Parish Council Minutes - September 2014

  • Minutes of meeting held 10th September 2014 in the Supper Room Gosforth Public Hall - 7.30pm


    Present : Dr Hutson; Messrs. Gray, Jacob, McKinley (Chairman), Norman, Walton, Parker;

    Mrs Gallery-Strong. 2 members of the public were also present.


    1. Apologies: Messrs. Ancell, Rae, Wright


    2. Declarations of interest . None


    3. Chairman's opening remarks.

    a)The Chairman introduced Gillian Pattison (Site Manager)and Mary Campbell (Planning Consultant) from Tendley Quarries who gave a short presentation on the impending planning application to extend the time period for operations by a further 10 years. It was explained that the application was necessary as the extraction rate to date had been badly affected by the national downturn in commercial activity with the result that only approximately half of the approved quantity had been used. There was no intention to extract material in excess of the current approved licence or to extend the area of quarrying. In response to questions it was said that local (Hallsenna) residents had all been informed of the proposal and there had been no negative feedback. The actual planning application would probably be presented ~ end of October. The Chairman thanked the two ladies for their attendance and information and they left the meeting.

    b) The Chairman then introduced PC Stuart Burgess and PC Helen Whelan who were part of the Sellafield-based Cumbria Police Unit. Their attendance had been arranged as a result of a joint (with Ponsonby PC) meeting on 3 rd September with Insp. M Wear ( Cumbria Police responsible for the Copeland Area). That meeting had been convened primarily to discuss the Police Reports but also to raise other issues such as enforcement, speeding and information on activities of Sellafield –based police. The two PC’s explained their role on the Sellafield site and its environs and indicated where they could be of assistance. Specifically on the information provided on Police Reports PC Burgess presented an updated list of incidents for which he then explained more fully highlighting the limitations the Police had on providing certain information. A warning was given that due to further cuts in Police funding Cumbria Police was likely to lose some 300 staff and it would be inevitable that some reductions in service would result.


    4. Minutes of the previous meeting held on 9th July 2014. With the addition of the sentence “ The account was now closed.” to Item 13 (ref. the Jubilee Account) the minutes were approved (Proposed Mrs Gallery-Strong, seconded Dr Hutson).


    5. Actions arising from the minutes.


    1. Check with LDNPA if PC’s are informed about planning appeals. Action – Mr McKinley.

    Action complete – Mr McKinley said that the system which was in place had not been consistently managed but improvements were in hand. He also said that the Head of Planning was willing to talk to the Parish Council on any planning issues it may have.

    2. Arrange meeting with council solicitor ref Carpark transfer. Action – The Clerk.

    Action in hand.

    3. Assess financial risks to PC should management involvement with the Pavilion become necessary.

    Action ongoing – Next Finance Committee meeting. Action – The Finance Committee.

    4. Contact Mr Jones ref Guide Book distribution. Action – The Clerk.

    Action complete – books were now available within the village.

    5. Review lighting on Wasdale Road (Ellerslie to Wellington). Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – The Clerk said that Street Lighting was a borough-wide issue which was being progressed by CALC.

     6. Contact Community Police ref farm traffic problems. Action – The Clerk Action complete – Dealt with under Item 3b above.

     7. Inform Mr Preece of newsletter decision. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    8. Respond to Copeland BC ref Cycleway plans. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    9. Inform WCSSG secretary of Parish Council representation by Dr Hutson. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete.

    10. Feed back to The Clerk requests for improvements to the Police Report. Action – All members

    Action complete.

    11. Obtain Speed Gun information. Action – The Clerk

    Action discontinued following meeting with Police.

    12. Obtain ownership details ref Wheatsheaf etc. Action – Mr Ancell

    Action ongoing.

    13. Write to Mr Ledgard ref Hedge at Whitecroft. Action – The Clerk

    Action complete – Mr Ledgard had dealt with brambles etc.



    6. Financial matters.


    a) Monthly Financial Report . Mr Norman expressed an interest. The Clerk explained the reason for the additional £100 grant to the Public Hall and Mrs Gallery-Strong said that a full explanation for the shortfall on the Clerk’s expenses had been given. The report was approved (Proposed Mrs Gallery-Strong, seconded Mr Walton).


    b) Quotation for seats. As the applied for grant could not be confirmed it was decided to purchase one seat at this time as previously agreed on 9 th July.


    c) Quotation for painting toilets. It was agreed that pending confirmation of satisfactory public liability insurance being in place the quotation for the internals from Ms Kelleher should be accepted. The externals would be done at a later date.


    d) Donation to Nursery for Fireworks. After discussion (Mrs Gallery-Strong said that this had not been included within the budget) and a show of hands it was decided not to make a donation.



    7. Main Business.


    a) Enforcement of 20mph speed limit. Dealt with via Item 3b above. The Clerk said that in the previous two weeks Cumbria Highways had conducted traffic counts to monitor the effectiveness of the restrictions. The results had not been received but he understood that Mr Rae had some discussion on the results with K Cosgrove (Traffic Manager).


    b) Vodaphone 3G (information sent to councillors on 30 th July). Mr Walton said that his understanding of the correspondence was that the Vodafone Rural Open Sure Programme will give up to 100 rural communities across the UK, with little or no mobile coverage, the opportunity to apply to have Vodafone 3G mobile coverage in their area. This is via units installed on buildings across the community to ensure widespread mobile coverage. The units use existing broadband services to deliver the mobile signal needed to provide 3G coverage. The properties hosting the units are required to pay for the power they consume - £30 per year estimated.

