Parish Council Minutes - November 2009

  • Minutes of meeting held 11th November 2009 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.00pm

    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Ancell, Bailey, Gray, McKinley (Chairman), Wright; Mrs Gallery-Strong


    1. Apologies: MrJacob (Previous engagement), Mr Norman ( Holiday),Mrs Balmer (Illness), Mr R Davies (Business).

    2. Declarations of interest . None

    3. Chairman's opening remarks. The Chairman said that he had been invited to stand for election to the CALC (Copeland) executive and had been duly elected at the recent AGM. He had also received, and accepted, an invitation to attend a workshop run by the MRWS Partnership as a representative of 5-Rivers Group. He also reported on a meeting (arranged by Mr Clarkson) with County Council officers, representatives from Sellafield Ltd, and Managers from the Nursery to address funding for the new Nursery. The Nursery management had, by their own efforts to date, raised £35K. The cost for a new building was ~£280K. The County Council was prepared to fund ~50% and Sellafield Ltd offered to provide services such as Quantity Surveying and Project Management as well as assistance with materials provision. The Chairman said that he had personally taken the plans, which had also been drawn up with Sellafield Ltd assistance, to LDNPA and preliminary discussions with the planners did not indicate any major delay in approval. The outcome from the meeting was very positive and gave great encouragement that a new Nursery would become a reality in the not too distant future.

    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 14th October 2009. These were approved (Proposed Mr Wright, seconded Dr Hutson).

    5. Actions arising from the minutes.

    1. Generate Risk Assessment procedure. Action – Mr McKinley, The Clerk Action ongoing.

    2. Provide suggestions for Listed Buildings Register. Action – Mr Norman Action ongoing.

    3. Consult National Trust ref Honesty Box. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – The Clerk now had a contact.

    4. Negotiate with solicitors ref Playing Field Trust. Action – The Clerk Action continues with Solicitors.

    5. Obtain plans of sewerage system. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – Some plans had been made available. The Clerk was asked to obtain others.

    6. Write to Mrs Lawson ref Mid Boonwood Farm path. Action – The Clerk Action complete but The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Thomas.

    7. Write to interested parties ref Allotments. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing – In the absence of information awaited from C/M Seascale PC, The Clerk was asked to write a holding letter.

    8. Copy LDNPA Charter to all councillors. Action – The Clerk Action ongoing - awaiting final version from LDNPA. The Chairman said that it had now been ratified.

    9. Bring forward budget proposals to November meeting. Action – Finance Committee Action complete – See Item 6b below.

    10. Re-examine and format ‘Business List’. Action ongoing. Action – Dr Hutson, Mr Davies, Mrs Balmer.

    11. Prepare Action Plan etc. ref new Play Equipment. Action – Mrs Gallery-Strong Action ongoing.

    11a Apply to Mr Clarkson for funding towards Play Equipment. Action – The Clerk Action complete - No reply but the Chairman said that no funding was available as it had been designated for Village Halls. The Chairman said that he had raised the possibility of funding from LDNPA and would pursue this further with Mr Wickham.

    12. Write to County Councillor and MP ref A595 closure. Action – The Clerk Action complete – Reply from MP said that he had raised the matter with Cumbria County Council at senior level and would write again when he had a response.

    13. Send comments ASAP to The Clerk ref. LDF. Action – All councillors. Action complete – Comments had been sent to LDNPA.

    14. Write to CALC ref MRWS Memo of Understanding. Action – The Clerk Action complete.

    15. Write to County Councillor and MP ref reduced Freeview service. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – A full and frank reply from the MP stated his concerns that the residents of Copeland and he, as Chaiman of the ALL-party group on Digital change, had been mis-led, and the action he would take as a consequence.

    16. Respond to LDNPA ref Nursery planning application. Action – The Clerk. Action complete.

    17. Assess BT proposal to adopt the Wellington telephone box. Action – Mr Jacob. Action ongoing.

    18. Raise issue of signs for Wellington – Boonwood road. Action – The Clerk. Action ongoing – There had been no reply from Cumbria Highways and the matter would be raised again with Mr Dell.

