Parish Council Minutes - February 2016

  • Minutes of a meeting of Gosforth Parish Council held on Wednesday, 10 th February at 7.00pm in the Supper Room of the Village Hall.

    Present: Cllrs T Norman (Chair); C Walton (Vice Chair); D Ancell; D Gray; D Hobson; G Hutson; A Jacob; I Rae; P Turner

    Apologies: Cllrs M McKinley and G Parker


    Also present: J Murray (Clerk); C Campbell, Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA)


    14/16 Chair’s Opening Remarks

    The Chair extended a warm welcome to Catherine Campbell, planner from the Lake District National Park Authority.


    15/16 Declarations of Interest

    Minute No 6/16: Cllr T Norman in a Planning Application with respect to Little Fold, Gosforth and would withdraw during consideration.


    16/16 Planning

    Catherine Campbell noted that there were around 40 planning applications a year for Gosforth, which was categorised by the LDNPA as a rural service centre, for which development would be supported.

    In the case of Gosforth, this did generally mean gap fill sites as most peripheral areas were categorised as amenity land.

    In considering planning applications, the planning team would consult all statutory consultees and it would be their view they would take into account for their particular specialism.

    With respect to the Parish Council, they would be looking for one of three particular responses on a planning application: