Parish Council Minutes - March 2014

  • Minutes of meeting held 12th March 2014 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.30pm


    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Norman, Parker, Rae, Walton, Wright; Mrs Gallery-Strong.


    1. Apologies : MrAncell, Mr Gray,


    2. Declarations of interest . None


    3. Chairman's opening remarks . The Chairman said he would take item 9b first and introduced Mr Greenwood who wished to bring the council up to date with ongoing matters at Walkmill Gardens. The Clerk outlined the situation to date; LDNPA had refused planning permission for development of 3 houses on the land between Walkmill and Ellerslie Park. The applicant had said he would appeal but in the meantime had moved a large amount of soil/debris on the site which in the opinion of the residents was not only a breach of the existing planning conditions but had increased the risk of flooding to their properties. They had written accordingly to LDNPA who, as enforcement is a protracted process, had agreed a temporary arrangement with the developer pending his appeal. Mr Greenwood said that the residents had accepted this as a temporary measure and would continue to monitor the situation. The Chairman said that he thought that the council would be informed of the appeal by LDNPA, but he would check. He added that irrespective of any appeal the position of the council in opposing this development remained.


    4. Minutes of the previous meetings held on 12th February 2014. A member complained that there was no mention in the minutes of the discussion surrounding the Planning Protocol (Item 9c). The Clerk said that since the matter had been carried over to the next meeting (Item 9a on the agenda for 12 th March) he didn’t think it needed minuting. It was agreed that a mention of discussion should be included. With this amendment the minutes were approved (Proposed Mr Wright, seconded Dr Hutson). Also approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Mr Norman) were the minutes of 20 th February.


     5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Discuss carpark land ownership issues with Copeland solicitor. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing - The Copeland BC solicitor had received promising feedback from the Land Registry (forwarded to The Clerk) which, if enacted, would clarify the carpark ownership issues and clear the path for subsequent transfer to the Parish Council .

    2. Obtain more information on use of social media for council communications. Action – Mr Walton.

    Action ongoing – Guidance had been passed on.

    3. Check out suitability of oak tree for replacement. Action – Mr Gray, Mr Jacob.

    Action ongoing.

    4. Put Flow-chart for consultation protocol on agenda. Action – The Clerk.

    Action complete – See Item 9a below..

    5. Respond to LDNPA ref. Craemar and Red Admiral planning applications. Action – The Clerk.

    Action complete.

    6. Inform Copeland BC ref precept requirements. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    7. Seek advice from CALC ref legality of draft minutes. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – Forwarded to all members. Due to some members not receiving it the message would be resent.

    8. Arrange venue for meeting to discuss Middle Shop planning application. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – Meeting took place on 20 th February.

    9. Contact CALC ref training course for Mrs Gallery-Strong. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – Arrangements made.



    6. Financial Matters.

    a) Monthly Financial Report. This was approved (Proposed Mrs Gallery-Strong, seconded Mr Normam)


    7.Main Business

    a) Consultation Flow-chart. Mr Rae tabled a draft flow chart and as there were no suggestions for modificationthis was adopted (Proposed Mrs Gallery-Strong, seconded Dr Hutson).

    b) Parking on Meadowfield. It was decided to contact the Community Police Officer to discuss the problem; Mr Walton volunteered to liaise with him.

    c) Playing Field issues. Mrs Gallery-Strong, who is now the Chairman of the Playing Fields Committee, tabled a paper highlighting the present management difficulties of the Playing Field due mainly to internal problems with the Rugby Club. In trying to resolve the management issues the committee had cause to re-examine the terms of the Lease. This had posed questions of interpretation on ownership and responsibility for the maintenance of the Pavilion. The Clerk was asked to seek legal clarification. He was also asked to write letters of thanks to the outgoing Chair and Secretary of the Playing Fields Committee for their past service and contribution to the community. A further action was placed on the Finance Committee to address the risks to the council’s finances should the Parish Council need to get involved in the upkeep of the Pavilion. . It was agreed that the Parish Council would provide short-term essential financial support to ensure the Pavilion remained in public use.


    8. Representative's reports.

    Play Equipment Inspection Mrs Gallery-Strong tabled a summary paper of the recent safety inspection of the Play Equipment. In essence there was nothing which required any immediate action and the equipment was generally in good condition.

    Cycleway. Mr Rae, speaking on behalf of Mr Gray said that a substantial amount of the required funding had been secured and a planning application had been lodged. He asked for the residue of the ringfenced fund (£975) to be made available to cover planning fees. This was agreed.

    Flood Forum Meeting. The Clerk said he had sent out a note of the meeting but because some members said it had not been received he then gave a resume of the meeting.


    Note: A copy of the note is attached to these minutes.


    Bleng Forest. Mr Walton said that t he Forestry Commission have essentially completed work in Blengdale to create a new picnic area between the new bridges and a new viewpoint looking down into the valley (benches have been ordered but not yet installed). These were both part of the original project scope. The work has been made possible through funding from the Cumbria Waste Management Environmental Trust. The funding application has been submitted in the name of the Parish Council; once cleared, the money will need to be transferred
    to the Forestry Commission."


