Parish Council Minutes - June 2012

  • Minutes of meeting held 13th June 2012 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.00pm

     Present: Messrs. Gray, Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Norman, Walton, Wright;

    2 members of the public were also present.


    1. Apologies: Dr Hutson; Mr Ancell, Mr Rae; Mrs Jackson, Mrs Gallery-Strong.


    2. Declarations of interest . None


    3. Chairman's opening remarks. The Chairman commented on the recent Jubilee celebrations which, thanks to the efforts of all concerned, were well-attended and enjoyed by many. He thanked Mr Gray, Mr Norman, Mr Ancell, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Gallery-Strong for their special efforts in ensuring that the event was a success. Feedback from the public was good. (See also Item 7e below).


    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 11th May 2012. These were approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Mr Norman). Also approved were the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting.


    5. Actions arising from the minutes.  

    1. Put council appointments on June agenda. Action – The Clerk Action complete – See Item 7b below.

    2. Follow up costs with Mr Garner for alternative scheme for Carpark lighting. Action ongoing. Action – The Clerk

    3. Speak to Mr Shubrook ref Gosforth Hill footpath. Action – Mr Norman.

    Action complete – Mr Shubrook was in general agreement with the proposal.See also Item 7c below.

    4. Contact the Dog Warden ref dog fouling in the village. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – Visits had been promised.

    5. Discuss toilet opening/closure times with Mrs Holmes. Action – Mr Norman

    Action complete but conditions of contract need changing which Mr Norman and The Clerk would rectify.

    6. Action discontinued.

    7. Produce list of local businesses for Mr Gray. Action – Mr Norman

    Action changed to ‘for Dr Hutson’, not Mr Gray.

    8. Produce draft summary of MRWS consultation response. Action – Mr McKinley

    Action complete – See Item 7f below.

    9. Produce budget costs breakdown for Newsletter. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – information passed to Mrs Jackson.

    10. Arrange site visit with United Utilities ref Row Farm. Action – The Clerk

    Action ongoing.

    11. Contact Copeland BC ref footpath on carpark. Action – Dr Hutson

    Action ongoing.

    12. Deal with Annual Return - Auditors. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    13. Copy Playing Field Constitution to Mr Norman. Action – Mr Gray

    Action complete.

    14. Report on Carpark purchase progress. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk

    Action complete – See Item 8 below.

    15. Put Village projects on June agenda for discussion with Mr Leighton. Action complete – See Item 7c below. Action – The Clerk

    16. Inform Community Policeman ref parking on Meadowfield. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    Note: The new Community Policeman is PCSO 5239 Ben Rogerson and he can be contacted by e-mail on: or via tel no 0845 33 00 247.


    6. Financial Matters. (Mr Norman declared an interest). The monthly financial statement was presented and approved (Proposed Mr Wright, seconded Mr Walton).

      7. Main Business

     A595 blockage issues (Mr Norman). Mr Norman drew attention to yet another blockage (for some 4-5 hours) of the A595 due to an RTA between Gosforth and Calderbridge. Once again local residents as well as those transiting the area had their lives and business disrupted. The present arrangement to allow only Emergency Vehicles and staff to bypass this stretch of the A595 via the Sellafield site was insufficient and unacceptable. He considered that an Action Group should be formed from interested Parish Councils and others to raise the profile of the issue and put pressure on the various authorities. This was agreed and it was considered that as a first step a public meeting should be convened to which other local councils and interested p[arties would be invited. The Clerk said that he had already raised the issue with Ponsonby PC and they were in favour of the proposal.


    Council appointments 2012-13. (Carried forward from last meeting).  

    1) Election of Vice-chairman. Mr Norman proposed Mr Wright, seconded by Mr Walton. With no other nominations Mr Wright was duly elected.

