Parish Council Minutes - August 2013

  • Minutes of meeting held 14th August 2013 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.30pm


    Present : Messrs. Ancell, Gray, Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Norman, Walton, Wright;

    1 member of the public was also present.


     Mr McKinley had sent a message to The Clerk saying that he would be attending but may be delayed. In his absence Mr Norman took the Chair.


    1. Apologies: Mrs Gallery-Strong; Mr Rae, Dr Hutson.


    2. Declarations of interest . None.


    3. Chairman's opening remarks. None.


    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 10th July 2013. These were approved (Proposed Mr Gray, seconded Mr Norman).


    Note: Mr McKinley arrived at this point and took over the Chair from Mr Norman.


    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

     1. Produce list of local businesses.

    Action – Dr Hutson, Mr Norman, Mr Ancell.

    Action ongoing.

    2. Discuss with the Carpark Group the provision of a new Tourism Board. Action - Mr Wright.

    Action ongoing – Mr Wright said that the update was virtually complete and sought approval for payment of ~ £50 for the artwork etc. This was agreed.

    3. Discuss carpark land ownership issues with Mrs Unsworth. Action ongoing. Action – Mr Norman.

    4. Draft ideas for public communication. Action – Mr Walton.

    Action ongoing

    5. Deal with non-paying advertisers. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk

    Action ongoing.

    6. Put information on local bus services in Library, web-site, What’s On. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – See Item 7a below.

    7. Discuss Denton Park grass-cutting with Mr Davies. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – Mr Davies met The Clerk on site and agreed that he would investigate the source of floodwater on the north side of the entrance and to consider if the grass-cutting schedule could be altered for next Spring.

    8. Put planning protocol on August agenda. . Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – See Item 7b below.

    9. Respond to Hawkshead letter. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – an acknowledgement had been received from Seascale Health Centre.

    10. Report faulty stile at Holy Well. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – The NP Ranger is aware of the problem.


    6. Financial Matters.

    a) Monthly financial statement. This was approved (Proposed Mr Norman, seconded Mr Gray)

    b) Mr Norman said that repairs to the access gates to the Playing Field had been undertaken as an emergency action in the interests of children’s safety. He asked for approval of payment of £75.00 to Mr Fawcett. This was agreed.


    7. Main Business.

    a) Local Bus Service (D Gray). Mr Gray said he had asked for this item to be discussed as he challenged what The Clerk had reported regarding the changes at the previous meeting. After further discussion including with the member of the public who was a frequent bus user The Clerk was asked to set up a meeting with Mr Clarkson and Cumbria CC officers to try and resolve obvious differences in interpretation of the proposed timetable.

    Note: This meeting took place on 22nd August at Seascale. A note of the meeting has subsequently been issued. Copies of the amended timetable are available in the Library and the Lakeland Habit.

    b) Planning protocol (Carried over from last meeting). This issue had arisen during discussions of previous planning applications when some members felt that the council was inconsistent in its approach. The Clerk explained what the present process was and highlighted some of the significant variations in the type of application and the actions and responses of both applicants and potential objectors. Mr Walton made the point that at present there was no requirement for direct contact with the applicant and it was agreed that this action should be included. With this modification it was agreed that the present process should continue. It was also agreed that the Chairman would obtain a copy of Coniston PC’s checklist and obtain details of any planning training which NPA could deliver. It was also agreed that a list of properties within the village which were subject to Local Occupancy conditions should be sought from both NPA and Copeland BC.

    c) Public Hall – lease of land . The Clerk reported to the council that he had recently had discussions with both Mr Nolan (Owner of Bank Garage) and Mr Wilson (Solicitor). It had now been confirmed that the lease document for the land at the rear of the Public Hall had never been completed due to shortcomings within the solicitor’s office. Furthermore critical information relating to the setting-up of the lease had gone astray. Effectively this means that the whole process will need to be re-enacted. Mr Wilson is now dealing with the issue.