    Communities need to nominate a Village Champion to lead the application process and ensure that the community has a number of things in place before submitting their application form.  These include ensuring the community has at least a 4MB broadband connection and identifying 5-10
    properties across the community, often on buildings on a hill or in a ‘community hub’, on which to site the boxes. The Village Champion needs to have completed and submitted the application before the application closure date of 14 October 2014.

    The Council agreed that details of the scheme should be publicised in the newsletter, web-site etc., to see if anybody in the community was interested in becoming the Village Champion and leading this on behalf of Gosforth."

    F urther details can be found at

    c) Support for PC’s wishing to trade (Letter from Local Works). The Clerk explained that Parish Councils were prohibited from trading by Law – unlike other levels of local government. This was an attempt to level the playing field by changing the Law. It was agreed to support the proposal.



    8. Representative's reports.

     Mr Gray – Bus Service. Mr Gray said that following meetings with Cumbria CC and the bus operators there would be changes to the 6 service from 20 th October. The service would in future effectively operate between Egremont and Seascale. Efforts were being made to supplement the service via the Muncaster Microbus and other sources, although there was a shortage of drivers. He also reported that the bid to run a Sunday rail service was not accepted.

      Meeting (Joint with Ponsonby PC on 3 rd September) with Cumbria Police. The Chairman said that this had been extremely useful, one of the direct consequences being the attendance of the Police (ref Item 3b above). The Inspector (Mark Wear) had been sympathetic to the issues raised by the Parish Councils and offered to work with them where possible. However he did warn that with an impending reduction of some 300+ in county-wide police numbers the future service provided would undoubtably be reduced.

    Meeting (Joint with Ponsonby PC on 19 th August) with K Melville . The Chairman said that this meeting had been arranged as there had been no meaningful feedback from previous meetings with Cumbria Highways including those chaired by the County Councillor Mr Clarkson. Further promises were made to provide updated information on white-lining, the status of the Gosforth and Calderbridge traffic plans, and the A595 safety assessment report. To date no information has been received.


    Meeting ref NDA . The Clerk said that this had not happened yet as NDA had not confirmed a date. This was despite writing two letters to the Chief Executive and speaking directly to the person nominated by him.

    Playing Fields . Mrs Gallery-Strong said that a committee meeting had been held which was well supported by the users. All is going well.


    Friends of Gosforth Library. Dr Hutson said that t here had been a very successful "Taste of Cumbria" event in mid-summer. The next event is a Coffee morning for Macmillan nurses on Friday 26th September. The group was generally working well.



    9. Planning Matters. Adoption of standard letter for informing residents of planning applications.

    At the request of The Clerk it was agreed to carry this item over to the meeting arranged for 15 th September. A special meeting to discuss planning applications had been arranged for 15 th September – 7.30 pm in the Supper Room.


    10 Correspondence.


    a) Carlisle Diocesan Board of Finance – Letter stating intention to conduct survey on the Glebe Field in preparation for applying for planning permission to develop. The Clerk said he had been passed a copy of the letter together with a response from the PCC which was totally opposed to the proposal.


    b) National Grid – Consultation on new supergrid route. To be put on the next agenda.


    c) Copeland BC – Letter ref Electricity pole replacement. Until specific information was provided to identify the poles at risk (ref Item 5.5 above) it was not possible to react. CALC was actively engaged in progressing this matter which was on the agenda for the next 3-tier meeting.



    11 Police Report. Dealt with during Item 3b above.


    12 Public Participation. Mrs Cornall asked if publicity could be given to the bus situation. It was agreed that Mr Gould would be asked to highlight the need (via What’s On and the web-site) for residents to support the service by using it more often. Mr Gray said that the newsletter should be included as that reached a wider audience and he would provide a suitable piece which would include mention of the shortage of drivers for the Microbus.


    Mr Hosfield - asked about the repositioning of electricity poles in Whitecroft and whether residents had been informed. The Clerk said that this was not a planning matter and the council had not been informed but he expected the Utility, as part oftheir normal practice to inform the residents of any associated power outage.


    13 Questions Councillors wish to raise.


    Mrs Gallery-Strong – asked about the email from Matthew Reeves (sent on 6 th August) and requested that he now update us on the speed survey findings and timing for painting the lines. She also reported that action had been taken to remove overhanging branches of trees adjacent to the Wheatsheaf and the Playing Field as they had become a hazard to pedestrians.


    Mr Gray – Referred to the newsletter and the need to provide an artiocle from the Parish Council. Mr Norman said that he had intended to do this but work commitments had got in the way. Mr Walton agreed to provide a suitable piece for forwarding to Mr Preece.



    14 In Camera. None.




    There being no other business the meeting was closed at 9.50 pm.



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