    2) Parish Council APPOINTMENTS 2012-13. The following appointments were made:

    a) Finance Committee : Messrs. Jacob, Norman, Rae; Mrs Jackson; + Mr McKinley & Mr Wright (ex-officio).

    b) Village Care, Carpark & Toilets: MessrsGray, Norman, Wright, Ancell.

    c) Highways (Liaison and Transport): Messrs Norman, Mr Jacob; Dr Hutson.

    d) Footpaths and Common Land: Messrs Wright, Ancell, Walton.

    e) CCTV: Messrs Ancell, Jacob.

    f) What’s On/Website Editor: Mr Gould in liaison with The Clerk.

    g) Fairtrade Group: Mr Jacob.

     h) Nuclear Matters Sub-group: Dr Hutson, Mr McKinley, Mr Wright, The Clerk. (Also included are Mr R Stewart and Mr R Jones – Ponsonby PC)

    The following were appointed to Management Committees:

    Public Hall: Mr Norman, Dr Hutson.

    Playing Field: Mr Norman, Mrs Gallery-Strong.


    The following were appointed to other Committees/Groups:

    West Cumbria Site Stakeholders Group (WCSSG): Dr Hutson ( Health, Safety & Environmental sub-group), Mr Wright (Socio-economic sub-group).

    Copeland District Committee of CALC: Mr McKinley, The Clerk.

     Neighbourhood Forum: Dr Hutson, Mr McKinley.

    Charities - Hartley’s and Hearse House Trustees : Mr Norman, Mr Jacob.

    St Mary’s Burial Ground Committee: Considered no longer necessary .

    Governor – Gosforth School: Mrs Gallery-Strong

    Parish Plan Group – Plan completed; no longer necessary.

     Council Communications Group. Mrs Jackson to lead, in liaison with Mr McKinley and co-opt as necessary.


     Potential Village projects (ref. contact from Carillion). The creation of a footpath between Steelfield Hall and Boonwood was considered a suitable project to put forward. Mr Gray asked that before contact was made with Carillion Mr Rae should be asked by The Clerk to clarify the situation as he did not wish to see the Cycleway project affected. Mr Walton said that he understood that The Nursery were considering upgrading their garden and that this may also be a suitable project.


    Blengdale Forest progress (Mr Walton ). Mr Walton reported that t he Blengdale Crossings project has had confirmation that all funding applied for has been approved. This allows the physical work to start and LDNPA have been asked to begin the work needed to get the two new bridges installed. A meeting of the project steering group will be set up in the next couple of weeks to plan out the work. The Chairman on behalf of the council thanked Mr Walton for his efforts.

    Note: Since the meeting a date has been set for 5 th July.


     Jubilee Celebrations review. The Chairman said he thought that it was worthwhile reviewing the celebrations as a learning process for any future events. There was general agreement that the events went well after a somewhat hesitant start. It was thought that in future any members of the Parish Council who were involved should take the lead in ensuring that essential communications within the group were established and that a proper project plan/timetable was set up, preferably by use of a project manager working to an agreed budget. The use of professional assistance should also be considered at an early stage. Great credit was due to all who participated in producing an event which was universally enjoyed. The Clerk was asked to write specific letters of thanks to Mr Parker, the 3 Judges (???? I’ll get the names from Tys) and Mr Hobson.


    MRWS Newsletter and progress. A draft newsletter on MRWS had been sent out to members for comment and as none were forthcoming it was agreed to distribute this together with the parish newsletter in July. Regarding progress on MRWS generally the Nuclear Group awaited the outcome of the MRWS Partnership response to the consultation as well as the IPSOS/Mori poll. Preliminary feedback indicated that the poll and the response from Parish Councils were conflicting but the Principle Authorities appeared to be wanting to proceed regardless. CALC had asked for more detailed analysis of the responses as there were differences of opinion on what the actual numbers meant.



    8. Representatives Reports.

    Mr McKinley - reported that the refurbishment of the Daycare Centre at Bradbury House had now been completed satisfactorily.

