Parish Council Minutes - May 2010

  • Minutes of Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held 12th May 2010

    in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.00pm


    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Ancell, Bailey, Davies, Jacob, McKinley, Norman, Wright; Mrs Balmer, Mrs Gallery-Strong.

    1. Apologies: Mr Gray

    2. Election of Chairman. Mr McKinley was duly elected having been proposed by Dr Hutson, seconded by Mr Bailey, and with no other nominations.

    3. Chairman’s acceptance of office. The Chairman signed his declaration.

    4. Election of Vice-Chairman. Mr Wright was duly elected having been proposed by Mr Bailey, seconded by Mr Norman, and with no other nominations.

    5. The following appointments were made:

    a) Finance Committee : Messrs. Ancell, Bailey, Jacob, Norman, (+ Mr McKinley & Mr Wright ex-officio).

    b) 5 Rivers Group: Mr McKinley, The Clerk

    c) Village Care, Carpark & Toilets: Messrs Ancell, Bailey, Gray, Norman, Wright

    d) Highways and Transport: Dr Hutson, Mr Jacob, Mrs Balmer

    e) Footpaths and Common Land: Mr Davies, Mr Wright, Mrs Balmer

    f) CCTV: Messrs Ancell, Jacob, Wright

    g) What’s On/Website Editor: Mr Gould in liaison with The Clerk

    h) Fairtrade Group: Mr Jacob

    i) Nuclear Matters Sub-group: Dr Hutson, Mr McKinley, Mr Wright, The Clerk

    j) Highways Liaison: Mr Norman


    6. The following were appointed to Management Committees:

    Public Hall: Mr Norman, Mrs Balmer

    Playing Field: Mr Norman, Mrs Gallery-Strong


    7. The following were appointed to other Committees/Groups:

    West Cumbria Site Stakeholders Group (WCSSG): Dr Hutson ( Health, Safety & Environmental sub-group), Mr Wright (Socio-economic sub-group)

    Copeland District Committee of CALC: Mr McKinley, The Clerk

    Neighbourhood Forum: Dr Hutson, Mr Bailey

    Gosforth High School, Hartley’s and Hearse House Trustees : Mr Norman, Mr Jacob

    St Mary’s Burial Ground Committee: Dr Hutson, Mr Jacob

    Governor – Gosforth School: Mrs Gallery-Strong

    Parish Plan Group – Mr Ancell, Mr Gray, Mr McKinley, Mrs Balmer, Mrs Gallery-Strong.

    Council Communications Group (This was set up following comments made at the Annual Parish Meeting) – Mr McKinley, Mr Davies, Mr Ancell, Mrs Balmer, Mrs Gallery Strong, Mrs Oakley (co-opted).


    8. Declarations of interest . Mr Ancell declared an interest in Item 12a.

    9. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 14th April 2010. These were approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Dr Hutson)

    10. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Generate Risk Assessment procedure. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk Action ongoing.

    2. Provide suggestions for Listed Buildings Register. Action – Mr Norman Action ongoing.

    3. Check with National Trust ref Honesty Box. Action – Mr McKinley Action ongoing.

    4. Negotiate with solicitors ref Playing Field Trust. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – The Clerk updated the meeting on progress. The order from the Charity Commission to transfer the Trust was awaited and he had asked the solicitor to get the land registered by HSBC.

    5. Re-examine and format ‘Business List’. Action ongoing. Action – Dr Hutson, Mr Davies, Mrs Balmer.

    6. Progress estimates for carpark floodlighting. Action – The Clerk.Action ongoing – Assistance sought from Mr Capper.

    7. Discuss draft Business Plan for transfer of carpark with Copeland BC. Action – The Clerk & Mr McKinley. Action ongoing – The Clerk said he had submitted a draft plan which was being considered by Copeland BC.

    8. Generate draft notice for APM. Action – The Clerk. Action complete.

    9. Draft response ref National Park boundary changes. Action – Mr McKinley. Action discontinued due to time constraint.

    10. Respond to Copeland BC ref Whitegate Cottage planning application. Action complete. Action - The Clerk.

    11. Liaise with Solicitor ref Gravel Pit lease. Action – The Clerk. Action ongoing – Mr Norman & The Clerk had provided information to the solicitor.

    12. Put ‘Council Communications’ on next Finance Committee agenda. Action – The Clerk. Action discontinued as a sub-group had now been formed.

    13. Consider ‘Site Assessment Methodology’ proposal. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk. Action complete – Assessment had resulted in a letter which had been sent to all councillors for comment, and would now be sent to CORWM.

    14. Liaise with Seascale PC ref Burial Ground. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – The Clerk said that Seascale PC were making a contribution to the site investigations. It was agreed that Gosforth Parish Council would also make a contribution but that the PCC would be asked to formalise future communication.

    15. Discuss Insurance premium quotation with Finance Committee. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – Although it had not been possible to arrange a Finance Committee meeting The Clerk had discussed the quotation with Mr Norman (Chairman of Finance Committee) and he recommended that the quotation should be accepted. This was agreed.

    16. Inform WPC Hoggarth ref complaints about Wheatsheaf noise. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – WPC Hoggarth had replied that she was monitoring the situation.

    17. Follow up repairs to Gilgrass Hill ditch. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – The Clerk had received a reply that work had been done, but Mr Jacob said that as far as he could see the problem remained. It was agreed that Mr Jacob would contact the landowner to see if the ditch could be filled in.

