Parish Council Minutes - August 2009

  • Minutes of meeting held 12th August 2009 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.00pm

    Present : :: Dr Hutson; Messrs. Ancell, Bailey, Davies, Gray, Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Norman, Wright; Mrs Balmer. 2 members of the public were also present.

    1. Apologies: None – All present.

    2. Declarations of interest . None

    3. Chairman's opening remarks. The Chairman welcomed Mr R Davies back to the council, having been co-opted at the July meeting, but unable to attend for business reasons. He also said that he would bring forward Item 7a. Mrs C Gallery-Strong was duly co-opted (Proposed Mr McKinley, seconded Dr Hutson) in place of Mr Newbold who had resigned for domestic reasons. The Clerk said he would deal with the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and associated paperwork outside the meeting.

    The Chairman then said he would bring forward Item 10 and asked Mr Nolan to address the council. Mr Nolan said that he was still trying to achieve planning permission for Bank Garage (the old Kats & Kids site) and his advisor had asked him to seek assurance from the Parish Council regarding the use of the land at the rear of the Public Hall as a parking/turning place. The Parish Council (and the Public Hall committee) had no objections to leasing the land – a term of 25 years was suggested – and The Clerk was asked to negotiate the arrangement with Mr Nolan. Regarding Mr Nolan’s question on the approval of any future planning application the Chairman said that this would have to go through the normal channels via LDNPA but the council had supported the previous application and, although it may have comments on the details, it was unlikely to change its past supportive stance. Mr Nolan left the meeting at this point.

    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 8th July 2009. These were approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Mr Norman).

    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Generate Risk Assessment procedure. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk Action ongoing.

    2. Provide suggestions for Listed Buildings Register. Action – Mr Norman Action ongoing.

    3. Compile list of local businesses for circulation & comment. Action – Dr Hutson Dr Hutson tabled a draft list of businesses and asked for comments back to enable him to finalise the list before inclusion in What’s On, Web-site and Notice Boards.

    4. Arrange for updated Tourist Information sign. Action – Mr Wright. Action in hand.

    5. Put padlock on Gravel Pit gate and get estimate for fencing. Action – Mr Norman. Action complete – Mr Norman tabled an estimate from Mr Slater (£450) which was accepted (Proposed Mr Norman, seconded Mr Jacob). He would discuss potential rental of the site with a local builder and advise The Clerk. It was considered that some form of Rent Book arrangement should be set up. Regarding the possible future erection of any building on the land it was agreed that the lessee should be responsible for ascertaining the planning position.

    5a. Order notices for Gravel Pit and Carpark. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – Notices received; Mr Norman would arrange fitting.

    6. Respond to Copeland BC consultation on LDF. Action – Mr Jacob. Action complete.

    7. Consult National Trust ref Honesty Box. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing.

    8. Copy Memorandum of Understanding and Locality Working papers to all councillors and put this item on August agenda. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – See Item 7c below.

    9. Send comments to CALC ref Position Statement on MRWS. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    10. Communicate with solicitors ref Playing Field Trust. Action – The Clerk Action continues – It appears that there are 2 sets of nominated Trustees and this issue will have to be resolved. Discussions are continuing with the Solicitors, the HSBC Trust and the Charity Commission.

    11. Copy Academy Fact Sheet to all councillors. Action – Dr Hutson. Action complete.


    6. Financial Matters. (Mr Norman declared an interest). The Clerk presented a statement of financial transactions and the status of the accounts. This was approved (Proposed Mr Jacob, seconded Mr Bailey).

    7. Main Business.

    a)Co-option. See Item 3 above.

    b) Public Hall booking arrangements (Mr Norman). Mr Norman asked if it would be possible to use the Village web-site to assist with the booking of the Hall by providing an up-to–date calendar of bookings which the public could access. The council had no objection providing the web-site editor could accommodate any modifications to the web-site and The Clerk was asked to discuss the matter with Mr Gould.

    c) Locality Working (Papers sent to all councillors). There was some doubt over what had or hadn’t been received and it was decided that the papers should be re-sent and the matter discussed at the October meeting.

    d) Sewerage problems in Gosforth (Letter from resident). The Clerk read out the letter which described recent problems under heavy rain conditions. The problems were in fact long-standing and United Utilities had been made aware but had taken no action. It was agreed that a concerted effort should be made to gather the necessary information which would enable the council to present a case for improvement to United Utilities. The assistance of the Environment Agency, Copeland BC Environmental Health Dept. and the County Councillor would be sought as necessary. The Clerk was asked to obtain plans of the sewerage system for the next meeting.

    e) Play Equipment. The Chairman referred to a letter from Mrs Oakley who criticised the lack of play equipment on the Playing Field, particularly for younger children. It was agreed that an improvement was necessary but the Chairman highlighted the tremendous effort made by the Playing Field committee in getting the new pavilion built and the Multi Use Games Area installed. Fund-raising was time-consuming and involved a lot of effort. It was suggested that it would be useful if Mrs Oakley could present her case directly to the PF committee and possibly become a member to represent younger children’s interests. Mrs Gallery-Strong offered to discuss this suggestion with Mrs Oakley.

