accounts and inform The Clerk. Action ongoing. Action – Mr Jacob.

    Progress transfer of the carpark with CALC and CBC.Action – The Clerk. Action complete – Copeland BC had been advised to proceed and Mr Parker had issued instructions.

    Forward details of telephone call-plan options to The Clerk. Action – Mr Gray. Action complete – Mr Gray told The Clerk that he would give him the information.

    Generate draft newsletter. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk. Action complete – The Clerk was asked to amend the original draft to include comments received and obtain sufficient copies. A meeting would be held on 22 nd January to finalise the arrangements for distribution of the Parish Plan questionnaire and newsletter. Mrs Balmer would inform The Clerk of the venue.

    Provide comments on new Code of Conduct. Action – The Clerk. Action complete.

    Check insurance and replacement issues ref War Memorial. Action – The Clerk. Action ongoing.

    Invite Mr Dell to council meeting. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – See Item 3 above.

    Produce schedule of council documents for FoI purposes. Action – The Clerk. Action ongoing. The Clerk had discussed with Mr Gould the possibility of putting some information eg Minutes, on the web-site. It was agreed the latest 6 months data should be displayed. The schedule would be amended accordingly.

    Inform Ms R Schofield of council participation ref Burial Ground. Action complete – Meeting was to take place on 5 th February. Action – The Clerk.

    Thank Mr Parker for salting the carpark. Action – The Clerk. Action complete.

    Clarify requirements for providing allotments. Action – The Clerk. Action ongoing – Action was completed but kept on the agenda due to the absence of Mr Newbold.

    Check status of trees affecting O/H cables on sub-station footpath and inform The Clerk. Action – Dr Hutson. Action complete – Problems still remained in the area of the sub-station. The Clerk would raise this with Copeland BC and/or United Utilities.

    Put Risk Assessment on next agenda. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – See Item 7c below.

    Arrange venue for January meeting. Action – The Clerk. Action complete.

    Arrange a meeting with solicitor. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – arranged for The Chairman and The Clerk on 19 th January. 

    6. Financial Matters. The monthly financial statement was approved (proposed Mr Norman, seconded Dr Hutson).

    7. Main Business.  

    a) Code of Conduct training. Noted that Copeland BC were running training sessions.

    b) Closure of the A595 – study to create a diversion route. Following discussion under Item 3 above, it was agreed that a letter should be sent to the Area Committee expressing support for the study and suggesting that either money from the de-trunking process or from the Community Fund should be accessed. It was also agreed to get this item on the next 5-Rivers Group agenda as this issue affected all the parishes.

    c) Risk Assessment (Ref Chairman’s note from last meeting). The Chairman outlined the reasoning why he considered that it was necessary for the council to formalise some of the things which it already rightly did in terms of its management, but would not be able to justify should the need ever arise. He emphasised that he did not envisage highly detailed procedures and documentation but simple checklists and appropriate record keeping. Mr Norman emphasised that assessment of financial risks, while being formalised, should be carroied out randomly. He said that following the meeting with the solicitor he and The Clerk would put forward a simple procedure for further discussion.

    d) Parish Plan & Newsletter update. Dealt with under Item 5.4 above.

    e) Update on Management of Radioactive Waste ( Copeland BC). The Chairman said The Clerk had passed on to him the report from the ‘Shadow Partnership’ meeting held by Copeland BC. He had serious misgivings about the procedure, the membership and the content. He thought that all councillors should read the report and asked The Clerk to copy it to all members. It was agreed that the Chairman would draft a letter for the attention of Guy Richardson (CALC) with copies to Keith Hitchen and Chris Shaw ( Copeland CALC representatives) outlining our misgivings regarding the whole process. The Chairman also said that it had been suggested to him by Mr Gray that the council should discuss the matter with District Councillor D Moore but it was thought that this would best be put on next meeting’s agenda. He said, as previously agreed, that he would draft a letter for HMG outlining our dissatisfaction with the whole process to date.

    8. Planning Matters - Tree Preservation Order at Netherwasdale. Agreed that the tree was a valuable feature and the Preservation Order should be supported, though this should allow for any remedial work to be done.

    9. Correspondence.

    Note – Helen Meekings ref NDA consultation. See Item 9.24 below.

    CALC circular Dec/Jan. Sent to all councillors.

    Cumbria Highways – Closure of C4025 at Irton. Noted.

    Cumbria Police – Response to letter ref Armed Police. Agreed to invite Supt. Slater to meet with the council.

    CRUG – December Newsletter. Dr Hutson, Mr McKinley, Mr Bailey

    Copeland Community Team – Note.

    FLAG – Newsletter. Dr Hutson, Mr McKinley, Mr Bailey

    Copeland BC – Code of Conduct training (22 nd January Drigg V Hall). Noted.

    Recycle for Cumbria – Review. Noted.

    Cumbria Highways – Magazine. Noted.

    CALC – Training programme Jan-June 2009. Noted.

    LDNPA – TPO Netherwasdale. See Item 8 above.

    NHS Cumbria – Invite to meeting 4 th Feb 2009. Several member expressed a wish to attend.

    LDNPA – Planning Surgeries at Gosforth. To be put in the Library.

    Neighbourhood Forum - 19 th Jan. Beckermet Reading Rooms. Noted.

    PCW Fran Geer – Police report (Nov/Dec). Noted.

    LDNPA – Various information. Noted.

    CCC – New Traveline poster. To be put on Notice Board.

    Cumbria Police – Police Pledge. To be copied to all councillors.

    CALC – Response to query on communities. Mr Jepson ( Copeland BC Legal Dept.) had confirmed with CALC that there were no legal reasons why the Parish Council could not proceed with purchase of the carpark. Mr Parker had issued appropriate instructions to his staff.

     Seascale School Governors – Response ref High School assets. Noted – there was now agreement from all trustees that the funds could be donated to the Nursery School.

    CALC – General meeting 19 th Feb Egremont Market hall. Noted.

    M Gould – Response ref web-site space. See Item 5.8 above.

    Golder Associates – RWMD questionnaire. Agreed that members who wished should meet them. The Clerk would obtain details.

     Copeland BC – Chairing & managing meetings training. Noted.

    CCC – Update on Local Transport Plan. Mr Norman, Dr Hutson, Mr McKinley, Mr Bailey.

    The Clerk - Said that he had been contacted by Mrs Woodburn’s office to ask if any members wished to talk to a Japanese visitor about radioactive waste on 23 rd January. The Chairman said he could be available in the late afternoon. The Clerk said he would obtain more details and circulate them.

    10. Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.

    11. Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Dr Hutson - Drew attention to the flooding of part of Denton Park due to a blocked drainage ditch which needed clearing. The Clerk said that he would contact Copeland BC.

    Mr Jacob – Reported that no council representative had been present at the last Public Hall committee meeting. He was asked to copy the schedule of meetings to the 2 representatives.

    Mr Bailey – 1. Asked why the minutes of the 5-Rivers Group had not been made available. The Clerk said that the last 2 meetings had been workshops with VAC to try and develop a Group plan, hence there were no minutes.

    2. Asked that agendas were removed promptly from Notice Boards following meetings.

    12. Representatives Reports. None.

    13. In Camera. None.

    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.20pm.


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