    Mr Jacob – raised the matter of recent significant expenditure on the Public Hall which had reduced the Committee’s reserves to virtually zero. He asked if the annual grant from the Parish Council could be paid quickly. The Clerk said that as this was a specifically budgeted item there was no need for a resolution and it was agreed to make the grant. Mr Norman (Chairman of the Finance Committee) asked that the council be provided with an income/expenditure breakdown for the past 12 months which Mr Jacob agreed to do.

    Mr Gray

    a) Reported that the Cycleway project was proceeding well with the route now marked out and Cumbria County Council actively involved. A project brief was now in draft form.


    9. Planning Matters. None.


    10. Correspondence.

    CCC – Time for a change (to Unitary Authority governance).Noted.

    A Millie – Update on response to MRWS consultation. Information noted. The Clerk was asked to circulate the attached analysis from Dr Hazeldine.

    CALC Circular .Sent to all members.

     Letter from A Grey & Co. Mr Abel informed the council that the business would be taken over by Robinson & Co as he was emigrating to Australia.

    Copeland BC – CBC Local Development Framework (LDF). Chairman to assess.

    URS – Annual Report. Mr Wright.

    CALC (Copeland) - Notice of 3-tier meeting 19 th June. Noted.

    CALC (C Shaw) – Preliminary results of IPSOS/Mori poll. Noted.

    CALC – New Code of Conduct. The Chairman, vice-chairman and The Clerk would assess this.


    11. Public Participation.

    Mrs Stanton - asked about parking and speed of traffic within the village, the state of the grass at Meadowfield entrance and whether some flowers could be provided by the toilets to make them more attractive. At the request of the Chairman The Clerk said that there could be no improvement in inconsiderate parking without proper enforcement. This had been recently discussed at length with County Highways who intended to enhance the enforcement profile as part of a village traffic plan. The council had requested a 20 mph speed limit within the village (which had been agreed to) and this was also being included as part of the plan. Regarding the grassed area at Meadowfield this was in private ownership and the owners were responsible for the upkeep (Mrs Maguire is the contact). Mr Gray said that he could provide flowers outside the toilets but did require assistance with the maintenance. The Chairman commented that the whole matter of Village Care needed a different approach which more closely involved volunteer help from the public.

    Mr Hosfield - asked about Signs at the entrance to the village, signs outside the village shop, road signs on Whitecroft being turned round, pedestrians on the pavement by the village shop being hit by wing mirrors of cars parking alongside, Newsletter late delivery. The issue of signs at the entrance to the village, which are illegally sited, had been raised with County Highways. Mr Melville would be asked to remove them and to reinstate the signs on Whitecroft. The signs outside the Village Shop were on private land and the landowner would be informed of the comments made. The vulnerability of pedestrians to cars parking outside the Village Shop would be fed into the traffic plan referred to above. Regarding late delivery of the Newsletter, the reasons for which were unknown, this would be dealt with prior to the next issue.


    12. Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Mr Gray - asked that ‘Care of village seats’ be put on the next agenda.

    He also reported that following on from the request to Copeland BC for a cardboard recycling facility he had met Ruth Walsh who was considering the possibility of replacing the skip for cans with one for cardboard and providing a smaller skip for the cans. Confirmation was awaited.

    He raised the matter of the residue of salt/grit which had been deposited on the carpark during the winter period. The Clerk said that the previous year the County Council had removed this but not until about July. It was considered that the provision of a salt bin on the carpark would be advantageous. The Clerk would provide some relevant information.

    Mr Norman – said that the disruption caused by the Sellafield water main pipeline was much greater than the council had been led to expect from the previous meeting with Sellafield Ltd. He asked that another meeting be set up to make the council’s concerns known and get an update on progress.

    Mr Wright – asked about progress on the Honesty Box. The Clerk said that it was now clear that Mr Hodgson would not be able to undertake the work and he would contact Mr Hayes accordingly.


    13. In Camera. None.

    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.25 pm.

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