    8. Planning Matters

    a) Footpath problem – St Mary’s Church to Middle Boonwood Farm. (Papers sent to all councillors). It was agreed that the proposal by LDNPA to extend the footpath to the road should be supported. Advantage should be taken to include any proposals by the landowner/tenant if he wished to have the path diverted to a more convenient location. The Clerk was asked to raise the matter with Mr Lawson and respond to LDNPA.

    b) Bengarth Farm – Building replacement of dilapidated barn. There was no objection.

    9. Correspondence.

     LDNPA – LDF advance notice of consultation. Noted – considered that comments previously made were adequate.

     Sewerage – Letter from resident. See Item 7d above.

     Hazel Clarke – Allotments. The Clerk said that he had received to date ~7 requests for allotments; the council was now duty-bound to consider how it might meet the residents desires. It was considered that the acquisition of suitable land, even if it was available, would take a considerable time to pursue and it was agreed that in the meantime The Clerk would write to all those who made requests suggesting they contact a recently formed Allotments Association at Seascale. This information would also be advertised in What’s On.

     CBC – Draft Gambling Licencing Policy. Noted – Unlikely to be relevant to premises in the Parish.

     Cumbria Police – 2009 Local Policing summary. Noted.

     Mrs Archer-Shirley – Letter allotments. See Item 9.3 above.

     CCC – Cumbria Housing Group. Noted – What could not be understood was why the information required could not have been obtained from the Housing Needs Survey. It seemed that this was another case of duplication of effort. The Clerk was asked to make suitable comment.

    4NW – Review of part NW Plan. Noted that this was concerned with accommodation for Travellers and Parking Standards, both the responsibility of the Borough Council.

     Stoy Hayward – 2008-9 Annual Audit Return. The Clerk reported that the annual audit had been accepted without any adverse comment.

     CALC Training prospectus. Noted.

     CBC – Response from P Graham ref Asset Transfers. Noted – Since CBC did not have any associated policy, presentation of one to the Borough Council was due in November. This may or may not be accepted. Any permanent transfer of the Carpark to the Parish Council was thus on hold pending that decision.

     Sent by e-mail to all councillors:

    1. CALC circular – 13/07
    2. Minutes & Action List - 16/07
    3. CRUG June minutes – 17/07
    4. July Courier – 20/07
    5. ROW consultation – 29/07. See Item 8a above.
    6. Minutes Joint Mid+South Copeland meeting – 30/07
    7. Community Respect Awards – 4/08
    8. Minutes 3-tier meeting – 4/08
    9. CBC – New magazine (Dispatches). 26/07 Noted but not impressed.


    10 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.

    11 Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Mr Bailey – Commented that there had been no progress with verge cutting between Netherwasdale road end and Cat How Bridge. The Clerk said that he had reported this and would do so again.

    Mr Gray – Asked about seat repairs, noting that one was being done by a resident, and whether they were periodically checked. The answer was ‘No’ but the Chairman said that this was an example of what should and would be included within the Risk Assessment exercise.

    Dr Hutson – Asked about the status of the report following the meeting with Mr Cairns. The Clerk said that a draft had been sent to Mr Cairns for comment but he was on holiday. It was hoped to get a response from his deputy Mr Mortimer. When this was done the report would be copied to all councillors.

    Mr Ancell – Drew attention to the overgrown shrubs on the carpark. Mr Gray said he would take the necessary action.

    Mr Norman – 1. Reported that the hedge opposite the Pottery, although having been cut was still causing problems for pedestrians. Mr Wright said he would ask the owners to further reduce the width of the hedge.

    2. Said that the occupant of Winnerah Farm was plagued by visitors getting stuck in the narrow access lane and expecting him to provide assistance (RAC, AA etc do not provide off-road service). The Clerk was asked to write to Cumbria Highways asking if some form of suitable warning sign was available.

    12 Representatives Reports.

    Mr Gray - Updated the council on the position regarding the Gosforth–Seascale Cycleway which Sustrans were still pursuing. Most of the points raised by the County Highways had now been dealt with. Dr Hutson said that in his opinion the Gosforth-New Mill section was more important but the Chairman said that a considerable time ago the council had taken a decision to prioritise the Gosforth-Seascale stretch as it stood the best chance of succeeding.

    Regarding the Parish Plan, Mr Gray said that he hoped to have this available for the September meeting.

    Mr Jacob – Reported that Copeland BC were reviewing the way in which rubbish was collected in rural areas as a recent change in the system was causing substantial problems, particularly for the elderly.


    13 In Camera. None.


    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.15 pm.


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