    18. Send letter of appreciation to Mr Nelson. Action – The Clerk. Action complete.


    11. Financial Matters.

    a) Monthly Financial Report. This was approved ( Proposed Dr Hutson, seconded Mr Jacob)

    b) Annual Report. This was duly accepted and signed off (Proposed Mr Wright, seconded Mr Jacob). The attached Governance Statement was also approved and signed but it was felt that although there was no doubt with the overall compliance or the accuracy and probity of the council’s accounting systems, the Finance Committee should nevertheless examine the specific requirements of the auditors and where necessary formalise the arrangements in place.

    12. Main Business.

     CCTV (Mr Ancell ). Although Mr Ancell had declared an interest the Chairman asked him to table a paper indicating the current running costs of the CCTV system and his observations. Mr Ancell also said that the view of the Police was that the system was of doubtful use. Mr Davies agreed. After some discussion it was agreed that Mr Jacob would check the associated meter with Mr Ancell and the Carpark and CCTV Groups would carry out an assessment of the present system and the associated needs and advise the council on what the way forward should be.

    Managing Radioactive Waste Safely . The Chairman said that at the recently attended CALC Executive meeting (joint with Allerdale) many of the issues which were of concern to the Parish Council, and which have been incorporated into the letter to CORWM (ref Item 10.13 above) were also reflected in misgivings of the CALC representatives on the MRWS Partnership.


    13. Planning Matters a) New Mill Cottage – Conservatory. No objections.


    14. Correspondence.

     CCC – Rights of Way. Noted that work would be carried out in those areas outside the National Park.

     Police Report. Noted – number of incidents (March – 17), (April – 16). Apart from 4 burglaries/thefts and, in April, 4 Anti Social incidents all events were of a minor nature. (See also Action 10.16 above)

     ACT (Previously VAC) Membership. Agreed to renew the subscription.

     Friends Of Lake-District - review 2009. Passed to Mr Norman.

     CCC – Response J Woolley to A595 alternative route. Noted that the Area Committee had at long last agreed to fund a feasibility study into an alternative route.

     Cumbria CC – Minerals & Waste. Noted, papers now sent to Sec. of State for approval.

     CBC – Business case – carpark. The Clerk said that he had completed a draft business case which had been sent to Copeland BC and a response was awaited.

     LDNPA – Allocations of land documents. Mr McKinley and The Clerk would assess what needed to be done.

     Sellafield – new siren system. Noted that there were now different alarms for on and off-site.

     Natural England – meeting. Noted.

     Letter – Mrs Duckett. The letter suggested that the grassed area to the right of the Meadowfield entrance should be converted into carparking space to alleviate damage to the existing grass. The Parish Council had tried to achieve this previously but the scheme was turned down by County Highways on safety (visibility) grounds. The Clerk would reply to Mrs Duckett accordingly.

     CALC – Rheged meeting on Broadband. Noted.

     CALC – Scope for Renewable energy. Noted.


    15 Public Participation. Mrs Elaine Edgar who was assisting with editing and generation of the Parish Plan had attended the meeting to gain some feedback. In this respect she had gained useful information. The plan was in the final stages of completion.


    16. Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Mr Bailey –

    1. Noted that the signpost at the Wheatsheaf was missing. The Clerk said that he had reported this to County Highways who had said that it would be replaced ’in due course’.

    2. Drew attention to the fact that CN Police freely entered local shops carrying guns, which was of concern to many. The Chairman said that this issue had been raised previously with the Cumbria Police Chief Constable who was also not impressed. However it seemed that the security requirements placed on the CN Police meant that they had to carry weapons at all times.

    3. Said that he had a medical condition which may cause him to be unable to attend meetings without giving notice.

    Mr Ancell – Asked what was happening regarding the large pile of salt/grit on the carpark and the provision of bins. The Clerk said he had been contacted some 3 weeks ago by County Highways who were intending to collect it. He would remind them accordingly. Regarding the provision of salt bins, he had submitted to Highways a list of the sites where the Parish Council wished to have salt bins supplied. This was part of a county-wide initiative which had yet to be resolved.

    Dr Hutson – Reminded the meeting that there was a talk on beach monitoring in St Mary’s Hall on 26 th May.

    Mrs Gallery-Strong – Gave an update on the Play Equipment project with an outline of the various funding streams she was trying to access. The Cumbria Environment Trust had recently pledged £8000 to the project which was a substantial contribution. She was confident that by the end of the year sufficient funding would be obtained and the project realised.

    Mr Norman – Said he had been contacted by a parishioner about the state of the area of land by the Wheatsheaf (which was actually owned by Copeland BC). The parishioner offered to keep the area tidy. It was agreed that Copeland BC should be contacted to seek agreement and if necessary suitable plants would be provided from the Village Care budget.


    17 Representatives Reports. The Chairman reported on progress with the Nursery. Things had moved along very well and it was hoped to start construction next month with a projected 6 months for completion. It was hoped that site access for the contractor (Stobbarts) could be via the old parochial footpath adjacent to Soneleigh, which would require closing for the period of the project and the removal of some overhanging branches, and to this end he had asked The Clerk to send appropriate letters to the residents of Stoneleigh and Jonathan Falkner.


    18 In Camera. None.


    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.20pm.


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