    19. Forward Gravel Pit photographs and invoices to Land Registry. Action complete. Action – The Clerk

    20. Inform Mr Corran of representatives at Seascale School meeting. Action – The Clerk. Action complete – Mr Norman and The Clerk attended. See Item 12 below.

    21. Report pot-holes on Eskdale Road to Cumbria Highways. Action – The Clerk. Action complete.

    22. Report overhanging trees on Denton Park footpath to Copeland BC. Action complete. Action – The Clerk

    6. Financial Matters.  

    a) Monthly Financial Statement. This was approved (Proposed Mrs Gallery-Strong, seconded Mr Bailey).

    b) Resolutions from the Finance Committee:

    FC 01/20/09 That the council approves the attached budget and that the precept be set for £18915.

    FC 02/20/09 That the council approves the Risk Assessment as presented at the meeting of October 14 th 2009.

    Both the above resolutions were agreed unanimously.

    7. Main Business

    a) Neighbourhood Forum meeting - 16 th November, St Mary’s Church Hall.

     The main agenda topic was Management of Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS). It was agreed that as many members as possible would attend and the following questions should be asked by Parish Council members:

    1. Mr McKinley – How can a Decision to Participate be made when potential sites for a deep geological disposal facility, ie. potential Host Communities, have not been identified, and what mechanisms and processes are there to engage with such potential Host Communities.?

    2. Mr Gray – We were informed many months ago that the British Geological Society (BGS) would carry out a ‘Desk-top Survey’ soon after the making of an ‘Expression of Interest’; it is also some time since we read in the local press that Copeland BC was engaged in a process which might lead to the taking of a ‘Decision to Participate’.

    In view of the fact that carrying out a desk-top survey is a straight–forward exercise, with no field work involved, and all relevant data is already to hand, can you tell us firstly, at what stage has the BGS survey reached, and secondly has a date for the issue of a report on their work been set?

    Finally we have heard reports that the Government is not satisfied with only one area volunteering to host a Geological Deep Facility and wishes to re-open the call for volunteers. Can you enlighten us on the reasons for this and the possibility of further volunteer communities coming forward.

    3. Dr Hutson – When the BGS survey narrows down the possibilities, what role do you see for the involvement of Parish Councils?

    4. Mrs Gallery-Strong – What opportunities will there be for all levels of Local Government, including Parish Councils, to partake in discussions with the new Planning Authority (IPC), and how do you see the IPC affecting the MRWS process?

    5. Assuming that questions on infrastructure (eg in particular, improvements to the A595) have not been raised by members of the public during the debate, The Clerk will raise the following question:

    How can we, (as it were), as the ‘community of West Cumbria’ ensure that no development such as a GDF, or in this context a ‘New Nuclear Build’ will proceed without first there being substantial improvements to the road and rail infrastructure south of Sellafield and Calderbridge, in particular a major upgrading of the A595, this especially in view of the fact that control of the planning process will be taken out of the hands of Local Authorities and exercised by the IPC?


    b) Minerals & Waste consultation (Site for LLW). Mrs Gallery Strong declared an interest. It had been discovered that a large area of Ponsonby parish (up to within 60 metres of the Gosforth parish boundary) had been identified by the County Council as a potential LLW/VLLW disposal site. This had not been recognised in the recent consultation as it had been described as ‘Land at Seascale’. It was decided, that although the period for consultation was finished the council should make known its objections on the following grounds:

    1. The consultation document was misleading as it described the land as being in Seascale, which it isn’t.

    2. The takeover of such a huge area of Greenfield in such a rural area was totally unacceptable; the scale of such a proposal would completely dwarf the adjacent parish of Ponsonby.