    Note: Since the meeting copies of some of the associated correspondence and documentation have been located and passed on to Mr Wilson who is now handling the lease.


    8. Representative's reports

    a) Flooding report. The Clerk had copied this to all members some of whom complained that it was difficult to read. Mr Walton offered to get superior quality copies made and circulate them. Members could then respond directly to The Clerk to co-ordinate a response. 2 members commented that from what they had read little or no notice had been taken by County Council officers of the feedback from residents who attended the public meeting on 24 th April. In the meantime The Clerk would keep Mr Clarkson informed.

    b) Proposed footpath to Boonwood. The Clerk had circulated copies to all members who were asked to consider the options outlined and whether they wished to take the project forward. The Chairman asked Mr Ancell if he would pass a copy on to Mr Hosfield who had expressed an interest in the footpath.

    c) Mr Gray commented on the note circulated by The Clerk via CALC ref Broadband which asked parishes to register their interest. He said that there was no need to register as Gosforth was already included. The Clerk pointed out that the note had actually been generated by the County Council and CALC had merely passed it on to all the parishes and this was not a case of CALC clouding the issue.

    d) Mr Walton said that he had been contacted by Mrs Ostle regarding
    progress on the upgrade of the access route to the Bleng forest to
    bridleway status. Mr Standring from LDNPA had advised him that a
    letter from Mrs Ostle requesting the change in status was required.

    He also reported from the last meeting of the mid- and south Copeland Groups when the whole session was devoted to Emergency Planning. He said that he would generate some guidance notes including the 10 step process for action.

    9. Planning Matters a) Bolton Head Park – The Clerk reported that the new access arrangements had been approved by LDNPA.


    10. Correspondence.

    a) Meeting with Sellafield Ltd. The Clerk said that he had been invited to a meeting at Sellafield concerning the future of Ponsonby Lonning. Mr Norman had agreed to go along with him. It was not clear who had requested the meeting or why.

    Note: The meeting took place on 16 th August and was to discuss repairs to the lane caused by a combination of bad weather and construction operations during the erection of the new security fence. A note was issued to all members on 21 st August.

    b) The Clerk reported that the replacement Community Policeman for Ben Rogerson is PCSO 5305 Muhammad Aziz Ali. He can be contacted via e-mail on: or via the non-emergency Police telephone no. 101.


    11 Public Participation. Mrs Cornall said that the lane by Kell Head was overgrown and difficult to access and also drew attention to the overhanging brambles on Whitecroft. The Clerk said he would investigate. She also raised the matter of traffic speeds within the village commenting that the 20 mph speed limit was not being adhered to. The Clerk said he would raise the matter with PC S Burgess who had offered to assist in enforcement matters. This prompted a question from a member querying when the white lining associated with the 20mph speed limit installation would be carried out.

    Note: On this last point The Clerk had since raised the matter with Mr Melville and been given a reassurance that the white lining was part of a larger package including the B5344 and the A595 which he expected to be completed within the next 2-3 weeks although weather had a significant impact on the timetable.


    12 Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Mr Gray – Drew the council’s attention to a series of e-mails from Mr Preece which effectively said that he did not want to produce separate newsletters for Gosforth and Seascale. The Chairman said that it had already been agreed to suspend production of an October issue until the financial issues had been dealt with, and a review of the type, form and content of future newsletters had been undertaken.

    He also said that the new area guide book (partly funded from residues from the Hidden Britain project) was now available.

    Mr Ancell – Asked what had happened to the Honesty Box as it appeared to have been moved on its plinth. The Clerk said he would investigate.

    Note: The Honesty Box has again been driven into by a reversing vehicle. This time the damage is much worse than previously. Mr Hayes has been asked to see if it can be repaired or requires rebuilding. The opportunity will be taken to resite the box as far back on its plinth as is achievable.


    13 In Camera. None.

    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.30pm.

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