Gosforth Mothers' Union

Are you baptized and do you value family life? If the answer to those questions is yes, then are you a member of the Mothers' Union?

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be female neither do you have to be a mother, the only qualifications to join the mothers' union are that you are a baptized Christian and that you support family life. We are part of an organisation with over three million members in over 60 countries who support diverse christian based projects and enjoy fellowship together.

Here in Gosforth we have members from the Methodist Church and from St Mary's. We meet monthly, usually at 7.30 on a Wednesday evening and have a varied programme of activities - some purely social, some listening to speakers, some lead by our own members and some where we enjoy fellowship as we work for others who are less well off than ourselves.

This past year has seen us coordinate the shoe box appeal, and in the Parish we organised a Christmas Party for children.

We love to have more people join us. If you are interested, do come along to our meetings or have a word with Ruth Schofield (25300)


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