Blengdale Runners

Formed some 30 years ago, Blengdale Runners is a loosely based friendly club based in Gosforth for people who mostly enjoy running.

We meet every Sunday morning at 9.30 a.m. in the Car PArk at Seascale, for an informal hours run and natter. Speed and pace vary, and the sessions are structured so that all types of runner can enjoy (?) a challenging outing, without the slower ones getting left behind. Ages range from 18 to 60+.

Each year we organise the Gosforth Ten Mile Road Race, anmd an associated 2k off road fun run, on the second Wednesday in June, and we organise a Ten Kilometer Road Race on the first Tuesday in September.

In addition we organise a series of handicap races - The Bleng Handicap in Spring, a Beach Handicap in July, Irton Pike in September/ October, and the Cross Lanes Handicap in January - all are also open top colleagues and friends.

We also attend the gym in Seascale, and from there are involved with the running group for beginners, which meets every Tuesday at 4.25 for a half hour outdoor training run, followed by an hours conditioning training in the gym led by the excellent Sports Centre Instructors. (If you are not a gym member there is a small charge for "guests").


If you'd like to come along any Sunday just turn up and you'll be made welcome, or contact Mel Gould (27486)


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