    9. Planning Matters.

    a) Planning protocol. Mr Rae led the discussion on the protocol (Checklist) which was modified en route. This was then accepted by the council for future use (Proposed Mrs Gallery-Strong, seconded Dr Hutson).

    b) Land at Walkmill (7/2013/4068) – Refusal by NPA + Letter from S Higham. See Item 3 above.

    c) SilverdaleApplication for change of tenancy conditions. (Mr Jacob declared an interest). The Clerk explained that when Silverdale was built in 1972 planning permission was given conditional on an Agricultural Tenancy Agreement applying to the property. The property had changed hands In 1981 (there was no sale, just an arrangement within the family) since which time the agricultural tenancy restriction had been effectively ignored. The present owners wished to sell the property and Copeland Borough Council was consulting the Parish Council for its opinion on whether the Agricultural Tenancy restriction should still be applied. After discussion it was agreed that there was no objection to removal of the Agricultural Tenancy clause but the Parish Council strongly recommended that a S106 Local Occupancy clause should be applied to the property.

    d) Wind Turbines, Ponsonby. Mr Norman asked what the situation was regarding the status of the planning application. The Clerk said that he had been advised by the developer that the application had been lodged but Copeland BC had not yet registered it as they required some further information. However Ponsonby Parish Council had been provided with the documentation which had been submitted and this was available for anyone to examine in Calderbridge Village Hall. Mr Jacob said that according to his information no planning application had been received.

    e) Notification (7/2014/4012)Water Tank, Mill House Farm. The application was for a large cylindrical steel tank to gather rainwater from the roofs of adjacent buildings for the purpose of providing drinking water for stock and other farm use. As this was an agricultural installation no comments were sought but the project was noted.


    10 Correspondence.

    DECC Justification of Hitachi reactor design. Sent to all members.

    DECC Responses to consultation on MRWS. Forwarded to Nuclear Group.

    CGS – Cars on Meadowfield. Dealt with under 7b above.

    CBC - Tree removal on carpark. The Clerk said that Copeland BC had been in contact to arrange for the tree removal. As this could not be done at a week-end and would require the use of a crane CBC required total closure of the carpark for 24 hours. As they needed 2 weeks notice it was agreed that he would make any necessary arrangements, avoiding the Easter holiday period.

    CALC Circular. Sent to all members.

     Mid-Copeland Passenger transport Group. Details had been passed on to Mr Gray.


    11 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.


    12 Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Dr Hutson – a) Asked what arrangements were in hand for the Annual Parish Meeting. The Chairman said that the intention was to hold this immediately before the scheduled council meeting on 14 th May. Also raised was whether the council should put pressure on various bodies for improving the Broadband service and also that WW1 commemorative trees were being made available, but there were no details or suggestions.

    Mr Walton – Distributed copies of the Seascale & District newsletter.

    Mrs Gallery-Strong - Said That she had received feedback thanking the Parish Council for responding to the tree problem on the carpark.


    13 In Camera. None.

    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.15 pm.





     Notes from Flooding Team Forum

    Meeting held in Gosforth School on 25 th February 2014


    The meeting had been arranged at the request of the County Council Flood Control Team to present its final report into the flooding event of August 2011. Mr N Clarkson ( County Councillor) introduced the team and chaired the meeting. ~ 25 members of the public attended.

    Points noted:

    The report is the first stage in a process to enable Cumbria CC to deal with the aftermath of the flood and the provision of preventative measures for the future. Work they had done to date included CCTV and clearance of all culverts which were their direct responsibility, some remedial work to relieve pressure on the discharges near Ellerslie Cottages, and substantial work (at a cost of ~ £k200) on the Boonwood – Wellington road.

    It was also noted that Home Housing had cleared debris from the open culvert on the Meadowfield estate and Mr Millard had enabled a CCTV survey of the Blennerhazel Lane culvert.

    The next stage for CCC is to secure funding to allow a hydrological survey of all the watercourses to be undertaken to ascertain the capacities of the various components on each. This is the fundamental information required before considering engineering options. The projected timescale for completion of the survey is ~ 1-2 years.

    CCC said that a previous application for funding (from DECC) had been turned down but they had another bid prepared. In response to a question from the floor it was considered that ~ £m1-2 would be required to install reasonable measures to prevent a recurrence.

    The matter of flooding in the area of Ellerslie Park/ Walkmill Gardens was raised. It was confirmed that CCC had informed LDNPA that this area should not be developed due to its tendency to flood – not from the R Bleng, but from the discharge from the various drains and streams emanating from the high ground to the north. It was asked why the term ‘Flood Plain’ had been removed from the previous version of the report. The reason given is that a ‘Flood Plain’ has a specific legal definition and is reserved for areas associated with main rivers (Environment Agency responsibility). So while the area looks like a flood plain, acts as a flood plain, and to all intents and purposes is a flood plain, it cannot be described as such.

    Note: Since the meeting confirmation has been received from LDNPA that the application (7/2013/4068) to develop the land at the rear of Walkmill Gardens has been refused. This does not of course prevent the applicant from appealing against this decision.

    In response to another question it was agreed that a totally new culvert to replace the existing one on Boon Beck would almost certainly be considered as an option at the appropriate stage.


    DA Polhill




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