    3. The proposal enveloped the only presently possible alternative route to the A595 when this road was blocked for any reason (a not infrequent occurrence). It was considered that ALLpotential alternative routes should be preserved until such time as a proper solution to the present problems has been developed. Note: This route has already been identified by Cumbria County Council as a potential alternative diversion.


    c) DECC letter. The Clerk updated the meeting on the situation. The note of the meeting with DECC which had been sent to them for comment had resulted in a difference of perspective on what was said. Both he and The Chairman were of the opinion that unless DECC would accept the removal of (their) remarks which validated Copeland BC’s precipitate action in making an ‘Expression of Interest’ then we would be left with no alternative other than to publish both versions of the note. The Clerk was asked to discuss the matter directly with DECC (Lewis Mortimer) and try and reach a compromise which satisfied bith parties.


    d) Housing Survey. The CRHT summary had been sent out to all members. The Clerk said that CRHT would be coming to the December meeting; Representatives from Copeland BC and LDNPA would be in attendance.


    8. Planning Matters






    9. Correspondence.

     Reply Irwin Mitchell solicitors. Noted.

     CBC – Plans of sewers. Noted.

     LDNPA – Application 7 Acres withdrawn. Noted.

     Neighbourhood Forum 16 th Nov St Mary’s. See Item 7a above.

     Social Care information. To be sent to Bradbury House.

     CBC – LDF questionnaire. Dealt with by Mr Jacob.

     CRHT – Summary report. See Item 7d above.

     CBC – Offer of training. Noted.

     CORWM – Summary report R&D. Noted.

     CALC – AGM papers. Noted – The Chairman & Clerk would attend.

     Air Ambulance – Request for donation. The Chairman said that although the general council policy was only to subscribe to local charities in this case he felt that it was worth further consideration and would be put on the January agenda.

     LDNPA – Planning App Rainors Yurt. See Item 8c above.

     Peel Place – Notice of meeting. Noted.

     LDNPA – Mid Boonwood footpath order. See Item 8a above.

     LDNPA – 84 Meadowfield Planning Application. See Item 8b above.

     Response J Reed – Freeview. See Item 5.15 above.

     Response J Reed – A595. See Item 5.12 above.

     Bleasdales – Public Hall land lease. The Clerk had received relevant papers. It was agreed that a) Bleasdales would act on behalf of the Parish Council with any associated invoices to be paid by Mr Nolan, b) Sale of the land was not an option and the leasing arrangement should proceed and, c) That the use of a Surveyor would be considered if necessary. The Clerk was authorised to proceed with the negotiations.


    10 Public Participation. There were no members of the public present at this point.

    11 Questions Councillors wish to raise.

    Mr Bailey – Said that there had been no action regarding the cutting back of the hedge at Ellerslie. The Clerk said that in this case he would refer the matter to Cumbria Highways. NOTE: Since the meeting it has been noticed that the hedge has been cut.

    Mr Ancell – Said that adverse comments had been made about the level of lighting on the Carpark. A suggestion was made that a floodlight could be installed on the toilet block and The Clerk agreed to discuss this with Mr Norman and Mr Jacob.

    Mr Gray – Reported that 2 drains were blocked on the Carpark. The Clerk said he would contact Copeland BC.

    Dr Hutson – Reported on the out-of-date bus time-table in the bus shelter. The Clerk was asked to raise the matter with Cumbria CC.

    Mr Wright – Tabled an updated version of the ‘Village Services Sign’ for comment. With a few minor amendments noted the sign was considered satisfactory.

    12 Representatives Reports.

    Mr Gray - Reported that the Parish Plan Group had met twice recently and were now in the final stages of producing a draft plan for comment.

    The Clerk - Reported on a meeting of Primary School Councils which had been held at Seascale School and which he and Mr Norman had attended. They had been impressed with the willingness of the children to learn about and get involved in Local Government and the Gosforth School representatives had raised several village issues which were of concern to them. The Chairman said that he thought that this subject was worthy of further discussion and would appear on a future agenda.

    13 In Camera. None.


    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.30pm.


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